14. September 2015


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz 
Translated from: Merkmal der Verwirklichten: 

The characteristic of the actualized one is humility toward 
all life and one’s humble service for God in this world. 


Whoever knows his Place 

and his role in this world and has accepted them gratefully in 
his life and carries them out in humility, carries the characteristic 
of an actualized spirit, who knows that his place cannot be taken 
by anyone else and knows where his journey led him and knows 
where he belongs. 

No longer peek at the great events in the outer world, 
instead make your life itself into a great event, wherein 
your divine work is reflected on earth, whereby day by 
day you increasingly set free your buried wisdom.
Nobody is responsible for all of mankind or must 
save the whole world.
But each human Being must save himself from the
lowlands of this world, free himself from the claws 
of this matrix and rise into the Light. 
Save yourself and you save the world. 

This truth is based in the fact that each human Being, who 
at first seeks perfection in self and attains enlightenment, 
no longer is a burden to earth and to human Beings, instead 
becomes the best servant.
Regard yourselves as universal entities. You have found 
yourselves as everlasting and immortal Light body in this 
world, in order to heal this level of All-That-Is and to uplift it. 
And thereby it is of greatest significance that you, those, who 
serve God, become familiar with your tasks and never want 
anything less or demand more than to live these.

The Heroism of these Days 

Consists in that every human Being, there, 
where God puts him, appears as a Light entity! 

This requires wisdom, courage and the touch with your light-filled 
reality, the living divine spark, which acts in you. Once you have
internalized this, a great peace spreads out in your soul. 
You know that where you are is the right place, that where 
you act, you act for the benefit of the whole and that where 
you bring your Light to illumination, you do it for those, 
who are guided to you.

The Light entities of this earth are a great family, 
which were sent into the world! Each one at his place 
and with his unique qualities, each one serves the great 
divine plan and each one, who lives in peace with himself 
and his assignments, deserves to be viewed as an 
“actualized soul” and be described as such.

Do not peek at the “great battle” in the world; instead look 
at the small conflicts in yourself and in your environment!
Whoever still has to carry out the battle with self, should 
never wish the war of worlds!
Long before God’s paradise develops on earth, it must 
be won in self; created out of yourself and coming alive 
in your hearts.
Again I direct your whole attention in this message toward 
your most inner. There you find everything, there is everything 
and from there everything changes. Recognize the uniqueness
of your work in this great game. 

Even if this world should go down, you will live, and 
even if this mankind should perish, you will continue 
to exist as a divine consciousness. 

Whatever has no form and consists out of God’s Odem cannot 
perish. And your soul is far from form and your divine 
consciousness is way beyond all visible perception or physical 
form. Bring your life into connection with the great ark of this 
universe and fulfill your assignments there, where you are. 

It is of vital importance how it looks like inside of 
you and not what it looks like in the world.

10 Questions for Self Reflection: 

1.) Have you accepted your assignments or are you 
wholeheartedly ready to recognize these?
2.) Are you willing to become a worthy, light-filled 
wonderful human Being, in order to be of help to 
Mother Earth and not be a burden?
3.) What does God and Love for God mean to you?
4.) Can you serve without grumbling?
5.) How much are you truly without compromises – 
or do you love seeming peace, in order to avoid conflicts?
6.) Are you willing to change your life in knowledge 
of your assignments?
7.) Do you perform consciousness work 
or do you only pretend it?
8.) Are you successful in putting all events 
of this time into the great cosmic context, 
without losing compassion?
9.) Have you devoted your life to God?

These are important and worthwhile questions, which are 
to be asked now, in order to sharpen your self reflection, 
so that you recognize what you truly want and what you 
truly live.

10.) Are you the actualized one, to whom his duties 
do not mean to be a burden?

Then you have attained great peace, then you live in 
oneness with God, then your service for mankind is perfect, 
because the healings in you have progressed far or are 

No stone changes its place without God’s Will.
Whoever knows this truth, wanderings become 
a joy and a steady prayer of Love in God’s presence.

I am amongst you

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