19. September 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Messenger from Heaven 
Report: A balmy summer evening in July, I sit with my best friends 
on a terrace surrounded by trees to have dinner, as, it is almost dark, 
a big bird settles on the tree top of an opposite tree. It is a bird, 
which I have never seen here before. For a long time this powerful 
animal sits almost motionless – looking straight at us – sitting on 
its branch swaying in the lite evening wind. As a say to my friends: 
“It wants to tell us something.” 
Whereby the bird immediately pipes up by giving out sounds, 
which none of us have ever heard before. Immediately after 
that it flies over our heads into the night. (End of report)

Beloved Ones,
This “big bird” symbolizes all bird messages, 
which were given so far in connection with the 
ascension of human Beings, and were experienced, 
and summarizes these.

The messengers from the otherworld proclaimed and proclaim 
incessantly the end of time. The size and nobility of this animal, 
which made itself directly recognized by you during a significant 
moment in time, shows that the great upheavals are now coming 
and that the great guardians and custodians of mankind have 
spread their wings over this world. 

“Do not be afraid and trust!” 

 This is the message of this messenger from the animal kingdom, 
which flew to you from Heaven. And the Creator proclaims this 
message now to all human Beings in this world.

Yet whoever perceives the birds as a companion into the Light,
who recognizes the signs from Heaven or who is able to interpret 
the new firmament, which shows itself daily and constantly changes 
its colors? It is those, who have been vigilant until today.

It is those human Beings, who can perceive these messages 
and are ready for the encounter with the guardians of mankind, 
now, in the moment of their uplifting.
This world is being fed into the new circle of Life. 
The new galaxy in its infinite expansion absorbs star after star. 
The big bird proclaims to you that it is time to get up, decamp 
and go with it and under its protection pass the gates into the 
Light – beyond all fear and in the certitude of complete 
accompaniment by Heaven.

Out from the darkness the Light messengers come to human 
Beings, in order to carry them from darkness into the Light, 
symbolized by the big dark bird, which takes off into the darkness, 
in order to give testimony to the start of the human journey into
the Light. The darkness of this animal of the night symbolizes the 
unknown, the new. To take this on is always a risk and requires 

The light warriors of the first and last hours attune to this in 
joy, and the remaining human Beings are not able to get
involved in this.

Wakeup Call 
This is the wakeup call of the big bird, the call to start into 
the new world, in the certitude that everything is cared for. 
Your protection is complete, as is your readiness complete to 
enter into the Light. It is night in this world. A big bird beyond 
this space-time calls on you and brings you safe and sound into 
the Light.

And thereby this big bird symbolizes the great space fleets 
of the Light. We are holding the light corridors ready and the
portals to the otherworld open, so that you may leave this world 
safe and sound in the decisive moment of time and return into 
the kingdom of God.

We are present and omnipresent.
We remain invisible for the human eye 
and are visible for all who see nonetheless.

We accompany every human Being to the threshold into the Light, 
and beyond that, because the agreements from eternity fulfill 
themselves in these days. 

It is proclaimed, it is catered for. Now this 
last great circle of Life completes itself. 

The Grace flows from Heaven to earth and to mankind in a river 
of Love, Light and Life; you have chosen and obtained power.
Now you are being guided to your new assignments, in order
to build worlds and shape the worlds.

You, who you are: the Master Seed of the World.

We are the
In Eternity 

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