30. September 2013


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Georgi Stankov 

Humanity in God’s Hands! 

New levels are created in the space-time structure,
so that every human being is satisfied.

What are we talking about here?

The Divine Mercy now arranges that every person,
who fails to ascend for reasons which are as varied as there
are people on this earth, that every such man finds the optimal
conditions to ascend in a later epoch. Optimal conditions are
defined by the fact that appropriate learning and development
opportunities are given to all people. The love of God for men
always cares for each of his children, none is forgotten, abandoned
or falls prey to the eternal “damnation”. 

The epochal disastrous events are under way and will come,
there is now way to avoid them, but not all the people will be affected
by them. Due to the creation of new 4D holograms, it is now possible
for those people, who will hardly gain any spiritual benefit from
disasters or suffering, to learn it their own way. 
Although these people will still participate in the events, they will
find themselves at the appropriate hour on their new 4D world.

There, their evolution will continue in a linear manner, that is say,
as a slow growth as already announced, step by step, where the
disasters will arrive in the daily lives of these people, because a world,
in which the New World Order is established and exercises its unlimited
power, is a bigger disaster than an apocalyptic event, which is in a few hours
“history” and defines the world as history. I make you aware of the fact,
that care is taken of by the grace of God for all and everything and that
the ascension of the Light Warriors of the first hour to the levels of the
fifth dimension, is immutable, unchangeable and inalienable, and
already underway.

The new mode is explained by the fact that every man should
receive the potential for growth and so it happens now that after
the ascension of the ascending warriors everything will be fulfilled
what those people, who remain in 4D, will need to ascend themselves
in a distant future.

For the dark powers that currently wrestle on the 4D levels for
their naked survival, this realignment of the Ascension process is a
very disturbing factor. Due to it they lose again a lot of people,
people, who they desperately need for their survival on their levels.
As a result, this game is marked these days by a great nervousness
and anxiety that has returned directly to the centres of power of the
dark forces.

Due to these factors one should expect an
“act of desperation” on their part.
In addition to this, it is worth knowing that the dark forces
can not feed from a clone, i.e. from an entity that is inanimate.
In order to profit from a human being, it is required that this entity
has at least a soul fragment that vibrates in fear. And through the
creation of new holograms, the people were redistributed anew and the
populations were thinned out, so that hardly enough people remain t
o serve the dark ones.

However, the fronts will be clear at the end of these events,
and the dark ones will proceed with those, who did not want to
participate in any way in this time of grace, as already announced
to you.

After the final line is drawn in the sand, the differences between
3D and 4D will be lesser than you suppose, only on the upper
segment of the 4D levels will the evolution, though slowly, but
nonetheless be accompanied by peace.
The lower 4D levels (1-7), which were already created and sealed,
hardly differ now from the planet, where the dogs have a healing effect
(3D earth). The difference lies solely in the fact that in comparison to
3D each evolution on 4D will, albeit slowly, unfold faster than on 3D.

Thus, today it is announced that new dimensions of the ascension
process were created, so that the people can and will flourish.
For you, who are ready for the initiations of the fifth dimension of
Being, nothing changes in the ascension schedule. You will stay in
front of the great catastrophes and will not participate in them.

You will, and you are doin it already, tap into a wide variety of
space-time levels in order to testify on the REALITY of ALL-THAT-IS
and, after your work is done, you will be ascended and shall never
take the mud bath in the dark desert of levels that you have savored
to the bitter end.

Let not be confused now! Turn off the incessant bustle of your mind
for a brief moment and know it is taken care of everyone and everything.
As announced to you: changes, yes, postponements, yes.
But ascension goes on unabated. As announced in God’s Cut,
suddenly you will arrive at a different level and I would add:
the “Big Cut”, in which nothing will be as it is still now – and this
holds true for all the people from this space-time structure - is only
a matter of moments in the eternity of All-That-Is and only a blink
of an eye in the perception of humanity.

Who looks upon this world, he perceives, in case he wants to see,
in every nook and corner the signal that the great awakening is in
full progress, the message that the old world falls apart and is able
to not only extinguish itself, but also willing to do so. And he acquires
the knowledge that already tomorrow, and even better, in the very
next moment life may already be different.

Where now cities still stand, oceans will be very soon, and where
now the oceans are, cities will appear from nowhere. How the individual
will experience these events, depends solely on the choice and the
grace of God. Who needs the shock to grow, will receive the ” full monty”,
so to speak, who can grow up and unfold without shock, will be shown
only one part of the great Armageddon, for verily: Why propose new
wounds in the hearts of men, when they are useless for the further
evolution of man.

God’s grace is omnipresent and everything is possible for it.
So it happens now that dying will be different for everyone and that
death awaits each one at his bifurcation, and many will make a close
friendship with death and will drop all fear of this great master.

The governments of this world have spoken the judgment
on this world. The Cosmic Council of this world will allow
anything that serves the people and will thwart anything that
is harmful to man with respect to his further evolution.

Interpret this and meditate on it, and carry the name of God always
in your heart, then the big storm can come and you will embody the
calmness itself, and even when the great fire will break over you,
it will not burn you, then the floods can bury everything under you,
and you shall still stay on safe and firm ground.

Then heavens will open for you and will take you away after
this impressive spectacle, so that you return to the world that
has been promised to you and that you have promised yourself
before you entered this world. Go forth and love, carry God’s love
and the longing for God in your hearts: and his name always on
your lips.

The unwilling, the lazy, the dumb, the stupid, the unconscious
and the arrogant now beckons the fall, so that they can be resurrected
at the last day, which is to come, when the time is ripe for it. Much
remains off, much will be added, the process of ascension remains
full of twists to the very end.

Only the ascension itself remains an immutable fact for the
ascending humans, just as the descent is an immutable fact f
or the descending entities.
The sealing of each person within exactly the world he has
chosen is currently taking place.
A Cut yet and the last ties to this world fall away from
the ascending entities. Have faith, for what is given to you is
all-embracing, and what you are facing, is of unique and divine
origin. I am the life and the love, ubiquitous awarenessin the
infinity of creation,


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God's Cut - BABAJI:



Bin in einer Art Kaserne/Internat, und die Nachricht,
dass es nun los geht, erreicht mich. Ich ziehe mir zwei Hosen an
und stecke alles in meine Hosentaschen, was ich zu brauchen glaube,
denn ich bin mir voll bewusst, dass ich nie wieder zu diesem Ort
Im Freien angelangt merke ich wie sich Atomstaub unsichtbar verbreitet.
Ich nehme keine Menschen war nur ober mir sehe ich „Raumschiffe“ 
und es werden immer mehr. Diese nehme ich weder positiv noch
negativ wahr, sehr neutral. 
Dann sehe ich wie jemand auf einer vereisten Stelle der Erde gräbt,
und zwei Menschenkörper, den eines Kindes und den eines erwachsenen
Mannes freilegt. Und beide leben und sind vergnügt, nur völlig behindert
und debil, da sie weder ihrer Körperteile gut koordinieren können noch
deutlich sprechen. Die Wesen, die dies sehen, schütteln erstaunt den
Kopf und denken bei sich, „so etwas hat hie auf der Erde gelebt?“
Dann nehme ich meinen Anhänger, den ich immer trage
(Christusbewusstsein 9, aus dem Erbe von Atlantis, schützt u.a.
vor atomarer Strahlung, Anm. JJK) in den Mund, um vor der atomaren
Strahlung geschützt zu sein; und ich mache mir Gedanken darüber,
ob ich nun von einem Raumschiff aufgenommen oder ob ich streben
werde, ehe ich aufsteige. (Traum Ende)
Geliebte Menschen,
schreiten wir zu Deutung dieses Traumbildes.

Die „Kaserne/Internat“ weißt auf das Gesellschaftsystem hin,
unter dem die Menschen derzeit leiden/litten. Dass sich Jahn in diesem
Haus nahezu alleine sieht, zeigt, dass sich die Menschen für dieses
System nicht mehr interessieren und zeigt, dass viele Menschen
bereits auf den neuen Ebenen des Seins angekommen sind.
Atomstrahlung, weist auf die Zerstörung dieser Welt, auf der sich
Jahn befindet, durch die Atomenergie hin. Raumschiffe, weder
„gut noch böse“ zeigen, dass es sich hier um ein „Abholkommando
der Überlebenden“ handelt, das heißt, Menschen, die diese
Zerstörungen überleben, werden evakuiert.
Eismänner, deuten auf den emotionalen und mentalen
Entwicklungsstand der Menschheit hin, die diese Situation erfahren
musste, die körperliche und geistige Behinderungen zeigen die
mangelnde Herzensbildung auf. Die staunende Frage „diese Menschen
haben hier gelebt?“ deutet darauf hin, wie unvorstellbar für Wesenheiten,
die niemals auf einer Ebene wie der Erde inkarniert waren, die Tatsache,
unter welchen Umständen ein Mensch hier dem Erwachen entgegenstrebt
ist. Jahn erwartet sein Schicksal, heißt, diese Welt wird verlassen,
gleich auf welchen Wege und nur die kranken und unwilligen Wesenheiten bleiben weiterhin dort, worauf die Tatsache hinweist, dass die zwei debilen Menschen voller Lebensfreude sind und von den Abholkommando
zurückgelassen werden. Die Ebene auf der sich das derart zuträgt ist
das achte 4D-Hologramm. Jahn wartet auf den Tod oder auf die
Evakuierung bedeutet, dass beides Optionen sind, um diese Ebene
zu verlassen. (Deutung Ende)

Sehr ernüchternd gewiss, jedoch die Ereignisse,
die auf den unteren Ebenen längst neue Wirklichkeiten erschaffen
haben, drängen nun in die oberen 4D-Hologramme. Beachtet allein
die Tatsachen, dass in Fukushima immer noch Radioaktivität
freigesetzt wird und das in enormen Mengen.

Als von den geistigen Lichtebenen und von dieser Quelle vor
Monaten diese Tatsache bekannt gemacht wurde, schenkten dieser
nur Wenige Beachtung. Und obwohl die geistige Welt einen großen
Teil der schädlichen Strahlung neutralisiert, um für die Aufsteigenden
einen angemessenen Übertritt in die fünfte Dimension (ohne Schock)
zu gewährleisten, beginnen die Weltmeere von dieser Strahlung erfasst zu
werden. Es erübrigt sich darauf hinzuweisen, dass die Nahrungsaufnahme
tierischen Ursprungs (Fische, Anm., JJK) auch deshalb unangebracht ist.
„Nichts gelernt“ und in der Tat, so stellt es sich nun dar, und auch auf den
oberen Frequenzen der 4D gerät manches zum Ausbruch, da auch diese
Ebene von den leeren oder nur bis zu einen oder zwei Seelenfragmenten
ausgestatteten Wesenheiten befreit werden muss.  

Jahn wurde in diesen Ebene, nachdem die Begradigung eingesetzt
hat, eingeschaltet, um Zeugnis vor den Menschen, ehe es geschieht,
dazu abzulegen. Und noch eines zeigt dieses Traumbild deutlich,
die bereits entvölkerte Welt ist der Atomstrahlung erlegen oder
aber evakuiert worden (Raumschiffe).
Das bedeutet für alle Aufsteigenden:  

Sorgt euch keinen Moment,
denn für euch ist gesorgt, in jeder Hinsicht. 

Das Zeitgeschehen rückt näher rund näher, und ehe es euch
ganz erreicht werdet ihr euch im Himmel einfinden.
Mit dieser Botschaft aus dem Licht, vergewissere ich euch der
Gegenwart eurer Lichtgeschwister aus dem Sein. Aufstieg und Abstieg
liegen wahrlich näher als ein Mensch vermutet, denn die Fallstricke,
ehe die große Reise angetreten werden kann, werden bis zuletzt
ausgelegt, jedoch von allen überwunden, die sich längst schon für
das Licht entscheiden haben.

Wir sind mit euch,
bei euch und wir sind Menschen unter euch.
Die Aufgestiegenen Meister und der ich bin


Christusbewusstsein 9 (Anhänger) – RAT DER PLEJADEN:


"Wir hüten eure Tage, wir hüten eure Nächte,
denn ein geheiligter Vorgang findet immer in
geheiligten Räumen und unter dem absoluten 
Schutz des Himmels statt."

29. September 2013


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Georgi Stankov 

I am in a kind of barracks / boarding house and the message
that it is now beginning to unfold reaches me. I put on two trousers
and insert everything into my pockets that I believe I shall need because
I am fully aware that I will never return back again to this place.
When I get out, I realize how the nuclear dust is spreading in an
invisible manner. I do not see any people, just above me I see
”space ships” and more of them are coming all the time.
This I perceive as neither positive nor negative, but as very
Then I see someone digs on an icy place in the earth, and
uncovers two human bodies, that of a child and an adult man.
Both are alive and very much jolly, just totally disabled and mentally
retarded because they cannot coordinate their body limbs well or
speak clearly. The entities from the spaceships who watch this are
amazed and shake their heads, and think to themselves:
“And such creatures have lived here on the earth? “
Then I take my necklet, I always wear (Christ consciousness 9,
from the legacy of Atlantis, which protects, i.a. from atomic radiation,
note, JJK ) and put it in my mouth as to be protected from the atomic
radiation; and I am pondering if I will be now picked up by a spaceship
or if I’ll die before I ascend. ( End of dream )

Loved ones,

We proceed to interpret this dream image.
The “barracks / boarding house” point out to the social
system under which the people currently suffer / suffered.
That Jahn sees himself almost alone in this house shows that
the people are no longer interested in this system and shows
that many people have already arrived at the new levels of Being.

Nuclear radiation refers to the destruction of this world, in which
Jahn dwells, through nuclear energy. Spaceships, neither “good
nor bad “, shows that this is a “a rescue operation of the survivors",
that is, the people who will survive these destructions will be evacuated.

The icemen point out to the emotional and mental retardation of
humanity that had to experience this situation, their physical and
mental disabilities show their insufficient heart evolution. The
astonished question “these people have been living here?” Indicates
how inconceivable for these entities, who have never incarnated on
such a low level like the earth, the fact is, under what (terrible)
circumstances a person must strive towards awakening here.

Jahn awaits his fate, means, this world is abandoned in whatever
way, and only the sick and unwilling beings still remain there,
as the fact indicates how the two moronic people are full of joy to
be alive and are left behind by the rescue squad. The level at which
this is happening is the eighth 4D hologram. Jahn waiting for the
death or evacuation means that both options are possible to leave
this plane. (End of interpretation)

Certainly very sobering, but the events that have long since
created new realities on the lower levels, are now pushing into
the upper 4D holograms. Observe the very fact that in Fukushima
radioactivity is still released in enormous quantities. When this fact
was made known by the spiritual light levels and this source months ago,
only a few paid attention to it. And although the spiritual world has
neutralized a great deal of harmful radiation to ensure an appropriate
transition (without shock) of the ascending entities into the fifth dimension,
the oceans begin to be affected by this radiation. It is needless to mention
that the food intake of animal origin (fish, note, JJK ) is therefore

“Nothing learned”, and in fact, this is how the situation presents
itself now, and also on the upper frequencies of 4D a lot is on the
verge of breaking out, since this level must also be freed from the
empty or only with one or two soul fragments equipped beings.
Jahn was switched onto this plane after the correction had begun
to give testimony before the people, before it happens here.

And this dream image shows one further fact, the already
depopulated world has succumbed to nuclear radiation or has
been evacuated (by spaceships).This means for all ascending humans:
Do not worry for a single moment, because for
you is taken care of in every conceivable way. 
The events of the End Time are getting closer and closer
and before they quite reach you, you will find yourself in heaven.

With this message from the light, I assure you of the presence of
your light siblings from Being. Ascension and descent are truly closer
than one assumes because the pitfalls are widely spread until the
very end, before the big journey can commence, however,
they will be overcome by all who have long since made their
decision for the light.
We are with you, near to you, and we are humans among you.
The Ascended Masters and I am