16. Juni 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Healing by God’s Grace 

Deep, unswerving and in the knowledge about the 
significance and correctness of all things anchored 
trust in God is the general and master key of these days.  

And therefore we will now undergo a consideration of trust in God.

1.) Look at your current emotional, mental and spiritual situation. 
Ask yourself: Am I constantly linked to the wellspring of All-That-Is? 
If yes, there is nothing more you need to do, except to enjoy 
this condition of awareness and relish it. Is this here and there 
and now and then not the case, then anchor yourself again on a 
daily basis; whereby, as soon as the “source energy” is missing,
a.) Instantaneously ask for renewed connection and whereby you
b.) Instantaneously remove the cause of your discomfort. 

The steady anchoring in trust in God is the greatest 
blessing a human Being can experience in this time. 
This wholesome and sacred condition of awareness is to be 
attained, whereby any insecurity and any doubt is recognized, 
accepted and is being transformed. 

Any human Being can acquire the trust in God,  
as a human Being becomes aware of his mistrust and the mistrust 
toward himself and toward his decisions. The constant being-
connectedness in and to God, can be asked, after one’s own 
truthful assessment of the situation has happened, because 
this constitutes God’s Grace. 

The connection with the wellspring and the trust in God keep 
every human Being on course, now that the ascension of this 
world reveals itself in its entire diversity.Fallacy and insight exist 
today in immediate neighborhood, and a soul anchored in God can 
never be captured by fallacy or be undermined by doubt. The trust
in God is attained, after the awareness about the correctness of 
all things is complete, and after any mistrust toward life, toward 
oneself or toward fellow human Beings has been extinguished.

Direct your whole strength to finding the deep 
unshakeable trust in God! 

Call on God and as witness of 
your shadows – at any opportunity! 

This is a prayer of this time. Perform it with your own means, 
possibilities and words. Thereby forgo prefabricated phrases, 
even if they seem quite agreeable, use your own language: 
the language of your all-knowing soul.
The trust in God brings you eternal Life and the steady 
connection to the wellspring of All-That-Is; allow yourself 
to experience, await and complete the dynamic of this 
time and of the ascension, in calm and serenity.

Ask yourself now: Am I constantly connected to the Source 
of all Life? Am I deeply anchored in trust to God?

Your happiness lies in the realization of this condition in 

I have come to heal your injuries; I am among you, 
in order to remind you to renew your bond with God 
and to seal it – in Eternity.

In infinite Love


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