25. April 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

Dream: I walk in a group of people along a familiar street 
in the 9th district of Vienna. It feels like a light reading has just 
finished and we are on our way home. Two light reading participants 
walk in front of me. They seem to be from a Jewish religious heritage, 
because they compare the statements of my transmitted messages 
with the Torah and excitedly talk about it. Thereby I recognize 
Hebrew letters on a piece of paper. (In this moment while 
writing down this dream – I sit in a nice guest garden of a 
Viennese coffee house – I get interrupted. Namely, a woman 
that I have known for years, yet have not seen for a few years, 
comes along and greets me. Thereon she depicts her breast cancer 
illness and how well she is treated – also spiritually – by a medical 
professional, who does not follow traditional medicine. This woman 
stays with me for a few minutes, I give her the contact information 
for Lichtwelt and we say goodbye.) 

Dream continuation: Then we pass the display window of 
a light world shop. It is a light world shop similar to many 
that seem to be in the city. And in very large letters, 
which seem quite futuristic, like a “holographic projection”, 
the title of the most actual message is projected out of the 
display window. The two “Jewish discussants” get startled 
with excitement, as they read the title and say: “This is what 
we have waited for, because exactly that is written in the 
“scriptures” and they add: “The time has come.” Then they 
say that nothing else has to be done now, except on the 26th
Then it can still get quite serious, because attacks from the 
opposing forces are to be expected.
In the following scene I see myself surrounded by people, 
and I explain to them the structure of the new human society; 
I speak of the basic right of a human Being for housing, 
the unconditional basic income and several other issues.
The people around me are in awe and quite taken with it. 
Among them are two former colleagues from my time as a
high school teacher.
Both of them today are still deeply rooted in and with the 
Slavonic indigenous culture in South Carinthia and cultivate 
these traditions in a very particular manner without really 
squinting at the “greater whole”.
In the dream one of them is in the background; 
and the other one standing right next to me writes 
down everything that I say – like an architect, who 
has to implement all of this later on.
Generally there is a great mood of urgency and I sense 
that human Beings, even though they still look in disbelief, 
are with it with their whole heart.
Then I wake up. The right side of my face seems like paralyzed. 
Not the head, just half of my face; I feel a massive pressing 
pain in my eye sockets, nose and cheeks, that lasts the 
whole day. (End of dream and report)

Beloved Humanity,

The dreams of humanity fulfill themselves, 
this dream points in that direction. The dream 
pictures take the event and the message  

1.) Light world shops in the city mean that we are 
already on a new level.

2.) Hebrew means that the “old” prophets get 
confirmed and that the ministry is now being fulfilled.  
“I have come to fulfill the law of the prophets and not 
to abolish them.” Says Master Jesus, and in its substance 
points directly to the Ascension of mankind.

3.) Jahn, in the group of human Beings, which listen 
very carefully, as he talks about the new earth, means 
that the time when the messages from the Light were ridiculed, 
combated or denied, is over. Also the two colleagues from 
school, who had nothing on their hat about spiritual issues, 
yet now show interest, bears witness to it.
The known woman who comes along and reports about 
her illness and the professional, confirms:
a.) the awakening of individual groups of human Beings and
b.) the healing of Mother Earth; thereupon in particular points 
the illness of the female attribute – the breast.

4.) Face paralysis on the right shows that the intuitive 
spiritual area of mankind is being activated, that the merger 
with the Higher divine Self and the Wellspring of All-That-Is is 
happening, which points to the activation of the human divine 
crystalline DNA. And this means that Jahn has been directly 
worked on, in order to expand his clairvoyance, his clairsentience 
and his ability for teleportation.

Teleportation, which happens without the knowledge of the 
human day-to-day consciousness, because the conscious 
multidimensionality can only be gradually awakened and only 
then, when human consciousness has fully uplifted to the divine. 

„The time has come“, this is the message of 
this message! And it is still necessary to wait for the 
eventual disrupting fields of the 26th of April 2014, and 
react appropriately. After that the new level of the ascension 
process will be established, a High level, until now unreached, 
will be entered, which brings many changes. We come closer 
and closer to the threshold level for the ascension.

This process is a harmonious as well as sacred creation process, 
whereby the impulses from Heaven and the creative energy of 
human Beings on location work together in all aspects and 
harmonize in divine perfection.

God is great; we enter in God and return home – to HIM.

We are All-One

I am

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