1. September 2015


New Book of Transformation is opened 

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz 
Translated from: Yoga das ewigen Lebens 

Today we open a new book of transformation,
the book of ultimate determinations and the chapter, 
wherein human Beings can return to their divine harmony 
and to their divine original state.


Again I communicate to you through Jahn and 
again the living Light of Heaven flows into your hearts.

We have entered the next level of knowledge and 
great expansions of consciousness are forthcoming.
We have covered a long distance and Heaven is full 
of commendation for what individual human Beings 
and groups of human Beings have redeemed in them 
so far, what they have recognized and what they 
have realized.

Despite the “weight of this matrix” hurdles were overcome, 
blockages were removed and different illusions of space 
and time were given up.

Doubt increasingly loses in power; fear loses its gravity and 
shadows thin out. The certainty in the correctness of all things 
and trust in God begin to determine daily life of more and more 
human Beings; and Love becomes the yardstick of all actions.

I speak to you, beloved brother, beloved sister, I describe 
your pathway, which you have unswervingly pursued so far, 
you, who have defied inner and outer resistances and you
who have continued on your path with full force.

Fruits, ready for Harvest 

It is your merit and they are your fruits, which are now ready 
for harvest. It is your life, which you have given new direction 
to due to your decision to serve only God and to be an anchor
in this great time of change.

We all had and have our tasks and we brought and bring 
Light to many worlds. We created Light anchors and left 
them behind in several far away worlds. We have created 
worlds and built them with our spirit, and we have, as God 
has determined it for us, transferred the key to a life in 
harmony with creation to entities in those worlds.  

We are truly multidimensional entities, 
which inspire worlds in the service of Love. 

We are creators, builders and originators of many worlds, 
and as such we are solidified in body in this physical world today.
It is to be ascertained that more and more human Beings are 
reminded of their origin, that more and more human Beings 
have an idea of their actual greatness and accept that more 
and more human Beings transfer their signature of Light to 
this environment. This matrix cannot imprint a stamp on 
these human Beings or force the “sign of the beast” on them. 

A change in consciousness in a new order of magnitude 
has begun; the time of involution has come and follows 
with the time of revolution.

The two Flames 

Happy and self-confident, peace loving and determined, 
outfitted with plenty of courage, more and more human 
Beings face actual challenges. More and more human 
Beings oppose evil and they look into the abyss, without 
being devoured by evil or being pulled into the abyss. 
A new power is inherent in these human Beings and two 
flames blaze in their hearts, the flame of destruction and 
the flame of forgiveness. The evil is destroyed, and 
forgiven are those, who have spread evil. 

As soon as the heart of human Beings opens, 
the wind of liberation blows through the soul. 

And this wind brings the spiritual light into life and you 
have chosen such a life, you, who has given testimony 
to it here. Even though the overwhelming number of human 
Beings, born in this world, is still closed to the spiritual Light, 
more and more light-messengers and light carriers open to 
this Light at this time.
It has been recognized that the inner transformation 
makes the difference and that the kingdom exists in you. 

In the outer only that can exist, 
which has already been created in us. 

And therefore today human Beings have new access to self 
and they have begun with the salvation of the world, whereby 
they aim for self-salvation as the first virtue.

The Yoga of eternal Life, which binds you directly to God and 
let you merge with your Creator, is being practiced: due to 
conscious reflection of one’s thoughts, one’s emotions and 
one’s actions; and due to the conscious acceptance of all 
shadows, before they are dismissed into the Light out of Love.

A new Epoch 

of involution has begun and new possibilities 
for change open up. The energy, which the light warriors
of the first and last hours bring to their own perfection, has 
an effect on life on this planet. You will be amazed how the 
game has been decided to your advantage and how the wind
has turned, and in an instance of God’s Grace the last veils 
will lift from you. Then we see each other countenance to 
countenance and celebrate the end of a great journey and 
the arrival into the realms of the Light.

Rejoice, Life returns to this earth for those, 
who are full of Love for God.

I am again amongst you!

We now approach a new time, which we ourselves 
have exhaled. God is with us and his Light flows in us.
Your soul knows this and you experience it every day.

I am the Light and I am Life.
My heart is full of compassion and peace.

You are welcome in your home and we 
expect you with us in the Light.

I am

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