15. September 2013


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Björn Kurt  

Beloved human beings,
How it came about that worlds are in a state of emergency?

How did it come that it became necessary to create many levels
on 4D Earth in order to grant the people new opportunities for
spiritual growth?

Three decades ago as the former level of 3D-timespace
was touched by the big spiritual call of awakening from the Central
Sun a spirit of optimism grew quickly. And in fact, people started
to introspect, to look within themselves and to search for the
hidden truth of all live on the inner levels of their being.

The esoteric scene, the New Age movement
got enormous popularity and the ascension of many people
and the awakening of a large part of humanity seemed possible.
Then the mistakes and misconceptions began to settle in: 
a host which has to date not left this level of knowledge and
thus prevents the human beings from the actual recognizing of
Among the many errors that already had been pointed
out by this source there is the master error to be named 
which lies beneath all errors on the path of light.
It is the "love and light-illusion" as I designate it here
because truly if someone smacks your right cheek it is
not about presenting the left cheek or even to wish in a
self-denying way to be hit on the other cheek as well. 
So that you may fulfill what is supposedly believed what
had happened to me back in my time in Jerusalem.

The people touched inwardly by the esoteric movement thus
started to turn to their interior life. However, instead of looking
inward and to face the unredeemed topics many people started to
flee into the interior, and to immerse themselves and to lock
themselves away in their inside.

Instead of using the treasures that they had discovered on
their inside journey and bring them to the world outside they
remained silent and migrated into an inner world of make-believe,
into a hypocritical state of peace and sanctimony – living in the
seeming shine of peace, in an appearance of holiness.

The esoteric scene went silent when it came to call things in
the real world of 3D by their very name. It was about naming
and shaming the turmoil in politics and economy and it was about
denouncing the deep darkness the leaders of the world were leading
the world and the people into, so that everyone would become aware
of that.

The esoteric scene has failed on both ends!

This is noted as of today although single people have
reached enlightenment and have returned into the eternal
kingdom of peace of the Lord or will do so in the imminent time
to come. The ignorance as protection, silence as safety and the
silent agreement with the ruling caste brought messages to the
world that mocked the sky and paved the way for the people into

the darkness.

Consequently the dark elites began completely free and
unabashedly to divide this world and to encase humanity
in a dense ring of darkness.
Today the total domination of mankind by some few families
is being fulfilled in the strongest expression on the newly created
"Super 3D-Earth" and on all 4D holograms, although the closer
to 5D the lesser the density is.
This means the awakening of humanity had in the original plan
of God a truly global scope and should be continuing directly
from 3D via 4D in the upper levels (5D-12D).
Through the confusion and aberrations of the people,

new levels of knowledge and possibilities of knowledge
had to be created, which is ensured by the different 4D-Earth

In summary, it should be noted:
Through the silence of the "esoteric Lambs" about the impending

turmoil in this world the One-World-Government could almost
establish itself. Through the denial of evil, darkness and polarity
the terrain was left to the Prince of Darkness who made a good use of it.
"Everything is light and love."

This primordial wisdom was re-interpreted for the level of 3D
ascending earth in such a way that people on the path of light
were afraid to even talk about it, left alone to name the darkness
or to acknowledge it.
The duality and polarity of this world has been
ignored and repealed – without that they were in fact resolved!
A misunderstanding of the highest degree which is being pointed out
for the better understanding of the actual events on the different earth

The relevant infiltration through the dark forces by manipulating
the receivers of the original messages from the light by creating
irritations in their magnetic field and therefore distorting the meaning
of these messages as well as also from well meaning channels was an
additional factor of this big confusion of tongues of humanity although
not the only one.
Although this project, as described herein, may not necessarily
be considered a success beyond all measure it is still – and via
detours  - successful - the light has triumphed and the love carries
the people who have defied all misconceptions far beyond all limits.
The necessary alterations to the original plan of God implies the following:
1) The number of ascending humans has been significantly reduced.
2) The disaster events will have to occur up to a certain degree
    and will not – as originally anticipated – almost fail to materialize.

3) The esoteric scene will keep going on the different 4D planes continuing
in the believe and error that "everything is well and already transformed
and ennobeled” until the awakening which will happen by painful

All in all, this is the spectacle which is now opening.
Quickly and on the direct time line people stride to their
new homes – as assigned by the Creator and as claimed by
their souls.
It is one thing to recognize and to acknowledge the divine light
and divine love in every being but it is a completely another one
allowing to get abused by a being that has chosen to act out the
dark side of his soul and is being lightyears away from his own

If somebody beats you then start to defend yourself!
Being smacked on the left cheek defend yourself by refusing
the right cheek and stop this assault by with appropriate means.
The David and Goliath battle is to be found worldwide nowadays.
The whole of humanity against the New World order giant Goliath
and humanity has only timidly begun to focus on this fight let alone
to engage the battle lock, stock and barrel at the risk of its own life. 

And it is a fight! At least on the bottom 4D levels and in some
aspects also on the upper levels of the 4D Earth. This message
is therefore for all 4D levels as it concerns all of you up to a
certain degree.

Put a stop to your tormentors – without resorting to their
same means – by defying and denying them:
By speaking openly and by rejecting their demands. By raising
your voice and calling a spade a spade and by pushing away these
beings with their intentions beyond your energetic and physical

If you get a slap on your cheek then do not allow the
second cheek to get hit and if the order of the day calls
for a fight, do not feel too good to battle the evil until it will
have to capitulate and sink on its knees by the force of your
power and light within until it lies at your feet, so that the actual
rank is restored – for never the evil shall dominate the good and
never the evil ones shall dominate the good ones and never the
darkness shall triumph over the light!

Please remember: The Princes of Darkness had an easy
game up to now and they yearn to confront worthy opponents.
This "challenge" goes out to all those people which have been
surrendering without a fight, who were in the "frenzy of love and light"
and were and still avoid the real issues of this reality and are victims of
a misconception by believing they can escape reality by ignoring it.

For the semi-enlightened of this 4D levels a new chapter in their life
is starting. The time of battle as in age of Krishna has come.
Anyone who has filed his lightsaber will have to claim it again so
that the renunciation from the darkness can be sealed and so the
Ascension into the light may become real for those which fail today
and will be called in tomorrow. .
With these words from the light, I bless you,
who you follow these words carefully – because truly:

The long sleep in the oases of the Esoteric illusion of
"Everything is love and light" is over.

I am, in all the worlds the One and the one unchanging
consciousness of love


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