20. Oktober 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

It will be a day, which pours out Love and Happiness 
to a so far unknown extent for human Beings.
It will be a day, which let land appear, where there 
is water now and brings water, where there is land now.

It will be a day, which releases vibration and Light, 
an unthinkable measure of dignity, given from the prime 
Sources of All-That-Is, so that the whole world will be 
transformed and every Life will be changed.
It will be a day, when Heaven turns into infinitely many colors, 
in order to attune human Beings to the departure into the Light.

It will be a day, brings the abundance of all Life, the 
superabundance of Creation to human Beings, like the 
wind carries on the most beautiful seeds, in order to 
create new life.
It will be a day, when the Gods of Heaven will take a bow 
in front of you, the Gods of Earth; and you will understand, 
why they show this homage to you.

It will be a day, which will enlighten the ready human Beings, 
in an instant; and reminds the astonished and ignorant human 
Beings of their truth, which they have forgotten.
It will be a day, when the Earth turns, and above 
becomes below and below becomes above.

It will be a day, when the living Christ reveals himself 
and in this moment of Grace you will know that everything 
that was proclaimed to you, fulfills itself.
It will be a day, when all powers of darkness capitulate, 
and the right to continue to live in this world will be 
withdrawn from them.

It will be a day, when the people of inner Earth greet 
you in the new world, and you will be reminded of your 
siblings from Agartha.
It will be the day, when all levels of Creation will send 
representatives to Earth, and you will hear, what you 
have accomplished and affected – for the whole Creation.

It will be the day, when you will be carried away 
and will ascend to God.
It will be the day, when this world will be returned to you, 
so that you build a new world on this Mother Planet of Creation.

It will be the day, when Heaven and Earth open simultaneously, 
to be seen everywhere, to be heard everywhere, to be experienced 
It will be the day, when all bad deeds of mankind will be healed, 
and you will recognize that it was your own lack of redemption, 
which gave this game of illusion the dramas and brought pain.

It will be a day, when a sound from the inside of the earth 
let the world take notice and many remain irritated or ossify 
in an instant; because in this moment they will be confronted 
with their own shadows.
It will be the day, when the groom comes in order to close 
the sacred bond; and many brides do not recognize him and 
the marriage with oneself stays away.

It will be the day, when the Light warriors of the first and 
last hours will enter into their perfected Light bodies and will 
leave this world for the period of purification; and each one 
of the ascending ones will know his place.
It will be the day, which exceeds every human expectation 
and towers above every human imagination, and you will 
know that the divine is boundless.

It will be the day, when every human Being 
will forget the present life, in an instant; because the 
signs of Heaven and the labor pains of the 
new earth announce the “great event”.
It will be the day, when the world tumbles and 
falls – into the abyss; in order to stabilize itself 
after the completed transformation, for a 
long time of peace.

It will be the day, which will imprint itself eternally into the 
consciousness of all human Beings and of all heavenly bodies 
of this Creation, and the scriptures of the 4D worlds will give 
witness to it and will speak of the “great day of revelation”.
It will be a day, which will end suddenly for the great majority 
of mankind, because they will become aware of their inability 
to ascend; and an ocean of tears will pour out on account of 
this missed opportunity.

It will be a day, when the great silence announces the 
great bang, and the birds in Heaven become silent as if 
they did not exist, because they expect the approaching 
wave of transformation and the Light like silent and living 
It will be a day, when the cosmic families find each other, 
and the long waiting ends and your return into the oneness 
of all Life is fulfilled.

It will be a day, which will evince their sins to human Beings 
and a day, which reveals their hidden Light to human Beings.
Instantaneously the ascending ones will obtain transfiguration, 
and over the remaining ones and the descending ones the veil of 
forgetfulness lowers itself again.

It will be a day, when the victory of the Light will be 
obvious on all levels and the rich harvest, which is based on 
your seedlings, will be brought in.
It will be a day, when God’s Grace will be poured out, 
continually without respite, and many confused yet not 
gone astray human Beings will awaken in this moment.
It will be the day, when every human Being receives the 
last opportunity for turning around, because truly: 
God’s Grace is boundless.

It will be the day, when God’s trumpets portend the 
new age and the new worlds far from time, and the great 
circle completes, on this day.
It will be the day of days: End, Beginning, 
and Eternity – in an instant.

Those, who understand are blessed.
Those, who know are without fear.
Those, who expect it, will receive.
Those, who see it, will be recognized. 

The day of days is near.

We are

In the Ocean of God’s Grace, Part I – BABAJI: 

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