20. August 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Establishment of 4D-Genesis Planets 
Beloved Ones,
No day is like another, no time equals another and 
each new world is a unique expression in God’s Creation.

A new cycle of the creation of worlds begins. 
The universe experiences a renewed expansion 
and in the center of this process stand the human 
Being and planet Earth, because new worlds can be 
breathed into reality originating from this power of
transformation of this level.

The creation of new “Mother Planets” has begun. 
Meaning that on the vibration level of 4D holograms 
“4D Genesis Planets” will be established after the great 
purification, which is still ongoing and requires all attention, 
after all worlds of this vibration level will reorient.

Assignments and Vibration Levels 
These “Mother Planets” ensure:
1.) the energetic and spiritual supply for all additional 
4D-Worlds. Therefrom all measures are taken in order to 
optimally foster the development of all Beings. Coordination 
and creative impulse are based on these new planets. Thereby 
the High Councils of Heaven, which include many the presently 
ascending ones, function on this level as new Regents of the 
fourth dimension with their infinite variety of different creations.
2.) The importance of “stabilization” of all 4D-Worlds is 
added as a second significant assignment for the Mother Planets. 
After the great purification has occurred, whereby some 
4D holograms dissolve, this level is redefined and will be 
endued with new cosmic laws, so that upheavals, which 
are still the custom at this time, can no longer be repeated. 

Thereby the fundamental provision of each 
vibration density is subdivided as follows:
a.) The “lowest”, meaning the sluggish holographic 
worlds of 4D include the potential of struggle, of conflict 
with darkness. It is a world of polarity, which experiences 
transformation in the “game of light and shadows”.
b.) The “middle”, meaning the higher vibrating holographic 
4D-Worlds with the potential for the awakening of Beings 
without having to act out the direct conflict with darkness. 
This potential brings a significant lightness into these worlds 
and Beings are fundamentally very receptive for the spiritual Light.
c.) The “upper”, meaning the highly vibrating 4D-Worlds with the 
potential for direct realization of God for all Beings, because the 
freedom of an awakened and self-conscious society has been 
established and is being lived.

The overwhelming number of newly ascending Masters will 
find a new field of action on these highly vibrating worlds in 
the service of your eternal siblings.
Some of the newly ascending Masters will also descend 
to lower levels of the 4D-Worlds in order to be God’s Light 
and in order to lift these Beings of these worlds.
And sporadically also 3D-Worlds will be visited, in very 
short incarnations or services of attendance, which very 
often will be crowned with the direct, meaning physical 
and subtle ascension. This level also receives every possible 
support in this new process of creation without defeating the 
laws of that world or to break them.

Therefore new worlds are created in these days, 
which establish themselves permanently in the universe 
and are oriented toward eternity and are of eternal existence.
The dissolution and removal of many 4D holograms, which were 
created for the time of the transition, so that the discharges can 
be “divided up” to some extent, is now ongoing and simultaneously
“mother holograms” are created in order to herald a new cycle of 
Life in a new universe.
Therefore many dark Beings hang on to the remaining 4D-Worlds 
in order to delay renewed dying. This fact explains, why you 
encounter so many dark energies of different worlds, which 
you perceive due to your awareness during a single day.

Reorientation of Souls 
The redisposition of souls, the reorientation of Beings 
is ongoing and now, after the ascension process has 
experienced so many rearrangements and delays, the 
allocations, which have become necessary, will be “actualized”, 
so that each one will end up where he is expected, where he 
finds a resonance field for additional discovery based on his 
spiritual reality.

We progress rapidly and we arrive in the Light.
The cosmic events regain peace and calm enters.
The one world ascends with human Beings, and the 
other worlds continue to remain in space and time.
And you: You are the seal carriers of this world that 
you leave now. It is your light and it is your love, 
which will keep the memory alive in those, which 
reencounter death, because they have chosen dying.

I am
Logos, Life, Love, Will, Way and Truth.


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