9. Oktober 2014

Washington Is Destroying The World - Paul Craig Roberts


„The majority of Americans are blind 
enablers of Washington’s war on the world.“
writes Dr. Paul Craig Roberts in in his article from 10/6/2014.

Honored Reader, 

Indeed the image that the Administration in Washington D.C. 
under the shifty Nobel Peace Prize Drone Obama portrays, is 
The outcry of US citizens is mostly lacking or does not penetrate 
to us; and therefore it seems that a majority of human Beings 
follows the regime in the White House into the demise.

And in Europe?
It is, concerning the relevant elites in politics and industry,
rarely any different. The elites act beyond good and evil and the 
impression that we are dealing with psychopaths is confirmed daily. 
The citizens nonetheless, as it seems, begin to slowly wake up.
They begin to understand that they are the sheep, which are fleeced 
and they no longer want to submit themselves to be dumb calves, 
which on top of it also select their own slaughterer.

Even if this awakening can only be 
recognized in its beginning, it does exist!

The Monday demonstration in more and more cities, 
solemn vigils and peace rallies, which clear this system 
and support a new society, serving human Beings, increase 
and register a growing throng.

And what is possible in Europe is also to be expected 
in the USA, namely: The awakening of a civil society in 
order to remove the fascist regime in the White House.

Will the majority of Americans remain blind?
I do not believe so, because levelheaded, incorruptible and 
reasonable voices increase and can no longer be overheard, 
even beyond the Atlantic.

And Paul Craig Roberts is one of these voices, which ruthlessly 
reveal the arrogance and the crimes of the system, so that human 
Beings can make themselves a picture of the real dangers in their
own country.

And the greatest danger for a US citizen 
comes from the administration in Washington! 
From a government, which has the arrogance to take hostage of 
the whole world and in these days succumbs to their hubris and 
experiences its Waterloo.

The system breaks up in their own corruption and arrogance. 
What has happened to every imperium of this or similar characteristic, 
the United States of America experience this now today: their downfall.
The article, which follows, points to this downfall and again mentions 
the possibility of a nuclear exchange.

Regarding this point, I very much hope that the author errs, 
because what would be the value of our efforts 
for a better, more just and more loving world,
if they would dissolve in an atomic cloud?

In Love

Jahn J Kassl


Washington Is Destroying The World
by Paul Craig Roberts 

The aggressive and mindless stance that Washington’s 
warmongers have taken toward Russia and China have 
shattered the accomplishment of Reagan and Gorbachev.

Reagan and Gorbachev ended the cold war and removed the threat 
of nuclear armageddon. Now the neocons, the US budget-dependent 
(taxpayer dependent) US military/security complex, and the US 
politicians dependent on campaign funds from the military/security 
complex have resurrected the nuclear threat.

The corrupt and duplicitous Clinton regime broke the agreement 
that the George H.W. Bush administration gave Moscow in 1990. 
In exchange for Moscow permitting a reunified Germany to be a 
NATO member, Washington agreed that there would be no expansion 
of NATO to the east. Gorbachev, US Secretary of State James Baker, 
US ambassador to Moscow Jack Matlock, and declassified documents 
all testify to the fact that Moscow was assured that there would be 
no expansion of NATO into Eastern Europe.

In 1999 President Bill Clinton made a liar of the administration 
of President George H.W. Bush. The corrupt Clinton brought Poland, 
Hungary, and the newly formed Czech Republic into NATO.
President George W. Bush also made a liar out of his father, 
George H.W. Bush, and his father’s trusted Secretary of State, 
James Baker. “Dubya,” as the fool and drunkard is known, brought 
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, and Romania 
into NATO in 2004. The corrupt and hopeless Obama regime added 
Albania and Croatia in 2009.

In other words, over the past 21 years 
three two-term US presidents have taught 
Moscow that the word of the US government 
is worthless. 

Today Russia is surrounded by US and NATO military bases, with more 
to come in Ukraine (part of Russia for centuries), Georgia (part of 
Russia for centuries and the birthplace of Joseph Stalin), 
Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and perhaps 
also Azerbaijan.

A large land expanse that was formerly part of the Soviet Empire 
is now part of Washington’s Empire. The “coming of democracy” 
simply meant the changing of masters.
Washington always picks the puppet who serves as Secretary 
General of NATO. The latest is a former Norwegian politician 
and prime minister, Jens Stoltenberg. On Washington’s orders, 
the puppet quickly antagonized Moscow with the statement that 
NATO has a powerful army that has a global policing role and can 
be deployed wherever Washington wishes. This claim is a total 
contradiction of NATO’s purpose and charter.

Igor Korochenko, a member of the Russian Defense Ministry 
Public Council replied to Washington’s puppet Stoltenberg: 
“Such statements run counter to the system of international 
security, as the NATO alliance poses a threat to Russia. 
Therefore, it will cause responsive measures.”

The responsive measures are what you would expect: 
enough nuclear capability to wipe out the United States 
and Europe many times over. The arrogant fools in Washington, 
wallowing in their hubris as “the indispensable nation,” have 
provoked Moscow to the point that Russia now has more deployed 
nuclear weapons than the US. As a result of Washington breaking 
its word and putting ABM missile bases on Russia’s border, Russia 
has developed supersonic ICBMs that can rapidly change their trajectory 
and cannot be shot down by any missile defense system. Of course, 
the US corporations making billions of dollars selling Washington a 
useless ABM system will deny this.

Moreover, those countries, such as Poland, whose governments 
are sufficiently stupid to accept US ABM bases, would be obliterated 
before the bases could function. The utter stupidity of Eastern 
Europe’s bought-and-paid-for governments to put trust in 
Washington is likely to be the main cause of WW III.

The happy participant in the new Armageddon is the American 
military/security complex. These greedy bastards–”private corporations” 
whose revenues are entirely public funds– are guaranteed more money regardless of the potential cost in human life. Their US Senate 
spokesperson, Jim Inhofe, a member of the Senate Armed Services Subcommittee on Strategic Forces, has resurrected the argument 
from 60 years ago that America is falling behind in the arms race. 
Restarting the arms race is essential to the profits of the US 
military/security complex and to the campaign contributions 
of senators. It is not only Russia’s strategic nuclear forces that
the fools in Washington have revived and activated, but China’s 
as well. Last year China released a pictorial description of how 
China’s nuclear forces could destroy the US. This was China’s 
response to Washington’s insane plan of building new air and 
naval bases from the Philippines to Vietnam in order to control 
the flow of resources in the South China Sea. What kind of idiotic 
government does America have that thinks China is going to put 
up with this kind of interference in China’s sphere of influence?

China has now added to its nuclear arsenal a new variant of 
one of its mobile ICBMs. Washington does not know much about 
this new missile, because the CIA is too busy arranging protests 
in Hong Kong.
Both Russia and China were content to be part of the world economy 
and to improve the economic situation of their citizens by developing 
their economies. But along comes the neocon Unipower, a collection 
of arrogant psychopaths who declare that Washington will not permit 
any other country, not even Russia and China, to rise to a capability 
of exercising a foreign policy independent of Washington’s purposes.

Nuclear war is back into the picture. First Washington threatens 
those it perceives as rivals. When the perceived rivals don’t 
submit, Washington demonizes them.
In the histories written by Washington’s court historians, 
the greatest demons of modern times are the WW II governments 
of Japan and Germany along with the post-WW II Soviet government 
of Joseph Stalin. These American court historians ignore the facts.
Japan was forced into war by Washington, which cut off Japan’s 
access to resources. Japan was then nuked twice while the 
Japanese government was trying to surrender.

All of US president Woodrow Wilson’s promises made to Germany 
in order to end WW I, such as no territorial loses and no reparations, 
were broken. Germany was torn apart and German territory was handed 
over to Poland, France, and Czechoslovakia. Despite US president 
Woodrow Wilson’s promise to the contrary, impossible reparations 
were imposed on Germany by the Treaty of Versailles. The prescient 
John Maynard Keynes declared that the reparations would result in a
second world war. If memory serves, portions of Germany were also 
given to Belgium, Lithuania, and Denmark.

This humiliation of an industrious and powerful people, 
whose armies occupied foreign territories when WW I ended, 
demonstrated the mendacity of the so-called “Western powers.” 
The French, British, and Americans paved the way for Adolph Hitler. 
By 1935 Hitler was sufficiently ensconced to denounce the Versailles 
Treaty. If Hitler had not succumbed to hubris and sent the German 
armies marching off into Russia where they were destroyed, he, 
or his successors, would still be ruling Europe today.

The true history is so different from what 
Washington pretends and Americans are taught. 
The majority of Americans are blind enablers of Washington’s 
war on the world. If ebola and global warming don’t destroy humanity,
the ignorance of the American people and Washington’s war for world 
hegemony surely will. 

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Washington Chokes Truth With Lies – Paul Craig Roberts: