30. April 2014


channeld by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Ones,

Indeed the Light Readings occur in the 5th dimension. 
Nonetheless sporadically human Beings are also led there 
and are admitted to it, even though they do not necessarily 
wish to interlock with this vibration or may not be able to. Why?

Tension Field of Salvation 
It is this time quality of God’s undeviating Grace that 
causes this and it affects those human Beings who have 
experienced a great split in their personality. Meaning these 
are human Beings where one part of their Being says yes to 
the ascension and the other part is occupied by dark forces 
or was taken over.

The “healthy” part is admitted to the Light Reading, 
whereas the “sick” part remains excluded.

It is false to assume that foremost the “sick” and the 
“lame” need healing now, because the dark forces in such 
a Being do not even consider to turn to the light and are 
only oriented toward one thing: their own survival, whereby 
they attach themselves to the heels of those human Beings, 
who are receptive for their energies. Therefore it deals with 
“lame” ones who display their handicap and the “sick” ones 
who nurse their illness like a good friend. And these entities 
exclude themselves from being touched by the light. It is a 
paradoxical situation; while one part of the Being strives for 
the light, the other part does everything in order to keep it 
from touching the light.
Ultimate decisions are made in this “tension field” 
and salvation for these human Beings is possible
– on their final day! In summary:  

Some light warriors are at least partially occupied by 
dark Beings. And these fragments of the Being have 
to stay away from the Light Reading and any light-filled 
manifestation, because they would create unrest. 

Today it is necessary for the light warriors of the first and 
last hours to know this in the context of the Light Readings 
and with respect to many interpersonal relationships, 
because these creatures and Beings, unreceptive to the light, 
can still reach you – and only through unsettled human Beings. 
The Light Reading is a “sacred space” and light manifestations 
of this quality remain untouched by it, yet beyond that highest 
attention is called for with these human Beings. So much about it.

Awareness of 5D-Vibration 
Furthermore I mention that every text and every message, 
which are read during the Light Reading vibrate in the fifth 
dimension, even though it may describe lower vibrating levels. 
The discrepancy for human Beings is solely based on the fact 
that whenever they encounter the “dark side of reality” in word, 
print and action, they automatically forfeit their light vibration 
since they are not capable of maintaining it under all circumstances.

In addition it is the false imagination of human Beings of 
a “light-filled message” and the false expectation from the 
Lichtweltverlag and from Jahn. For many human Beings it is 
unbearable to be “outspoken” and to “call things by their name”; 
and their expectations of the Light Reading are immediately 
disappointed as it happens.

Unredeemed human Beings cannot distinguish darkness 
from light and light from light and these orient themselves 
exclusively on their inner fixations of what is light-filled and 
what is not.
Only those who look fixedly at the different levels 
remain untouched from all this.

Therefore it is prudent: Do not stay with human Beings 
who approach you in an undue manner! Go on and by 
mandate expel these forces from your environment.
Know: Some human Beings in your closest Lichtwelt 
environment are very receptive for dark energies; 
and by means of these human Beings the dark ones 
try to get access to the core of the publishing house.

Pronounce the mandates and remain alert, 
this is what needs to be done now. And keep up, because: 

The last day, the day of all days, is close! 

Everything is cared for, because you care for all and everything. 
Because truly: You are ensured of God’s care and His custody; 
and what has been announced comes. It is certain.

You are infinitely honored,
You are infinitely loved,


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