28. Oktober 2014


written by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

ECB Stress-Test
Only or nevertheless 25 out of 130 banks have failed the 
“stress-test of the European Central Bank”. Besides a few 
banks in Southern Europe (Greece, Italy) the result of the 
test therefore has been quite positive, suggest the media 
and politics. “Banks are Crisis-resistant” is their parole and 
this is, like the stress test itself, a joke. Especially as the entire 
risks of the shadow banks as well as the bad banks have been 
excluded from the financial system. In addition the banks were 
allowed to evaluate the risk potential of their investments 
themselves. Therefore one remained entirely among one self, 
in order to achieve the desired results. 

Genuine Stress-Test  
A genuine stress test for each bank would be the case,
if 4% of the population would withdraw their money from
the bank! Because it only takes a small percentage of us and all 
banks would have to close – they simply do not have the money 
and therefore cannot pay it out. Everybody who wants to withdraw 
a larger sum of money (more than 15 to 20 thousand Euros, 
depending on the bank institution) has already experienced this. 
Without a reservation day’s ahead nothing goes! We must become 
aware of this, then we will know what to do – still today.

Our banks, and this is the reality, when it counts, 
no longer have our money! If we are aware of this fact, 
the world savings day becomes a world withdrawal day, 
because those, who want to withdraw their money, once 
the crisis is fully ongoing, will stand in front of a barricaded 
home bank.

Lehmann bankruptcy 2008
During the Lehmann bankruptcy 2008 customers were forced – even 
in our region – to wait for the withdrawal of their savings for several 
days. I know of one case, when a man had to beg for 120,000 Euros 
of his savings from three different branch offices for several days. In 
another case, familiar to me, a woman saw not one single cent of her 
substantial savings of 500,000 Euros, because unfortunately she was 
the third one in cue in front of the bank teller and the bank, an 
Austrian major bank, simply did not have this money. Also small 
amounts, as I was told (I worked at that time as a waiter in the 
center of Vienna) were impossible to be withdrawn in those 
September days of 2008.
Those, who came too late to the bank teller, 
simply were unfortunate.

This was 2008! And the financial tsunami, which now comes 
toward us, will dwarf everything so far! We must also become 
aware of this, because this is the reality! To close our eyes and 
run away from it, as many human Beings conspicuously still like 
to do, only plays into the hands of the banksters and the political 

Think about it yourself and trust yourself, 
because what media and politics suggest to 
you, are knowingly or unknowingly spread lies.

Word Savings Day 2014
Therefore: Use the World Savings Day 2014,
in order to empty your accounts rather than fill them.  
Forego the lukewarm champagne, bought from our money, 
and the lifeless sandwiches, which are penetratingly offered 
in the foyer of many bank offices, only, to draw the last 
money out of your pocket. 

Let us withdraw the power from our banks, 
whereby we withdraw our money from them! 
This is still not the solution or the last conclusion of wisdom.

Nonetheless it is a first step toward more freedom and foremost, 
every human Being can immediately take this step and do it by 
himself. It is well known that the money system in total is a crime 
against humanity. While the ones out of nothing print paper shreds, 
which human Beings have to accept as being of value, and the others 
do everything, in order to receive them, is an obvious as well as sad 
evidence for it.  

No matter what happens, it is certain that with the downfall 
of this society the money system will also go down. The question 
is in which sequence; what comes first: The financial crash, the 
nuclear worst-case accident, the magnetic pole reversal or another 
epochal event, which brakes open any of our imaginations and pulls 
everything into the depths, flattens everything!
Possibly it is everything at the same time.
Until then we have time to arrange our 
things – in every, and not only financial respect.

The quicker and the more consciously we arrange our own things, 
the more difficult it will be for those, who until today have deceived 
us, lied to us and have robbed us, and want to continue this until 
the end, and furthermore want to lead us by our nose ring.
And one more thing: The greater the problems, 
the more we are being pacified! “Banks 
are Crisis-resistant” shows what the real 
condition of the banks is. 

The handling of the stress test and the media presentation 
of it really do not portray anything good! Instead the alarm 
bells should ring in all of us due to this fact.

In conclusion: The worldwide financial hat is fully 
ablaze and until last one wants to sell us for stupid. 
Thereby it should be hidden to us that the day, as Voltaire 
expressed it “Paper money will return to its inner value – nothing”,  
is immediately ahead of us. 

Look through this as long as there is 
still time for an appropriate reaction. 
Because ignorance or not wanting to know do 
not protect anybody from the consequences.

In Love

Jahn J Kassl 

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