3. Januar 2014



written by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz
“We must reform the EU and improve it. At first we must
democratize it further. A milestone for European Democracy
will be the next European election in May, because then the
European Parliament will directly elect the Commission President.”
(Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament, in S&D,
European Reforms,Social Democrats in the European Parliament) 

When I read these lines I really get sick!
The Social Democrats bring into position all EU magic tricks
in their EU jubilation magazine S&D, inserted as an advertisement
in the weekly magazine in December 2013 (who pays for this
advertisement?); and we will read more about it, just like
Mr. Schulz who under the title “Europe in Danger” gives his
best regarding his insights about the state of Europe.

The matter, namely, to describe the direct election of a politician
a “milestone”, is simply unconscionable and only shows how far
removed the tower of hoaxes in Brussels is from the citizens.
It is not new, that the EU is undemocratic, however it is now
being acknowledged even by the president of the European
Parliament, otherwise he wouldn’t need to talk about
“democratization”. At least this fact has been confirmed
from an official position. Maybe Mr. Schulz looked up
Jean Monnet, one of the founders of the European union
(1888-1979): “I hate Democracy! It is totally inconvenient.”

And also Dr. Franz Vranitzky (1986-1997), the chancellor,
who in 1994 took Austria into the EU, Writes (Title: “Use
Europe’s chances, not gamble them away”):  “……Europe cannot
allow a risky situation” (…) “ Europe has a big chance to establish
itself as a Superpower and be successful in global competition,
intellectually, culturally, economically and socially.
A fallback to national isolation, which many proclaim blatantly,
must be offensively opposed by the traditional governing
parties – the Social Democrats and the Christian Democrats.”
Also then I get dizzy. 
1.)  “Risky” is the governing without the people.
Neither co-determination nor the will of the people were
considered in making decisions in the EU; or were we asked
regarding the light bulb regulation or the ESM? Were we asked,
when the Maastricht criteria (No State is liable for the debts of
any other State, EU integration criteria 1992) were declared
null and void, when the treaty of Lisbon (killings for the “lawful”
suppression of riots are allowed, 2007) was signed or when billions
from a nation flowed to high-finance in Europe and worldwide?
Were we asked, if we really want this debt union? 

2.) “Superpower” Europe? Is it not exactly these goals that cause
Europe to break apart, because everything is subordinated to the
global, meaning corporate, interests and is being conformed to?
And why would we want to be a “Superpower”? What kind of
thinking is this? Where, Mr. Vranitzky, do you see an economic
benefit of this corporate policy for the individual, for the broad
masses, for the so-called “little man on the street”?
The poverty in Europe increases as much as the bonuses
of the banksters.

3.) “Socially successful”, while social peace, since the
EU exists, has vanished into thin air. Is it that what you
understand by it? If yes, then good night –and not only in Europe. 

4.) “Ruling Parties”. This assertion is more like a joke,
not even a good one; because is it not exactly the ruling
parties, which have given us these conditions, including ESM
guarantee and never ending national debts due to the compound
interest capital crime system, forever? This is the death of nations
and not “Statesmanship”.

Only gravediggers can think like that, to glorify the gravediggers
of the social fabric in such a manner. It is of no difference,
if the one sees it like that or if one is not even conscious of it. 

In the EU it is like in every democracy: The kind of politics are
made that have been voted for”, says Joerg Leichtfried, (Leader
of the SPO delegation of SPO European delegates) in the same

I ask you Mr. Delegate, what is this?
Is it not the other way around?
Or has the EU Parliament anything to say? 


Despite the NSA affair and with the order from EU heads
of governments, there are negotiations with the USA regarding the
“Free Trade Agreement” and it is being reported, that an
“Agreement is close” (orf.online, 12/21/2013).
TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership).
Already today there are hardly any duties in the trade between
the EU and the USA and now more “harmonization” or “adaptations”,
as it is consciously harmlessly said, shall follow. Experience teaches
us, that this is always an adaptation to the minimal standard and the
US set the standard. Gene food, Water privatization, application of
pesticides and possibly the further perfection of the surveillance
of citizens. That is the way of the USA.

“Free” in the “Free Trade Agreement” is only the freedom,
that the corporations take for themselves, in order to exploit
the citizens, in order to furthermore lower the level of wages,
in order to make humans poorer and themselves richer.

Only cynics say that each individual has a fair
chance in such an economic system.
And also in these negotiations (democracy takes another break,
Mr. Schulz) the citizens are left behind and are not considered.
Also this time the treaty will be simply put on the table, whereby
we are forced, if we like it or not, to enter into a partnership
with the worldwide number one villain regime. 

Martin Schenk, from the Austrian Poverty Conference
writes in his Augustine column (Nr. 357, 12/11/2013)
under the title “A bad TTIP”: “As part of the agreement,
a so-called investor right to sue, is also being negotiated.
Meaning: Corporations, which invest in one of the two
regions – either purchase a local business or build a factory,
can sue the government, in case it passes a law, that lowers
their chances for profit. Sounds crazy, or?”

Asks Schenk. But it is more than that, it is pure corporate
policy and corporate dictatorship – and then one wants to
keep us in a good mood with such mendacious democracy a

But there is even more.
The TIPP negotiations not only bypass the citizens but also
the European Parliament. The delegates are rarely or not all
included in these affairs, because the commission negotiates
the agreement. A treaty, which affects all of us, is decided
under exclusion of the public and under exclusion of the Parliament.
Just like in Bilderberger fashion. Does it get any bolder and more
undemocratic, have citizen voted for it, Mr. Leichfried? Or do you
orient yourself by Mr. Jacques Delors, the former President of
the EG commission (1985-1995): “If we had done everything
democratically, we never would have gotten as far.”? 

And another “Great European”, the former German
Chancellor (1974-1982) Helmut Schmidt,
who is met with anticipatory enlightenment both by individuals
and the media, because of his advanced age, writes in great
length in this social democratic jubilatory brochure:
If we want to have the hope that we Europeans are of
importance in the world, we can only do this together.”
Again this political boastful talk!
Who are “we” Mr. Schmidt?
Do you mean the politicians or the citizens,
because you should ask them? I am certainly not
one who feels spoken to by you. “Importance in the world”?
While the rank of individual citizens becomes totally irrelevant
and goes to zero.

The former US President (1993-2001) Bill Clinton,
expresses it arrogantly and despitefully of humans like the following:
We should not always be fixated so much on our desire to protect
the rights of all American citizen.”
Bill Clinton, (USA-Today; 3/11/1993, page 2A) 

Fact is: Schulz & Co perceive the citizens as an accident.
Proof: Because every decision bypasses the will of the people!
Only before an election one behaves hands on and mixes with
ordinary folks.

It is true: Ever since the EU exists everything
goes astray and things take on a threatening development.
And that the mentioned EU pyromaniacs want to play fire brigade,
is another farce in this criminal play, equally grotesque and repulsive. 

Were people in Europe poorer before the EU, more people out of work,
socially more depraved, compared to today? Was the value of the Mark
or the Schilling less than the Euro? Was the indebtedness of individual
nations before their entry into the EU less or higher?
We know all of this, it is exactly the other way around. 

How much longer do you, the “representatives of the
people”, you servants of corporations, want to offend
our intelligence and strain our patience? 

It is correct: Ever since the EU exists, the EU nations drift
into bankruptcy and the protests against governments and
the politicians increase in the streets of Europe. How come
“peace project”, a word, wherein the EU bosses seek the last
refuge in lack of any arguments? 

Ever since the EU exists there is unrest and the social
gap between the poor and the rich today is already unbridgeable.
And this circle of unbearable conditions closes, not surprisingly,
with the EU Parliament President:
So we may succeed to renew the trust between Europe,
its institutions and the people, in order to continue the
unique historical success story of the EU.” 

Do you feel like I do? One stays back speechless.
To rule without the people feels the same.
Unique” is solely the historical political and “Bank crime syndicate”
(@ Jean Ziegler), whereby formerly independent and sovereign
European nations were fused together into a bond of destiny. 

To babble about “trust in institutions” while weekly
misusing the trust of the people, takes a lot of hubris
– and Schulz & Co possess plenty of it. 
Europe is in danger” is the title of a publication of the President
of Parliament. Not even that is correct. Correct is:
His Europe, the Europe of corporations and the banks is in danger,
because people understand more and more, how they are blatantly
being lied to, and due to bold taxes (“Taxes are a legitimate case
of robbery.” Tomas de Aquino, theologian 1223- 1274)
are being exploited and with the help of the mainstream
media are being held in the dark regarding this.
The Europe of Bureaucrats and Elites is in danger,
and not the Europe of the people, because this one
never existed!
And so it is understandable, that panic breaks out in Schulz & Co.
Soon they can be robbed of their privileges and positions, because
humans who have nothing to lose (and there are more and more
of them) are ready for anything.

In an unmistakable, routinely ignored by the mainstream media,
speech, the European delegate Godfrey Bloom during a debate
about taxation (11/21/2013, on YouTube) described the European
delegates as thieves and tax avoiders and announced:
And I can tell you worse, as the people get your number,
it won’t be long before they storm this chamber and hang you.
And they’ll be right.” (Read the complete speech at the end
of this essay).

Force is never the way, because it creates only new injustices!
But one thing is certain: The force comes from our politicians,
the aggressors sit in Washington, in the City of London and
in Brussels. Also the regional parliaments are full of traitors of
the people instead of representatives of the people, because the
dispossession of citizens (ESM, taxes, bank rescues, inflation,
raids of savings) is nothing else than a criminal act and a crime
against unalienable citizen rights: Article 1. Austria is a democratic
Republic. It’s right comes from the people.

In the eyes of the elites the people have lost their rights
for co-determination a long time ago. And this creates an
enormous potential for anger and that is what Godfrey Bloom
(Member of the European Parliament, MEP) is talking about,
who is familiar with the conditions in Brussels and in Strasburg.

Bottom Line: This European compulsive union must fail
and it will be highly eventful, because the Elites until
today deny the signs of the times! To experience it will
be painful, but it is more painful to continue as it is today
and to let the Rothschild-Bandits superimpose the
New World Order (NOW) on us.

Therefore: Out of this EU as long as it is possible!

And otherwise I demand the unconditional basic
income for people 0-99 years.

Jahn J Kassl


Strasburg, 21 November 2013
DEBATE: Action program for taxation in the
European Union for the period 2014 – 2020.

Godfrey Bloom:
Transcript of his speech:

“Mr. President, I am minded to quote the great American
philosopher Murray Rothbard here. The state is an institution of
theft. Tax is just about a system of politicians and bureaucrats
who steal money from their citizens to squander in the most
disgraceful manner. This place is no exception.

Fascinatingly, and I really don’t know how you manage to keep
a straight face when you are talking about tax evasion.
The whole commission and the commission bureaucracy
avoid their taxes. You don’t pay taxes like citizens pay taxes.
You have all sorts of special deals: tax rates, high tax thresholds,
non-contributing pension schemes. You are the biggest tax avoiders
in Europe. And here you sit pontificating, well the message is getting
home to the people of the European Union.

You are going to find that euro skeptics are coming back in June,
in ever greater numbers. And I can tell you worse, as the people
get your number, it won’t be long before they storm this chamber
and hang you. And they’ll be right.”

(You can watch this speech on YouTube, Remark JJK).

(This “essay” was sent out as a “letter to the editor”
to all editorial staffs and publishers of daily newspapers and
weekly magazines in Austria, Germany and Switzerland,
as well as to top-level politicians in Austria.)
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