25. November 2013


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz
Beloved Ones,

The last days before the next great and all life changing ascension
wave manifests, really have it in them – in every respect.
Today I would like to point to an actual circumstance,
which so far remained mostly ignored.

The dark Ones in their desperate fight for the last energy
fields in this world begin to strike out wildly. In doing so they
stop short of nothing and they try to take over the souls of animals,
which are close to humans. Thereby they want to take hold of humans,
now, as all access to the light warriors of the first and last hours are

What is the point of this necessary message?

For the reason that you remain extremely watchful and never,
until your ascension, put your sword of the power of discrimination
back into the sheath.

As announced before: Your aura is sealed!

But you yourself can open the seal, if you are not watchful
and thereby open yourself to the dark energies, where you
least expect it, with your Animal Siblings. 

To all individuals, who deal with animals, who like to be
surrounded by these wonderful divine creatures, I have this request:
to carefully observe, how these animals behave, or how their behavior
changes, as you know them over a longer period. Animals, just like
humans and each organism, are carriers of energy.
Not each type of energy is suitable for humans, especially
not for those who today are located at the threshold to ascension. 

The probability, that an animal soul is occupied by a foreign energy,
increases, especially when the human being is still not purified,
not at peace and in doubt.

Animals can only work with the energy that they find
around them; they resonate with your doubts and strengthen
these, if they are set for it or they remove your doubts, if they
incarnate pure divine light energy.

The healthy and full of light being of an animal can support
human beings on their path into the light, as well can a
spiritually disturbed being, that has succumbed to darkness,
weaken you and destabilize you.

Therefore carefully watch, how your animals behave
and if they, due to behavior patterns, which up to now
were foreign to them, rob much energy from you.

A foreign assaulted animal is recognized at first,
if it makes great efforts, in order to keep you occupied.
This is especially true for higher developed mammals,
like dogs, cats, pigs, cows, apes, elephants; animals
which live in a circus or similar environment and animals
which lead a miserable existence in zoos.

Everywhere, where animals and humans are in close
proximity, that’s where you have to watch very carefully,
what has possibly changed in your animals. Do illnesses
appear with a strange progression, does an unknown
behavior, character trait, which is demonic, appear and
many phenomena like that.

This message is heavy stuff for all animal lovers and
those who perceive themselves to be; but for you it is

Animals and whole herds can be captured by the spirit
of darkness, occupied, totally taken over and driven into
madness; it is essential to watch out for this.

The light warriors of the first and last hours can barely
be reached by human dark intentions. They pay careful attention
to each bagatelle, which approaches them. The carelessness
towards the animal siblings can still and until last open the
floodgates to the energies of darkness.

Remain vigilant, but use now above all the following:

The power of discrimination. 

In infinite Love for all Life


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