21. September 2013


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Björn Kurt


We are at the end of a light reading. A vast number of people
are taking part. I'm completely exhausted and know that I am expected
to mingle with the attending people, since it is part of the light reading.
Suddenly BABAJI manifests right in front of me. He is a little more subtle
than humans because he can pass through them but nevertheless firmly
standing on the ground.
First, he addresses some words of strengthening to me personally.
I realize this as my energy stores are being filled up, a beautiful condition.
Then I ask Babaji, what is now to be done for the people.
He mentiones rather casually the COUNCIL OF 72 and a
mantra that was given by them. I realize, however, that it is no
longer really about this and I ask Babaji to address a few words
to the crowd of people waiting for me: And BABAJI responds:
"It's not worth to speak to the ignorants."

Then he leaves by slowly backing away from me, step by step.
Behind him the crowd parts silently as if moved by an invisible hand.
With each step BABAJI takes he becomes more and more invisible
until he has completely dissolved.
I join the crowd and see a table where my brother Karl sits
with his favorite cousin. Karl immediately feels that I'm phased
out and asks who is "coming through". When I reply that no one is
„coming through“ (ie, that I get no message dictated, note JJK)
but that BABAJI just appeared to me he is deeply moved.
My cousin on the contrary just answers in a most causal way:
"Oh, I see – right now?“ and she puts on that smile that people
like to use when they face someone for whom they feel only doubt,
malice and disdain. (I wake up) 

Mankind, who you have come to ascend,
and yet so many of you are lying on the floor,
now that the gates of heaven are opening up,
now that you are invited to step in, now that you
are being called by the Creator to complete yourself
along with this world.  


Ubiquitous among humans and humanity,
eternal invisible and progressivly more visible servant.
This dream reveals to you the status of the spiritual search
of humanity. Those people who  originally had a higher calling,
which are now however satisfied by much smaller, modest findings.
This dream shows that from now on it is about further
progressing the people who are stagnating on their spiritual path
through experiences, for the time of words is over now, the time
of talking is done and the captial of time for preperations is consumed.
Ignorance is the biggest scourge of mankind and it will keep him in check
until he himself finds the seed of knowledge within himself and until t
his seed is ready to sprout.

The 'spiritual scene' has lost its way, stagnant (at best)
or presomptuous (worst case). And said second case is quite common.
The true messages of light are hardly even recognized or understood
and instead a new idol worship has begun by showing those half-enlighted
ones of this time a completely inappropriate devotion and by doing so the
original light warriors and wise of this age are receiving only cynism and disgrace.

The sight of many promising adepts has clouded. What a word
can no longer effect, this will be achieved by real events.
Whoever hesitates at the gate to the light finds no admission
and he will have to mature through new experiences until the
longing for God fills his whole heart.
The lack of real spirituality occurs among many light worker now.
This is reflected in the fact that these people adhere to new religions
instead of realizing their own divine nature and to devote themselves
completely to God.
I am among you and see what is.
I see that the time is fulfilled and that large
experiences are pending and that only a few are
about to be ascended to Heaven.

And yet, our work was and is successful.
Who would have thought decades ago that this world was
to be rescued at all? So now we return back to the Divine Father,
back to the Divine Mother and we leave a well manured soil,
a seed that is deeply planted into the earth and which may sprout
as soon as also those people which perform spirituality like a folklore
come to realize that the path into the light cannot be completed with
a pair of old shoes.

The crowd at the light reading in the dream symbolizes
this fact and shows that there is a fundamental yearning for
the supernatural Divine but as soon as the Divine is being revealed
to them they do not understand it. Eager to spiritual sensations and
revelations the people gather and yet remain uncertain, as they say,
they believe to have attended an unreal spectacle.

Only one in 100,000 is a true seeker and only a few are the
ones at the light readings who can recognize the actual value
of this event and derive a positiv outcome for themselves.
Which means only a few have the quality due to these messages
and this light that is being transmitted to change their lives from scratch.
Only a few are willing, few feel the need in their hearts to do so.
Most people restrict themselves to listen to the divine messages
and let their hearts   partially absorb them only to return to continue
their limited and spiritually miserable life in a 3D dimension,
in their old 3D or 4D world.
Enlightenment - far from it. Knowledge - "I've had enough of it."
Change - "only for others."
All the people I address with these words - because "light readings"
there are many across the globe – is one thing in common:
they blossom up for a short term by the Light of the masters.
They rejoice in it and then again return to their mundane life.
That is not enough!
As long as a divine manifestation does not reach the everyday
life and does not change it from scratch, nothing – and I repeat,
NOTHING has been achieved.  

Do not fall for any illusion.

You have not understood anything if you are quenching
your spiritual thirst only on certain days and on special occasions,
only to continue your petty lifes in the business of this world. 
You have not understood anything as long as have not been
touched by the light in a way that changes your lifes
completely by 360 degrees.
Change is change and means change in all aspects.
Change is not a theory but practice and that means to
free life from ALL old waste in thinking, feeling and action.

Do you do that? Are you ready? Or are you still surrounded by
old and hard traditions, behaviour patterns from the past, to
whom you are a slave – and by the means of stupid excuses
just avoiding any kind of uncomfortable changes?

You want to belong to the great spiritual family and yet r
emain exposed to the earthly traditions that complicate
your daily life. How will that work and how are you supposed
to progress?
You long for freedom, but as you are asked to free yourselves
from your lead weights of old traditions and from the heaviness
of your old days that still affects your today, you forsake the
courage and it goes on with your dull-witted life. So your days
are marked by exhaustive discussions and being weary from
visitors and visits you slip from one sobering encounter to the
next in the same old rut. And under these circumstances you
believe to have a claim for the  inheritance of heaven. You are
half where you should be whole, you are lukewarm where you
should be undeterred, you are slow where you should be active,
you are cowardly where you should be courageous.

And you flee into an attitude of ridicule and cynicism,
as soon as you are confronted with the truth, rather than
to submit to it. Yes, to subdue. Because the subjection of
a person under the Divine Law of Truth is the first step in
the right direction.
Here a misunderstood humility has no place.
Only the pure and innocent submission to the
Divine, that is revealed to man frees a person instantly
from any mistakes and cynicism.
The light of heaven flows to you incessantly and
you think you may use this randomly for you.
In this case you forget that this grace for you
means also for you: responsibility, order and duty. Yes, duty!

This word is hardly present in the minds and hearts of the people.
The spiritual search of the people has reached a sprawling randomness.
This is now being ended, so people may realize what is and thus any error
evaporates right away: the according experiences are on the way to
fulfillment. Those who ascend will remain spared from these scenes.
And their Ascension is truly being fulfilled in great divine magic,
making this miracle to be a very peaceful happening for these beings.

All the "lower" levels of these worlds are now
being instructed with new learning steps.
This applies to those people who have very cleverly pretended
to be in touch with the Divine Light yet in fact remained untouched
by the Light of God as they remained hesitatant and despondent
when it came about taking decisions. Thus, they were not reached
by the words of light and stood apart from the light of their own
transformation. I have come to you people to build a kingdom.
Who is wholeheartedly ready shall become a king by the grace
of God. For all others a new age of time is breaking. An age which
will bring them into that knowlegde, for verily:
"It is not worth speaking to the ignorant since
only experiences are instructive and heal." 

I am omnipresent
(Honor to the Great Divine Energy
Honor to the Great Divine Mother) 


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