17. März 2016


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz 

Report: While parking my motor scooter I overlook a female 
bicyclist, at the last instant I notice it and a collision are avoided.

An hour later I very clumsily slip in the sauna and thereby bruise 
my small toe….in both cases I am thankful that nothing more 
has happened. (End of report)

Attentiveness and Protection

Is the issue in this report and has been called 
to your attention due to these situations.
Attentiveness in all things, with each chore. Automated 
processes shall be subjected to observation and so-called 
“small things” shall be moved into consciousness (small toe, 
rem. JJK). Why? Because the schooling of the human spirit 
is only then completed as a human Being is fully conscious 
in each moment. And this means to exercise attentiveness 
in each moment. 

Attentiveness opens the human heart for the truth. 

At this point attentiveness may not be confused with 
concentration. Concentration means the exclusive focusing 
on a few things and situations. “Exclusive” means, because 
during this focusing the whole picture is blinded out and 
must be excluded; human Beings close themselves. 
Attentiveness on the other hand means to open to the 
whole and to see what is. While concentration closes your 
Being, it is opened due to attentiveness.

The nature of attentiveness therefore distinguishes 
itself fundamentally from concentration. Thus remain 
attentive, because the upheavals come over night and
suddenly. And in the attitude of attentiveness the spirit 
remains collected and you can always appear with self-
determination and you can react to the events. 

It is true that an attentive spirit may be astonished, 
but can never be surprised. 

From now on view your lectures, which are given to you 
now day-by-day, hour-by-hour, in this light. These are 
continuing preparations for the day X. You are purposefully 
oriented toward it and your consciousness is finely tuned 
to it.

Trust in the alchemy of the instant and act due to your 
all-unveiling divine presence.

I am amongst you.


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