29. September 2015


Conversation with Babaji

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

JJK: Protection is removed, protection is increased.
What does that mean exactly?

BABAJI: I bless you, who follow these words.
God is with you, and I am in your presence.
Each entity, as soon as it is born on earth, is surrounded 
with manifold and multi-layered protection grids, so that 
the spiritual part as well as the physical part of entities
are protected.

Application of Protection Grids 

Like the quills serve a hedgehog, in order to keep enemies 
away, subtle protection grids serve in order not to be exposed 
without protection to weakening influences on this level of 
All-That-Is. After the birth of a human Being the following 
occurs: Human Beings begin to act out their experiences, 
which they have agreed to before birth, and which they have 
determined for themselves. Human Beings, who seek 
experiences outside of God, therefore begin to deny 
the divine in them and begin to distance themselves 
from the source.
The further a human Being is distanced from God, 
the more permeable the protection becomes, until 
it is entirely removed. 
And every removal of the protection grid means that 
the experiences become more existential and pain 
and suffering, which the experience creates, increase. 

Godlessness means that a human Being is entirely 
exposed to the game of a matrix of the third dimension. 

The individual has chosen exactly that, has decided and 
determined it. And what is true for individual human 
Beings, is also true for individual groups of human Beings, 
for communities, for countries and nations, and finally 
for the whole planet.  

The closer the binding to God is, the higher the protection
is due to the divine and from God. This is the principle. 

If you look around in the world, it is clear that many human 
Beings deny and reject the divine surrounding them, and the 
divine, which exists in them. If this pattern is transferred to 
communities, countries and nations, then the picture emerges 
that the number of human Beings and their consciousness shapes 
the collective consciousness of a region. The energy of an 
environment portrays exactly that, therefore you feel well 
in some places and not so in others.

JJK: But what is it with human Beings, who live in a country, 
where the protection has been removed, yet they have nothing 
to do with the godlessness of the ruling class?

BABAJI: The individual protection is always maintained to the 
extent, which serves the individual. Neither the collective 
condition of a group, where this human Being lives, or higher 
ranking measures, like the destruction of a country, make the
individual protection, which a human Being enjoys due to his 
consciousness, ineffective. 

God protects those, who bind to God, 
wherever they may be. 

It is true that a high percentage of human Beings, 
who have turned away from God, live in countries, 
where the protection is now removed.
The „righteous one” is very thinly sowed there. 
If it were otherwise, the protection of a country 
would not need to be removed.

Protection and Lack of Protection 

JJK: What does it mean exactly? Protection is 
removed or what does the lack of protection mean?

BABAJI: It is important to understand that countries or
human Beings, who have obligated themselves to dark 
energies and dark powers, have so far also received 
protection from the dark powers. This is part of the 
contracts, which human Beings have made with the 
dark powers. And now the divine decree comes to bear, 
because it is decreed that this protection is taken from 
these human Beings.

JJK: Was it this protection, which so far let the dark ones 
get away with everything? At least it seems like that for 
a long time?

BABAJI: Yes, that is the point. Everything changes based on 
this fact. The wind has truly turned. For individual countries 
it signifies now that they are no longer protected from great
upheavals on the level of society and the planet. From now 
on the discharges result in new effects there, and Mother 
Earth will transform these countries and continents, as 
well as shake off human Beings.

This occurs so that due to this great experience these
human Beings can turn back in a far away time.
To walk entirely through the valley of darkness means, 
to be left on one’s own, to be exposed to the forces of the 
wind, the power of the water and the effect of the fire and 
to the decisions of Mother Earth.
Afterwards such a human heart begins to open to the divine 
and it begins to reveal itself to the divine. The birth of a new 
human Being begins at the lowest point and in the darkest 
hour; then the desire for God comes alive, because all earthly 
concepts have failed and great wounds ask for solace. 
Then the healing begins, and gradually everything 
dissolves in the divine Light.

Know: The light warriors of the first and last hours have 
already gone through such experiences and they turn 
away from it with all force! Discern precisely, because 
not everyone, who stands in the battlefields in this 
world, does not necessarily also belong to this world! 

Whom does it apply to, what is said here?
Discern precisely. Everything occurs within a certain 
bandwidth, where human Beings decide to live their life in.
Small deviations are always possible and probable, yet 
everything is wished for and also wants to be experienced 
in one form or another. Chances, which fall to you, determine
your life; arbitrariness or capriciousness are illusions, because 
from a higher perspective everything fulfills its deeper meaning 
and has its cause in a decision, which was planned and made a 
long time ago. Each human Being decides for himself if he joins 
ith God or wants to web his fate far from God.

JJK: To which nations does this pertain to?

BABAJI: To the ones, which in their size and arrogation 
have lifted themselves above other countries in this 
world and above human Beings.

With this message I bless you.
Be certain, I am here and I remain with you.

Be certain that nothing remains hidden with me.
I know each one of your ways and on Judgment 
Day I will be with you. 

Ask for me today, fulfill your heart today with the 
longing for God and let this desire become your 
nature. Still today. 

I love you infinitely

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