20. Dezember 2013


written by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz
Grief and forgetfulness in old age are
psychological illnesses! Did you know that? 

The fifth version of DSM (“Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of
Mental Disorders”) claimed exactly that in its edition of May 2013,
which is the book of “psychological disorders” wherein a summary
of all psychological illnesses can be found. Burnout is no illness and
according to an investigation of the Robert Koch Institute from the
year 2012 in Germany alone 4,2 percent of the people who were
asked suffer from it (whereby the age group from 50 to 59 years
is the greatest with 6,6 percent); whereas many eating disorders
are, that is what the new handbook of psychiatry wants.

Allen Frances, one of the foremost worldwide psychiatrists and
coauthor of the fourth edition of the DSM vehemently opposes this.
Does it help?

It is certain, that this publication is of great interest to the
pharmaceutical industry besides the American Psychiatric Association,
the publisher of DSM, for its great expansion of the illness catalog.
Thereby in practice each human being becomes a potential patient
and foremost a consumer of in almost all cases very damaging
pharmaceutical products. A Mords-Business. 

It remains to be asked: How ill are our psychiatrists and our
health politicians, who rubber-stamp such a catalog?
But this is by far not everything, as you will read in a minute. 

In Germany a train, that a long time ago came to a standstill,
has been reactivated: The “forceful treatment of human beings”.
Under Hitler (1933-1945) the norm in Nazi Germany, is now again
presentable. And that came as such.

The German Minister of Justice, Sabine Leutheuser-Schnarrenberger
(until the election in 2013 when she and all of the free democrats
were thrown out of the Bundestag), in cooperation with the Justice
Ministers of States, tried to legally anchor into law a provision for
medical support; by utilizing the “small informal way of government”
(the undemocratically informal way, in order to bypass the Supreme
Court of Germany). This provision would legally allow the forceful
psychiatric treatment of persons, who are under legal care.
Thereby decisions of the Supreme Court (3/23/2011 and 10/12/2012)
and a High Court (6/20/2012), which finally guaranteed the rights of
these affected persons, would be overturned. That this law, despite
the pressure from the pharmaceutical industry, did not pass was reason
for joy for just a short time. Because on 1/17/2013 the German
Bundestag with a great majority voted for the forceful treatment
of psychologically ill people – “in an emergency” as it says. 

And who determines that there is an emergency?

Thereby we hit the subject. Everybody can be affected.
Every enemy of State can be forcefully treated, meaning,
put to silence and put into custody. What today for people,
who are naïve and in good faith, sounds like something totally
ludicrous and at best is accepted as a conspiracy theory, gains
importance in stormy times – and we are headed in that direction
worldwide and also in mid Europe.

Laws are in existence to be executed!

Or does anybody truly believe, that the State, including all the
brain-laundered politicians, has not thought about it:
In politics nothing happens by chance. When something happens,
one can be sure, that it was planned that way.”  
Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1882-1945), 32nd US President. 

A critical look at the events of this time is sufficient to notice:
The world has gone astray. And the State makes provisions!
By already passing laws today which in case of emergency
shall ensure its survival. If free speech doesn’t count anymore,
then everybody who continues to freely speak his opinion, will be
declared an enemy of the State (like from 1933-1945 under Hitler)
and can be “forcefully treated”.

How far are we truly from such a situation?
I leave the answer to your own judgment, because:
“He who doesn’t use his eyes for seeing will use them for crying.”
Jean Paul (1763-1825), German writer. 

It is a fact: The EU dictatorship manifests in front of our eyes.

The attainment of the “New World Order” has absolute priority,
since George Bush sr. (member of the skulls and bones society
and ex President of the US) announced it on September 11th,
1990, exactly 11 years before the attack on the WTC (9/11),
by launching new impositions on a weekly basis. Populations
are systematically driven into ruin by High Finance.
The sovereignty of individual countries is, far from any citizen vote,
dissolved (ESM) and our politicians in pinstripe suits are only
jumping jacks, who travel to Brussels, the City of London or
Washington, to receive their orders.

Think tanks like the committee of 300, CFR, Bilderberger;
Families, like the British or Belgian Royalty; Bank syndicates,
like the FED, the EZB, Goldman Sachs or Citibank, all united
under the “Roth-Schild”, have already taken over the steering
wheel of this world. Freedom, self determination or human
dignity are only hollow phrases, which are thrown into battle
by the churches and their representatives. A placebo, nothing
more, only to divert from their own crimes and the complicity
with the system.

It is not quite as far, not everywhere, and foremost,
all of this is still not visible for everybody. The conditions
of the years 1933 to 1945 have not been reached yet,
so we believe, but possibly they may be much farther along.
It is certain:
The emergency approaches and the laws
have already been passed! 

Wake up.
The wave of poverty and the social disruptions reaches
the continent of Europe. He who believes that Lampedusa
is always somewhere else, cannot be helped. 

Wake up.
The signs of the times are blatantly clear 
and only an ignorant cannot make sense of them. 

Roughly 1.2 million people (numbers are for Germany,
remark, JJK) are treated every year in psychiatric institutions.
More than ten percent of them land in them against their will.
It is not clear how many patients in such closed institutions
receive medications against their will or are subjected to other
medical procedures. Reliable numbers are not available.”
(SPIEGEL ONLINE 1/18/2013) 

Besides the NSA exposures these two examples verify what the
power elite has in mind: the gapless control of humans, whereby
one wants to find the critics of the system, so that they can be
declared psychologically ill in an emergency according to the law,
put them into institutions and make them harmless through
appropriate consciousness altering drugs (Psychopharmaka). 

Forceful treatment as an instrument of power. 

Thereby fear is stoked and lack of freedom is created.
And that is exactly what is planned in order to make us into
willing sheep who say yes and Amen to all impositions.
This happened before, as mentioned here, in Nazi Germany,
in the former east block as well as in every dictatorship. 

Will these times come again?

Yes, if we do not fight against these conditions,
as we do not courageously stand up for our freedom,
because: “The secret of freedom is courage.”
Perikles, statesman and democrat (490 B.C. – 429 B.C.) 

….. and foremost courage is lacking in individual human Beings! 

Bottom line: If human grief and forgetfulness are declared
illnesses, and if humans get forcefully treated against their
will, then democracy has already become a dictatorship.
History repeats itself, thanks to Hitler’s heirs.

And otherwise I demand the unconditional basic
income for all individuals from 0 – 99 years. 

Jahn J Kassl

(This “essay” was sent out as a “letter to the editor” to all editorial
staffs and publishers of daily newspapers and weekly magazines in
Austria, Germany and Switzerland, as well as to top-level politicians
in Austria.)
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