24. Dezember 2013


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz


Before the great miracles in this world occur,
signs of the time are given, which point to this event.
And the time is running out.
God is resurrected in you and was reborn in the hearts of
living human Beings. Now mighty Angel wings carry you into
the Light, into your reality, way beyond the horizon of human

However, wherefrom the many humans, who cannot see,
what is joined together, what for several months is being
built in ceaselessly growing rings, what is happening?
They do not see, because their eyesight does not suffice.
However, wherefrom the many humans, who do not want to
recognize what is now weaved together, what is now spun into
the great cosmic net of the Creator? They do not experience,
what is given to the ascending ones in boundlessness.
They do not see, because they turn blind in the face of the Light. 
Some do not believe, some do not know, some do not understand.
And for those human Beings the door “has fallen into the lock”
(is locked). But those, who believe, know and understand,
have arrived in Heaven and the honor of Heaven is being
bestowed on them.

There have been many times, but none like this.
There are many lives, but none like this.
There is much exaltation of galaxies and universes,
however the exaltation of this divine Creation is a
uniquely sacred event.
Come, return to your God.
Establish your new life in Heaven.
You are expected, you are loved, you, who have
been victorious in the battle of all battles. 

You have been victorious over your lower Self and
the darkness, which surrounded you, is overcome.
You are truly Gods, who are being called Gods. 


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