8. November 2015


Message from the Light Reading  
on October 28th, 2015 in Vienna 

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

Photography © 2014 Jens Schnabel, Munich 

Light penetrates Darkness

Beloved Ones,

The Light is closest at the darkest hour, and in times of great 
upheavals and destruction the good seed sprout for the first 
time. Where the Light seemed absent it is present and where 
evil appears certain of victory it is close to downfall.
Learn to correctly interpret the wrong signs of this time,
assign adequate significance to the heralds of the new time, 
whereby you seek protection in God’s Grace and wring the 
last secret from this time under God’s care: Everything 
passes and returns to life in a new manner.

Beloved Ones,
Today we find ourselves between the worlds, and I am the
intermediary between worlds. Due to my leadership you recognize 
your position in this great earthly game, due to my instructions you 
recognize the light at the end of the tunnel and you get closer and 
closer to the gate of joining.

Therefore let yourself be guided, instructed and fostered, 
because Heaven stands by you and God gives room for Grace.
Light penetrates darkness on all levels and darkness attains 
countenance for the first time. And what we see irritates human 
Beings, the abysses, which open, frighten human Beings and a 
sound mind cannot capture the viciousness, which the dark forces 
ruled with, and a heart oriented toward love cannot understand it. 
The denser the darkness seems, the closer is the liberation and 
you cross the deep valleys for the last time. 

From the extent of the discharges you can recognize how 
close Heaven already is and from the facts, which see the 
light of day, you can see that god’s Light works and 
performs its work encompassing everything. 

Inhale God’s Love and exhale God’s Love; nurture this cycle 
continuously so that your vibration creates space for God’s 
Grace and so that your life thereby leads to new heights.


Who leads you to your assignments; so that you can stand 
on firm ground, now that the time of the great change, from 
darkness to the Light, has come for the whole world.

Life grows on barren Soil

In these days the first good seed sprout, on barren soil
compassion thrives and Love blooms. It gets light 
unexpectedly and unpredictably, where darkness ruled 
so far and soil becomes fertile, which was given 
up by the farmers a long time ago and was no longer 
tilled. The unexpected appears: Life develops where it 
was destroyed. The inner maturity, the degree of inner
realization of individual human Beings affects these twists 
of fate, and life develops where so far none could be imagined 
and also was no longer expected.

Therefore trust your own strength in these days, the power 
of manifestation inside of you, which has been schooled in 
many years of preparation, has been strengthened and has 
been attained.

What you are on the inside appears now on the outside. 
Miracle follows miracle, affected by you; bullets change 
their course during their flight and when you fall, you fall 
into God’s arms. Love grows; it changes your reality and 
takes up regency today.

Love takes up Regency

Self-contemplation of Love, rejection of hate – and the whole 
world now faces itself and its unredeemed dramas and each 
human Being is subjected to this process in order to redeem 
his shadows and in order to see one’s Light, which shines 
Whereby can it be seen that Love has already taken up 
regency and not that it still will do so?

1.) In the obviously increasing number of awakening ones and
2.) in the massive discharges, which can only occur due to the 
loving and light-filled energy, which the light warriors have 
provided for it. 

Only the Light exposes evil! 

Be aware in what fabulous manner you contribute to the great goal.
Long ago you have taken up regency, because your Light cannot be 
overlooked and penetrates any imperfection. The alchemical process, 
whereby everything is transmuted from one condition into another 
and is being refined, is fully ongoing. Whatever wanted to stay away
from transformation or wanted to remain unchangeable, you accept 
in love and will be left behind in a world, where the ignorant ones 
can experience themselves as ignorant.
For that you no longer have an assignment, for that there is 
no longer a service and no duty.
What you have come for, clearly appears and becomes more and 
more obvious: to carry the Light without looking around, regardless 
of who and how many want to remain behind or want to follow you.
Love has taken up regency and you surmise: 
Death, where are you? I no longer know you. 

Death, I no longer know you

Where is your sting, where is your pain? I have overcome 
you, have accepted you and have discarded the fear of you. 
I have recognized you as an illusion and have recognized 
myself as an infinite, eternal and omnipresent consciousness. 

Where are you and where is my fear of you? Gone is the fog and 
Light has penetrated, so that Love may come in. The great scenes 
of suffering and of pursuits in this world no longer touch me. 
My pure compassion awakens now. Free of programming, obligations 
and guilt feelings, I can be and become, can do and work, where God 
in his wisdom guides me and where my feet carry me.
My own fear is discarded, my own suffering is redeemed, my own
worries have been dismissed into the Light and my thoughts are 
far from this matrix, my speech is from a different world and my
actions carry the characteristics of a higher dimension.
Who understands it, who knows it, who acts identically to myself?
And if it were only myself alone, alone in this world, with this new
nature, I would not have any lack and I would not have any need, 
because the perfection of awareness and not the encouragement 
from human Beings is necessary.

Death, I no longer know you! I have looked through the current
“reality” as an illusion and the dreams, given to me by God, 
are my new reality.

Dreams become Reality

And this reality has begun.

The sacred time has come, the rebirth of this world occurs in 
these days. The shift in “reality” happens, whereby the reality 
on earth changes. This new reality has been and is affected due 
to the consistent contribution of each individual human Being. 
Therefore the new earth develops, it becomes visible and more 
visible with each day.

Today everything obeys the wakeup call 
from the Source of All-That-Is.

Everything flows and moves toward the great manifestation, 
and before it occurs the great purification processes start, 
which bring forth the events, which you experience here and 
now, and/or actively help to create and shape. “Dreams come 
true”, meaning that the intentions and wishes of human Beings 
and of the human collective manifest on the level, which is visible 
to the eyes. And thereby each human Being receives what he 
wanted to bring into his reality.

The time, when the “oneness of all human Beings” carries 
a specific significance, has come.

Oneness of all human Beings

Means that human Beings are “individually” confronted 
with their own dreams and intentions. The light-filled human 
Beings face their light-filled reality as well as those, who are 
full of desires, must deal with their own desires. Before the 
oneness of all human Beings, who have chosen the Light, 
becomes visible in this world, this uniform experience of 
all human Beings creates clarity; and thereby everyone will 
find himself where his dreams have guided him and his wishes 
expect him.

The dreams catch up with reality! This is an accurate description 
of the days, which exist and which are coming.

After that Light Beings will build the new world. All evil will be 
far away – removed – and it can no longer reach the new earth. 
Then the life with God begins, then all Life will be God, and then
human Beings awaken completely and are fully conscious of their 

God is omnipresent!

What you can experience today on good days, will reflect
your reality on all days. And as you ask when this “then” is, 
then I say to you: It has begun!

We are in the midst of these processes of healing and individual 
human Beings will be prompted to bring Light into darkness.
The current purification processes describe this “then”, because
before the sword will be given to the owner, it is refined in the fire.
This refinement of human hearts is now ongoing. And while light 
warriors experience this exactly like that, the burdens of past times 
discharge on this earth. Imbedded in eternity this planet begins to 
lose time and space. Each human Being, who observes himself, 
knows, because the sensation of time and space are experienced 
differently today compared to a few years ago. 

The dissolution of time and space is another sign for the 
ascension of human Beings and the uplifting of this planet 
is ongoing. From the fifth dimension on darkness no longer 
exists. And the more a human Being gains the impression 
to exist beyond space-time, the closer he is to the Light. 

In the midst of this world occurs the miracle of your arrival, 
your return to the Light. Observe yourself. How much have 
you been lifted out of time? How can you influence time – 
“stretch” or “shorten” it? You are truly ruler over space and 
time, as soon as get closer to the Light of the 5th dimension. 

Be aware: your consciousness is the gate to freedom 
and your vibration is the portal to eternal Life. 

Keep your inherent vibration high and connect with your divine 
consciousness.  The transformation of this earth and the transfer 
of your world to the light-filled level of All-That-Is is gentle, as
long as the individual Being is in good resonance with it.
The events take their course, and it is you yourself, who
determines this course, because you directly influence all 
events. An awakened human Being remains dedicated to 
his assignments and is connected with God and is always 
close to his light-filled reality.

And this closeness to the Light is the protection in these 
days, days, wherein the Light casts long shadows and 
when your choice, your fate leads to your wellbeing.

I am the intermediary between the worlds. 
In my presence you get safely into your cosmic 
home and you return into the Light.

So come! The Light of the Creator shines for us.
I love you infinitely.

I am

The Precursors – Babaji

The Light Reading is in German. Yet energy is not bound
by language barriers and therfore every human Being, no
matter what one's language is, can experience the Light
Reading lifestream or on location. 

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