26. Februar 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Gods in Human Incarnation!

We are the ELOHIM

We represent the highest level of Creation of Being, 
after God breathed life into the infinity of worlds. 
We are the first and highest level of  “All-that-Is” and 
we are the last level of Light wherein each consciousness 
that is ready for this step and after it has experienced self 
on many journeys, will return.

We are omnipresent, all-knowing and all-encompassing 
divine consciousness. All is born out of us. 
We give form to the divine impulses and God’s grace. 
We are the essence of Love.

We are the ElOHIM

It is time for a new epoch, 
to open a new book for the ascension of planet earth.
It is time to open the last book and the last pages before 
all has been fulfilled for you; it is time to face the new 
dynamic of ascension before everything turns back and is 
brought back by God into the original condition of being. 

It is time that you open your eyes,
It is time that you aim your ears,
It is time that you prepare all your senses 
for the fact that this world changes into pure light, 
into pure love vibration and into omnipresent harmony. 

This change has been announced to you and now 
the great Angels of Creation from the realms of the 
Elohim spread their immense wings of Love and protection 
over this world, and nobody will be neglected or will be 
understated, because truly: 

We recognize you as what you are and 
not as what you pretend to be.

Beloved Children of God,
Creators of old and new worlds!
The time for the final decampment approaches in 
huge steps. The more wishful and the more aligned 
you expect the events, they will more deeply imprint 
in your heart and the approaching days with you and 
in you will be that much more harmonious and loving.

Now it is prudent to create the necessary conditions, 
because all cosmic and planetary preparations for the 
final transformation of the planet and this world have 
been completed, so that for all, who ascend into the light, 
this joining is a harmonious, peaceful and fulfilling one.

It is essential to take away any fright from these 
events and keep them far away from your human perception, 
so that you may glide over undamaged and without renewed 
injuries to your emotional body; cautiously and determined, 
immediately and reliably.

The task to perform the necessary fine adjustments
for this universal process of ascension has been handed 
to us and in all areas we mandate the initiation 
of this sacred process.

The new dynamic, the new light qualities, which penetrate 
this world, brings renewed chances for healing of all injured 
human hearts. The light inflow to this world attains a 
so-far unmatched quality and in its effect and strength 
cannot be compared to the previous inflow of light from All-that-Is.

While time passes, while for the majority space imperceptibly 
changes and while for many human Beings the great waiting 
for the ascension has started, the actual precursors to 
ascension begin to manifest. And the precursors are:

1.) Bodily deficiency symptoms for the ascending ones 
decrease. Meaning that illnesses volatilize, abundance 
returns, heaviness yields and lightness of being will 
again be attained.
2.) All events that happen on the geopolitical level of this world
are very clearly perceived by the ascending ones, but they 
are allocated to another time-space-fabric. Indeed you have 
already been suspended.
3.) The process of activation of your entire DNA 
attains a new level and quality so that you come 
so much closer to your rebirth and new birth; and in 
each moment you are fully aware of it.
4.) The manipulations of the dark Orion-Elites on 
the surface of the earth become much more far-reaching 
and for many human Beings become visible; societal displacements
are the order of the day. They are the symptoms of these days 
and it is the unmistakable sign that the end of the world and 
the beginning of the world are close.
5.) Conscious souls remain fully untouched by these events, 
which painfully dig into still unconscious souls; and today 
this certainty is already familiar to all ascending ones. 

“Better an end with horror, than horror without an end”,  
this is how a winged human manner of speech is expressed. 

For all those, who with their whole soul have 
decided for Heaven and have chosen God,
it is up to us, the Elohim, so that we do not 
allow an end with horror nor horror without an end. 

We have manifested our strength and love on this 
earth united with all who serve the light, almighty 
due to our divine mandates and omnipresent on all levels 
of Being.
Every human Being can experience what he has
chosen and this, exactly in the manner, how he has chosen it.

We serve you gods, who for many times have been sent 
to earth, alone, in order to level the path in this epoch 
and in order to transfer your sacred stamp of light, the 
eternal flame of your love, to this world. 

The time of the harvest has come and we provide 
you with the big and sacred vessels, which you fill 
with your gifts. 

We come with empty hands in order to 
receive the abundance of this world out of your hands.
With a hint from God we mandate:
We are one – any separation is illusion.

We are

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