18. August 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Ones,

Why do so few awaken, even though the conditions are so unique?   
Why do so many human Beings let themselves be pulled into the 
suction of destructive events, without the will to liberate from it? 
Why do human Beings live like mayflies, which do not want to 
become aware of the day nor the death at the end of the day?

It is, because the instigators of confusion succeeded to let 
the confusion seem almost perfect. And it is, because many 
human Beings have become disloyal to their own assignments, 
the contracts and the provisions from the Light – yes, even more, 
they have broken them.

This is an “assessment at the end of time”, 
before the great curtain falls, whereupon it never lifts again, 
because the performance has ended and the location of the 
rendition is torn down.

Price of Illusion 
Human Beings in masses go astray, in these days digress 
from their path and miss the blueprint for the price of many lives.
In the last days of time wherein the awakening of individual 
human Beings increases, the turning away from the Light also 
increases, and these human Beings cry out in one voice: 
“Let me continue my life in illusion!” 

Let me continue my life…, and so it happens now that it will 
be complied with and it is complied with, because truly: 
Any call will be heard, any choice will be honored, each human 
Being will be provided with what it has determined for itself.

One characteristic of the last days of mankind 
is the absolute refusal of human Beings to 
experience self as a spiritual reality.

Also here the cause can be found in the fact that human 
Beings consciously close off the process of becoming aware.

Young Souls 
Another reason is that presently more and more younger 
souls and soul fragments act on this earth. Owing to the 
ongoing soul transfers, all physical shells are incarnated by 
very young, unconscious and inexperienced souls and therefore 
it is necessary to pay adequate tribute to it, namely: The desire 
for the Light cannot manifest, before the condition without light 
is experienced by these souls.

Enemies from the Inside 
The crucial point why the ascension in this last phase
 is so “difficult” or is confronted with some sudden newly 
appearing circumstances and changes, is the fact that many 
light warriors have rejected their light sword, have ignored 
their individual assignments, why they have been sent to this 
world, and have sided, consciously or unconsciously, 
with the dark forces in this world. 

For very long the greatest resistance, the “enemy”, 
happened to be in one’s own bed and in the “ascension boat”, 
in order to sabotage the ascension, wherever it seemed possible 
and opportune. This factor has not been sufficiently illuminated
until today, and is presented here so that the ones, who today 
stand in front of their divine inheritance, understand what kind of 
forces act until last and wanted to put off the ascension. 
The visible enemy, the recognizable evil, the obvious 
diabolical is a far more pleasant and also more worthy 
opponent than the enemy deep inside of a structure. 
And under this perspective, the esoteric movement, which 
had established itself in the last decades, is to be looked 
at in a fully new and truthful light. Its infiltration turns out 
to be much more severe than you may suppose and therefore 
I ask you now to also continue to very carefully examine any 
supposed message from the Light.

Individual human Beings awaken at the last moment, 
and this is a merit of those light warriors, which remained 
determined until last and were not affected by any changes 
in the transformation or even allow themselves to go astray.

Yet a great number of human Beings withdraw into their 
own shell as far as the change is concerned, because they 
do not want to confront the inescapable, owing to the lives 
still not lived and the experiences that are still pending.

The actual drama of these processes consists foremost in 
the fact that highly ambitious light warriors committed 
“self-betrayal” whereby they stayed away from the changes 
or even, wherever it seemed possible for them, got in the way. 
After these souls arrive in their new world, they will be confronted 
with the lost opportunities and they will, according to divine order, 
carry the results of this denial, like a heavy burden, which can only 
gradually be taken from them.

Insight comes before salvation, and this painful insight is 
now coming up for many light warriors having rejected their 

In this result of the actual time quality, this point has been 
emphasized, so that the steadfast light warriors of the first 
and last hours will be reminded of the complexity of this unique 
event, the ascension of mankind together with the world. 

You are, in all that you have done, 
affected and manifested, confirmed, 
because the Light prevails and Heaven 
is yours. 
The dark ones fall off, the tepid ones will be removed, 
the twilight light warriors lose the holding in this world. 
We quickly walk ahead!

God’s Light prevails everywhere, 
the world heals, human Beings arrive 
and Creation is perfected in this last circle of life.

One world, that goes under and ascends – simultaneously; 
in a time that no longer is and yet provides the last illusions, 
like behind a dense fog of smoke, one likes to assume, 
yet falsely, a fire extinguished long ago.

I am Human among Humans
and the guardian of all Life,


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