2. Dezember 2013


written by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz


“Our lives end on the day, when we keep silent
about things, which are important.”
Martin Luther King (1929-1968),
US-American Civil Rights Advocate. 

And it seems that many human lives have already ended.
The silence and quiescence of individuals regarding the
unbearable conditions in this world are sufficient evidence. 

1.) Silence regarding the Fukushima tragedy.
2.) Silence regarding the uranium contamination
of the US military in Iraq, Bosnia and Afghanistan.
3.) Silence regarding Chemtrails.
4.) Silence regarding the HAARP program.
5.) Silence regarding mind control.
6.) Silence regarding the drone wars of the Nobel
Peace Price Winner Obama in Afghanistan, Pakistan,
Yemen and the US.
7.) Silence regarding the 20 Million War dead since 1945,
which were caused by the US alone and their “surrogate wars”.
8.) Silence regarding the spread of global fascist dictatorships,
which in Europe and the US are sold as democracy.
9.) Silence regarding the ESM financial slavery,
and the bank rescues, which go hand in hand with the fact,
that our politicians repeatedly adapt or break laws.
10.) Silence regarding the silence of the European Union,
a Nobel Peace Prize winner, with regard to the refugee catastrophes
of Lamdedusa. (3000 people die yearly on the outer borders of
Europe, because entry has been denied by us, using legal means.) 

“When written law bars the rescue of drowning people,
when laws impose penalties to protect people seeking
protection – such law should be abolished. It is not just
a European regulation. But it is such, if we have the right
to call ourselves human Beings.”
Georg Buerstmayr, Lawyer and Recipient of the
Dr. Bruno Kreisky price for merits regarding human rights. 

11.) Silence regarding the fact that new islands emerge
and that the volcano Aetna created white smoke rings
during its latest eruption.
12.) Silence regarding the multitude of hurricanes and
tornados, which in recent weeks alone devastated whole
swaths of land in the US.
13.) Silence regarding the healthcare program “Obamacare”,
which requires the implantation of RFID chips for every individual
using the program.
14.) Silence regarding the fact that every 5 seconds
a child under the age of 10 dies from starvation.
15.) Silence regarding the fact that the gap between the
rich and the poor widens, that the homelessness in Europe
and the US take on new dimensions and that there are
massive unrests, street battles and revolts.
16.) Silence regarding FEMA camps in the US.
17.) Silence regarding the NSA exposures and that
Edward Snowden is still the hunted and not the celebrated.
18.)Silence that Guantanamo still exists and that torture
is allowed in the US and being practiced worldwide.
19.) Silence that military expenditures still increase,
but more that 1 billion people are undernourished.
20.) Silence that our children are being taught the history
of the victors and that the “losers” find no entry into the

“There are two world histories: one is official and full of lies,
destined for history class in our schools; the other is the
secret history, which holds the true causes and true events.”
Honoré de Balsac (1799-1850), French writer. 

21.) Silence regarding the events of 9/11,
which until today have not been investigated
by an independent commission.
22.) Silence that Monsanto sells GMO to us being ok,
privatize water and sell seeds at a vey high price.
23.) Silence that Big Pharma and the WHO constantly stoke fears,
from flu panics to pandemic scenarios, in order to make huge
profits and keep people in fear.
24.) Silence that we accept as a natural law to
torture animals, kill them and then eat them.
25.) Silence that we call individuals “foreigners” and “illegal
immigrants”, because no human Being is illegally in this world!
26.) Silence that the new Pope Franziskus I., besides great
announcements and winning gestures, still holds to the belief,
that the Roman Catholic Church is the only true religion.
27.) Silence that all elites in business, politics and religion belong
to secret societies, about which we are not allowed to know
28.) Silence that there exist UFOs and that there
are already contacts with extraterrestrial life forms.
29.) Silence that these unbearable conditions in this world
have been consciously caused and targeted by a few, the elites,
like Rothchild, Rockefeller & Co, it is the 1%, and still doing it,
in order to force people to accept a New World Order and one
World Government after the disaster.
30.) Silence that we are being lied to by the media,
the politicians, the churches and business,
which still tell us that everything is fine,
whereas the great catastrophe is already brewing. 

“A handful of people control the media in this world.
Today there are six individuals, soon only four – and that
includes everything: all newspapers, all magazines,
all movies, all television. There was a time, when we
had different opinions and attitudes in media.
Today there is only one opinion, which takes four,
five days to form – then it is everybody’s opinion.”
Mike Nichols, US star movie director and Oscar winner
(Nation& Europe, July/August 1999, page 16) 

Is there a chance?
Yes, as individuals immediately begin to REVOLT!
Revolt against the conditions, which have been listed here,
without claim for completeness.
Revolt against the Ones being responsible!

Revolt first and foremost against your own
lethargy of not wanting to revolt or rebel! 

“It burns everywhere. Since some time ago I regard
the development of society as extremely menacing.”
Konstantin Wecker, musician and author. 

And although it burns, there is silence everywhere? 

Bottom line: The impacts come closer.
Wake up and change. Be disobedient and revolting.
Shout the injustice into the world, because the moment,
when you have nothing to lose, is much closer than
many people think.

Otherwise I demand an unconditional basic income
as a birthright for all human Beings from 0-99.