13. November 2014


Update of the Energies since the 
Activation of the Mandate for this 
world: “Put down the Weapons!” 

written by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Honored Reader,

Here a short update of the energies, which have showed up 
since the mandate for this world “Put down the Weapons!” 
has been activated at the Light Reading on November 1st 2014.

I myself since then have a slight flu, which means, 
I am very intensively confronted with the discharges
from the dark ones. Anger, fury and hate are directly 
pointed toward me and toward parts of the Lichtweltverlag. 
This phase will still go on for a few more days, until all these 
energies have been volatilized or have been completely destroyed.

Due to the mandate the hornet’s nest of the dark 
ones has been stirred up in a way and now these are startled.

Furthermore it is to be remarked that immediately after the 
mandate has been sent out as a “newsletter” to roughly 1300 
of our subscribers, a true avalanche of cancellations of the 
newsletter broke out. This is a so far unique phenomenon.
Generally the ratio between subscriptions and cancellations 
of the newsletter is 20:1, but this time it was that for 10 
subscriptions 40 cancellations arrived.

This is a significant sign that many human Beings have
“stepped out” the latest until now and neither want to attain 
their power of creation nor can do so, because somewhere along 
the way they have lost the thread to that or to themselves. And 
this is being affected given such a powerful mandate.

In summary: Again the chaff is separated from the wheat.

Expressively I would like to thank at this point all readers,  
who immediately after the publication of the message“The great Wave” http://www.lichtweltverlag.blogspot.co.at/2014/11/the-great-wave-asana-mahatari.html wherein the financial situation of the Lichtweltverlag 
and our thinking about it have been discussed, translated it into 
action and arranged for a standing order at their bank in order to 
regularly support or work in this manner. If 5, 500 or 5000 Euro, 
each sum eases our financial daily life.

Also to all those readers, who again and again donate 
smaller or larger sums or send us one-time as well as 
irregular donations, at this point we say a 

I am fully aware of the fact that the issue of money 
actually stands at the very top of the agenda of change, 
and indeed we are very, very close to the crash of the stock 
exchanges and the fiat money system.
In total, for me, a very memorable final of the transition into 
the new dimension of All-That-Is is on the horizon. Thereby it 
is part of our assignments to apply our whole potential in order 
to complete the ascension of this world.
I am convinced that we are very close to it.

Today we represent awakened Beings, who put a stop 
to the dark goings-on in this world – and correspondingly 
we experience the headwind.

This is the determining reality in these days and 
we have been perfectly trained and prepared for it.
Not only due to many lives, but foremost due to this life, 
whereby we have been schooled for the carrying and bearing 
of situations, whereby emotionally, mentally and also physically 
we have attained a solidity, which until today has been unmatched 
among human Beings. 

The ascension of this world is truly in our hands, 
because we have mandated it and decided for it, 
so that we may also fulfill the journey of journeys 

By now the latest, due to the immense Light flooding of this world 
from the CENTRAL SUN, all “ascension and transformation tourists” 
must stray from the Light path, because daily they encounter their 
mirror image. All shadows are revealed and this countenance can 
barely be endured, so one looks away, ducks under or may as well 
put the head into the sand. 

From my perspective a human Being, who 
in the past years has neglected to work on 
himself, can today no longer gain enough 
ground, so that the events of this time 
could be revealed to him. 

Also it is impossible for such human Beings to capture a mandate 
like “Put down the Weapons!” in its necessity and in its underlying 
power. The train has left – only exceptions confirm this rule. And 
therefore we are still fully bound to the events of this time.

My dreams of the last days and nights point to the fact that 
much has been fundamentally changed, that final decisions 
have been made and that we now actively claim our power of
Creation in this world. This alone is a fact, which gives the 
upheavals of this time a totally new signature. Some messages 
of the following days and weeks will express this.

Actually we see that the geo-political power balance changes.

A sustainable Eurasian axis develops. 
Russia, China and recently also Japan come closer 
together and move away from the USA.
Obama-Land and the irresponsible idiots in Brussels lose out. 
That the mass media rarely report about this, only matches the 
picture, yet does not change anything in the fact that Putin and 
his partner Nations create the facts.

Washington has succeeded to poison the climate between 
Russia and Europe. And it was not difficult at all, because the 
political silly assess, who have the say, are an easily molded 
mass for “Fuck the EU”.

The USA confirm daily what this means. 
Human Beings have understood a long time ago, 
only the politicians, the corporate bosses and the 
entire elite in Europe still are unaware of the obvious! 
They are also unaware of this, the assessment of decadence 
(Decadence from lat. cadere „to fall”, „to sink“, in French 
décadence, is an expression, whereby the changes in society 
and cultures are interpreted and criticized as a decline, 
downfall or corruption, Wikipedia). 

The stupid ones turn the screws in this world, 
until the world breaks apart – we experience this right now.

In total we experience the last days of this world, 
even though these “last days” stretch very much 
into length for my taste.

Yet a transformation of these dimensions shall and must be 
optimally prepared in every respect and at all forks in the road 
of space-time, so that the purification can also succeed all at once.
New worlds develop, and we – who as multidimensional Creators 
are simultaneously at work in many worlds – have already created 
new levels in All-That-Is.

Thereby multidimensionality is not a concept, 
but our sole truth and reality; a fact, which we
can increasingly open up to, because the guardrails of a limited 
world break away or melt away.

In summary: The great game is still not over for us, there is still 
much to be done! And until then it is necessary to serve the whole 
and perform true worship in unity, even though each one of us is 
bound to very specific assignments: The service for the benefit of 
this world and the wellbeing of mankind! At any inclemency and 
until last.

With this view of what is, and the outlook of 
what may be expected, I bless all our readers.

Together with the entire Lichtwelt team, 
I remain in gratitude,

In Love

Jahn J Kassl 

Update 11/13/2014:  
To the extent as my slight flu condition improves, does it
increase with my brother Karl. This is a fact, which occurs 
often in my closest circle (family and the Verlag’s family), 
because in a way we all share the burdens, which we have 
to carry and because the sluggish energies simply seek out 
each one of us, and look where and how they can weaken 
us. This is a consistently familiar situation, wherefrom we 
always emerge with new strength and foremost with new 
insights. What nonetheless never deters me to face the dark 
ones with determination, in order to dispose of them by means
of powerful mandates, the golden-violet flame or with my light 

To be destroyed or to be transformed into the Light, 
that is the choice, which the dark ones have with me, 
because: I forbid any power in All-That-Is to sabotage my 
light-filled work or to destroy my divine assignments in 
the Light of ALL-THAT-IS. At the same time I command 
any dark energy to never come close to my field of activity 
of my ALMIGHTY DIVINE SELF! The following 

Mandate (can, according to need, be adjusted 
to each situation and can be complemented or completed 
with your own words!)

I mandate due to the power of 
my divine consciousness that all forces 
of darkness, which come close to me, 
to be immediately destroyed or to be 
released into the Light.
I am free; I am the Truth and Life.
I am that I am. In the almightiness Babaji.


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