23. Mai 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Ones,

Let us now turn our attention to another fallacy along 
the way into the Light, a fallacy that keeps human Beings
firmly on the heavy ground and whereby the vision is cloudy 
and the power of distinction is lacking. 
„If one goes into resonance with evil and the dark,
one strengthens it.” It is said. Yet this is an incomplete truth.

1.) Stay away from the dark and evil.
2.) Put evil to flight, if it comes to you.
3.) Always remain alert, because evil uses many 
ways in order to reach you.

Stay away from evil! Meaning not to go into resonance 
with it and in this point the statement is correct and needs to 
be unconditionally confirmed. Yet what is if evil comes close on 
its own as it steps into your life like an uninvited guest?

Then it is necessary to confront evil and put it into its boundaries. 
Then it is necessary to put up “Stop” signs, to pull the light sword 
from its sheath and to stem evil. And this is an additional fallacy 
of the esoteric world that human Beings, who have fallen for this 
postulate, allow to be occupied by evil, defenseless and unprotected. 
The fallacy that one should not oppose evil in order to avoid 
going into resonance with it, one cannot put the dark into flight 
or use appropriate means so that it will go away, this fallacy 
is unworthy of a light warrior and here it is necessary to make 
significant corrections in thinking and one’s actions.
What appropriate means are we talking about?
Know before anything the following: 

Evil only respects a forceful, 
unmistakable rejection!  

Everything that is presented as half, wishy-washy 
and soft, does not work because one cannot cope 
with evil forces and dark energies with “sweet talk”. 
Here it is valid to accept the challenge to fight, a short 
skirmish, before evil draws you into its conflicts and wars.

One remedy is clear and unmistakable mandates!
These were given to you and you are asked at any 
time to create effective mandates yourself. Every time 
you have the impression that evil bothers you, 
pronounce a mandate and it has to yield.

Master and Archangel 
Another remedy is the invocation of Masters and Archangels. 
Always do this as you are surrounded by evil or dark energies 
are influencing you.

Clear Words 
A third remedy is, in case you deal with human Beings, 
which are evil-minded toward you, to put them into their 
boundaries with unmistakable words and then end any 
contact with them.
Should you encounter evil in the geo-political context, 
where initially you even possibly may feel impotent, 
be conscious of the following: 

Political actions, which are directed against a group 
of human Beings or against an individual country, 
always have an effect on all of humanity! 

Meaning, recognize the dark players on the stage of this 
world and rebuff all of their pretensions and lies, by separating 
from you from the energies, which reach you via TV, internet 
and mass media, remove them from your Being and release them.
Here also mandates are extremely effective – because:
It is valid to always encounter darkness alert and decisive, 
so that they can never pull you from your path into the light.

The method is: Remain alert, fearless and decisive
– then you remain uninfluenced and self-determined. 

The decisive action of a light warrior ends any 
resonance with evil at the outset!
Resonance develops if evil is “fed” through passivity, 
because silence means approval and you should only be silent, 
if the word brings less help than healing!
To escape a hungry lion is difficult if it is in your vicinity,
therefore it is good to avoid its vicinity, unless you know 
how to tame energies and you understand to quell the thirst 
of the lion by other means and to feed them by other means.

„Cajoling“ is never the solution! Solutions are born from 
knowledge and from experience, from divinity and Love
– and from decisive actions. Passivity is damaging, alertness is 
useful, love is victorious and courage is the foundation of any success.
“I say nothing”, “I behave myself quietly and put my head into 
the sand” solely not to awaken the sleeping evil! 
This is the motto of many strays and if darkness rises 
over the fainthearted “light workers” then there is great 
sorrow because evil is taking the lambs one after another.
The law of resonance says that where energy is supplied, 
a resonance field is created – cause and effect. 

Should you be attacked by dark energies, 
it is necessary to remove the cause so that 
no effect can develop.  

To negate cause means effect and consequences. 
Stem evil! That is only possible if you at first are conscious that 
“evil”, the “dark” and the “darkness” also exists! And it shows 
itself in many facets:

Violent or love serving, open or hidden, 
mellifluous or hate-filled. Many aspects, 
which need to be illuminated, in order to 
remain bounded. 

The powers of darkness despise passive human lambs 
whose souls and bodies they can incorporate at their pleasure.
The powers of darkness on the other hand respect the rejection 
by a human Being as this is clearly and unmistakably directed 
toward them. 

And also when the “representatives of darkness” always 
seek new ways to these human Beings, the rejection will 
be acknowledged and darkness will disappear, because it has to.
The command from a light warrior surpasses any manifestation 
impulse; nobody and nothing can take away power from this 
command or rob its effect.
The important point is that the human will is rock solid 
and the human intention must be absolute; and this from 
the depths of the soul. Then the firewall that keeps any
intruder away has been built.
Is a human Being unsure of himself and his actions, 
then the dark will be insistent until it has accomplished 
what it wanted to accomplish.

Remain alert 
In summary it is valid: Stay away from the dark of this time, 
yet recognize it, call it by name and put it into its boundaries 
as it seeks your vicinity.
Call it by name so it may be recognized!
Then observe it without “feeding” it.
It is impossible to liberate the dark from darkness, 
because nothing and nobody wants to deny its nature.
Therefore recognize your own nature, that, what you 
are – then the dark becomes familiar to you, the evil becomes 
conscious – and the darkness is recognized.
The “Satan of this world” can only leave this world until 
he has been recognized, respected and removed from his 
position. And this happens if the light warriors wake up 
and no longer deny the great reflection of the prince of darkness.
Remain alert, keep your eyes open and your mind 
ready – because the last battle decides between good 
and evil – in you. Alertness is the command of the hour, 
in order to keep the orientation in the resonance fields of this 

Call on me!
Should dark forces surround you, call on me.
Should you be on stray paths, call the Archangels.
Should you believe that you are totally lost, call God.
You will be well.

Be ready to use your light sword, be ready:
The Creator handed it to you for this time so that 
you may carry it in His Spirit and with strength.

I am with you


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