19. September 2013


channeled  by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Georgi Stankov

Loved ones,

we are united in love, in the truth that keeps the love ready for us.
We are all one and ever since eons. So I speak from this unit to you,
and that means, it speaks through yourselves, it speaks through your
eternal soul that is one with us, Archangels and Masters in eternity.

I am Archangel JOPHIEL amidst you. And know this:
even before you have completely finished your homework,
you will arrive in heaven.
To what has been said yesterday (Liberation and Ascension,
Part I, comment JJK), I now add the following: 
Every unsolved theme that still works within you is reinforced by
electromagnetic fields, which are amplified by the HAARP-program.
The global weather manipulation is only part of the truth and reaches
back to the early days of this project. Today, it is possible for the HAARP
technicians to penetrate directly into your magnetic field, precisely in
those places where you display insecurities, fears or doubts.
These are then amplified and very often you are experiencing states,
of which you certainly know that they do not belong to you. This should
be well known by you, because thereby the urgency is revealed to you
to continue working persistently on your issues. In all eternity.
This part of the proclamation is complete.
Loved ones!

Let us now turn to the global and universal events.
For this it is necessary to understand the structure of the worlds.
Imagine now a chessboard, with black and white figures on it.
Now imagine many more chessboards that also contain black and
white figures. Now try to imagine how these chessboards are
intertwined with their figures in each other. And not only with
each other, but also next to each other and how they penetrate
each other not only vertically and horizontally, but also with those
around themselves without the chestboards or the figures touching
each other. Like hats that are put into one another in a column,
whereby the adjacent hat-rows are tight and penetrate each other,
not only vertically and horizontally, but all around and in infinite
elliptical orbits. Everything is permeated by such checkerboard-holograms
and their figures, which illustrate in a paradigmatic manner the structure
of the worlds and the beings on them.

Everywhere in space you can find these holograms,
and all universes are intertwined with them, without  
”touching” themselves. This is how the universe is constructed
and the void, as you look into the sky, is pure illusion. Empty
space does not exist.
Imagine now the ascension scenario further on as if you observe
how the black figures on a chestboard change their position in the
hologram or even change the hologram itself and that there is an
incredible activity there. Everything is cluttered and “random”,
but still done in a self-ordering logic.
The white figures are doing the same thing.
They also change their holograms. Now observe how
the black figures respond to certain holograms and how
they are magnetically attracted to them. The same happens
with the white figures and continues until all levels are containing
only white or black figures. This means that when we are talking
about the separation of the worlds and moving to the next higher
level, you yourselves are the ones, who shift through your consciousness
your attention from one hologram to the next one.

In summary, this means:

You, yourself, decide on all levels where you want to be
really and how you want to express yourself there.
Now it happens that the worlds separate. And this process will
reach a climax next. This means that, although the assignments
are made in principle, very many black figures begin to cling to
the white figures as to escape the already made choices about their

So far the “ordinary” life of mankind took place on a common timeline.
The dark and the light coexisted so to say. Well, this changes now
rapidly as the dark is banished from the higher vibrational holograms.
This is another fact that should be considered, now that the energetic
assaults have reached a new dimension.
That is, the time of ascension continues and you are still
faced with very much of what is heavy to carry and hard to bear.
This time of transition is the most demanding time for a light warrior,
as illusion and reality have never stood so close to each other.
How long will this phase last? These processes include individual
time periods. That is to say, every man is called by name according
to his orders at the anticipated hour for his ascension. Collectively,
this means that, as soon as the events that have already happened
on the lower 4D earths, encompass the upper 4D earth with a full
force in these very near days, an ascension thrust of whole groups 
of people will be initiated, so that they, like the white figures on a
chessboard, will be removed from the holograms that include new

I therefore declare unto you, that every man, who has chosen
the light, remains unaffected by the building up drama -  each one of you!
Why? Since this is NOT your choice. What lies ahead? What has been a
nnounced to you on numerous occasions, and what was repeatedly
postponed due to many circumstances: the complete collapse of this
world, social, economic, and religious system. Absolutely and completely.
And, at the climax of these events, miracles will happen to you that you
could not have imagined in your wildest dreams.

Well, this is what happens to you now. Hence I ask you to trust
yourself and your Self – to trust absolutely. Especially because
your patience is strained now. All of you, without exception, who
read this message with an open heart, have already asked yourself:
“It can no longer continue the way it is in this world!?” Yes, you are
absolutely correct, this is true. Therefore trust your intuition and
intelligence, and trust above all your divine power, that operates
within you. Trust us, we are ubiquitous with you – very familiar.
Because: The greater the collapses and the defaults in your life,
the greater your protection.

Yes, the events have taken their course. Nothing will remains as it was.
Establish a close contact with the epochal upheavals that have already
encompassed the other earths and convince yourself of the truth of all
things. How? Meditate on it and build a temporary energy connection
to them. Pay attention to your dreams, as they contain very often
enormous knowledge and you experience situations there that now
erupt on the lower vibrating 4D earths. Remain vigilant observers of
your everyday life, that constantly presents to you numerous
synchronicities. Everything will be given to you that will lead to
a better understanding during this time.

Ascension is now. Neither tomorrow, nor the day after
tomorrow – Now. Your ascension is now. Neither tomorrow,
nor the day after tomorrow – Now. Remain true images of your
divine nature. Detach from any dark influence, even if it appears
in a light filled or bitter-sweet image. Recognize poisoned honey.
Always turn to us, the Archangels, the Masters and God, then
everything will be taken care of.

This world exists for you now only for a short time because
you have chosen a new matrix. And until then, it is important
to be aware of this, as many will cross your path and will want
to prevent your planned ascension. Stay faithful to your decision
to ascend now till the very end. Do this especially when one
suggests to you that you follow an illusion.

I say to you: There is no greater illusion these days, as the
one to consider the reality you experience in this matrix to be
the only true reality. Therefore – come! We have almost
reached the goal. Infinite is the love for you, humans,


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