23. August 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Dream- and Day-Consciousness merge 
Report I: During the night I dream of a situation that will occur 
in the family, and after I wake up, within a few minutes, it happens 
exactly like I have seen it in the dream. (End of report)

Beloved Ones,

The boundaries between conscious and unconscious awareness, 
between dream- and day-consciousness become more and more fluid.


Dreams come true and yet, not every dream comes into reality.
This report shows that past and future approach the Now and 
that time truly rules for just a short while longer.
You really did a good job of it!

You, who have been chosen, in order to bring Light into this 
world, you, who have selected yourselves, in order to bring 
the attribute of your love to this time.

Gift for the Remaining Ones 
Eternal Life, unconditional Love and the omnipresence of the Light,
these are your legacies for this world and this is the heritage for 
the remaining ones. Because how could the worlds, now left behind, 
rise up as they spare love, do not partake of the light and must stay
away from life for eternity?

The gifts of the ascending ones to mankind of those, 
who have chosen differently, are: The Light, anchored in 
the soils of the 4D worlds, the Love, indelibly imprinted in 
the hearts and in life that is eternal.
The remembrance will return as soon as the time is ripe 
for it, and human Beings will be open for it.
This is the heritage that the remaining ones receive 
from the ascending ones, and it is the heritage that 
guarantees the transformation of these worlds.

This is an act of Love, an act of the Light, an act of Life, 
which fulfills itself for mankind in the last hours of this time.

In infinite Love


Report II a.: Before the reception of this message, 
I slept for three hours, during which I dreamt that during 
a stroll I totally lost sight of my beloved son NOAH. 
Whereby still dreaming I was caught in panic. 
Yet a short time later, I see him again. (End of dream) 

Report II b.: After the reception of this message, 
I no longer think about the dream, I indeed go on a 
walk with NOAH. And I experience exactly the situation 
of the dream, whereby I lose sight of Noah and I no longer 
see him. Panic takes hold of me, and a short time later, 
Noah looks at me from behind a tree, waiting for me. 
This scene is a splitting image of the dream. (End of report)

This is the heritage of the Now, the levels merge, and  
the ascending ones no longer 
belong to this world. 

In infinite Love


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