22. Mai 2016


Channeled by: Jahn J Kassl
Translation from the German original by: bejay

Awake from the dream, understand the dreams 
and perceive reality. I am in your midst!

The big shift in consciousness continues. 
More and more people turn away from the 
illusion and take a step towards reality. 
It is a significant part of humanity which is 
now opening up for the divine in the world 
and is receptive to the love of God. 

Know your value! 

Everything is in motion and shall continue to be
in motion. Inside and out everything will be returned 
to its original location and that has far-reaching 

You were born to master the test of this era; 
you are born to bring light to the earth and you 
are born to step up and accept the reign of love. 

Big assignments have brought you here and time 
has come to to recognize and accept these contracts.
Many of you are still uncertain of their vocation - 
still too many of you falter for they do not know what 
deeper sense fulfills their existence. Many of you, too 
many hesitate and doubt when they should shine with 
determination and confidence.


I therefore call on you to come up to bring 
me all your doubts and your insecurity. Ask 
for the grace of enlightenment so that your 
true assignment and the meaning of your 
life may be revealed to you. 

Each of you has been sent by God to earth
to bring his skills to redesign the world.

Small or big assignments? 

All assignments of men have an equal-valid 
importance before God. 

There is no low one among you, and no 
one was raised by God to be superior.

Although no life is like another, before God, 
in God and through God all life is one.

The time has come for dreams to come true. 
For heaven and earth have never been closer 
since the dawn of time.

We come closer to the final transformation of
the world and your eventual transformation.

Know your value, recognize your position,
know the deeper meaning of your life on this 

I am with you with all my help.
Ask and you shall be given.


The German original: Träume werden Wirklichkeit

All with God – ASANA MAHATARI 
Elija Prophecies 49-65 
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