14. Februar 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz


Beloved Ones!

Anchor yourself in Christ Consciousness and know that 
thereby you will be unreachable for all events which 
come to this world.

I know that this world liberates itself and all human 
Beings press for freedom. And I know that for many 
this process is quite painful and then again for others 
quite easy and natural.

Who is anchored in Christ Consciousness, possesses the 
key of this time. And you are anchored, if deep inner peace 
comes from your heart, as you radiate deep inner love, 
as you know deep inside that Christ acts in you and through
you, daily and at every time.

The living Christ shall be born again within you as 
the one you know, who has overcome all – 

Today and in these days it is important to overcome 
everything, because only a Being steadfastly facing 
events, can be untouched by them. 

In the suction of the events much is possible.
Please make sure that you remain unaffected as 
well as undamaged so that you can hold your sacred 
center and that your capacity for love remains intact. 
Connect with CHRIST on a daily basis. Breathe through 
him and you will emerge healed from everything that is 
still ahead for this world. 

There is only one “temptation” that one can succumb
to – the temptation to accept the instructions from the 
ego and to deny the all-loving consciousness of a 
liberated Spirit. 

Go on, because the One, who is Eternal, 
Infinite and Omnipresent, is with you – CHRIST

I am

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