19. März 2016


Healing through the grace of God

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by bejay

To see that is, gaining the power of love and to apply. 
This is it what it is about here and now; and this is 
what you are about to be attuned. 


Friend of reality, friend of truth, friend of light -
I am the omnipresent love of God.
I am one with all life and with the people on earth. 
I am among my brothers and sisters. You are my 
family and friends from many lifes. Together, 
we shall snow return to our common source: God. 

We have work to do! 

Let us focus on the theme of power and the necessity to use 
our power in the way of the light; to exert power in the way 
of the light means to act, to decide through love and in the love. 

Power without love brings evil upon the world and the 
individual soul; Power that is associated with love, 
brings all beings happiness and many blessings.

The universe has been created by the power of God's love 
and all things are connected through the power of love in 
the deepest core.
Now it is time to activate the power of the light within you 
and it is time to act for the good of all life. You are the Ones 
you have been waiting for and for whom many of you still 
think they have to wait for. The time has come to end the 
waiting for yourselves and to consciously perceive your 
Selfs as past and future in the omnipresent Now of Love.

Take your stand and do not waiver as you realize your 
strength, do not get scared of your power and do not 
step back from your own light anymore!
Take a loving look at your Self and accept and embrace 
the love which is emanating from you. Know thy Self – 
who you are and what you are - the loving all-encompassing 
Spirit of God.

Beloved people,

Do not flee from your mental images, from your inner truth, 
from the reality, which you are yourselves but really accept 
them with deep love for this is the path which we now need 
to walk in a intransigent manner. This path leads through the 
acknowledgement of THAT IS. Those you look closely at THAT IS 
and react in a worthy manner to all that is still to be released and 
transformed shall be guided to the light and carried by wings of 
angels. Indeed: He who knows himself, knows heaven and he 
who knows heaven shall find admission on the very day.

In these days the time begins to dissolve and the sense of 
space of many people experiences  a major transformation. 
All living beings and things are raised to a higher level of 
consciousness and all life moves the light and the love of 
the Creator closer.
So currently prevail the best conditions for the reconciliation.

Atonement with the power

Let us reconcile with the issues of power and the abuse of
such power throughout many eras. Witness the restlessness 
that surges with those issues until the silence within moves in… 


Now you are ready for the healing step that not only strengthens 
your inner force but brings you into your full power as a universal 
creator being. Relax now. What happens now is your active return
into the light. Again you shall be given the “scepter of power” so 
you may achieve deeds of light, acts of love and that healing may 
The scepter of power and love is handed over by the celestial light

family to every man whose soul is now ready for it. This initiation 
inhales a new force in your future intentions of manifestation. 
What previously seemed impossible may now occur in reality.

I, (tell your name here)

This initiation is shall now be given to you…


Another result of this initiation is that henceforth you may 
face in a much easier way and free of fear “your personal reality”. 
The power of love knows neither fear nor doubt and by the power 
of your unleashed inner love energy blockages shall dissolve be it 
in thinking, fealing or acting. Clarity at all levels is adjusted.
You are now able to face whatever there is. Illusions are no 
longer necessary. You find the courage to face the truth in a 
clear way.

The time has come when you recognize your own light within 
and the light behind all global events. The era when you got
trapped in your fears because of the unfolding events in our 
world seizes to exist by today. Your vision expands, you are 
no longer bothered by conditionings and clarity prevails. 
Deadlocked opinions are being abandoned and it will 
become increasingly easier to push on your own transformation.

Wherever the power of love is acting fears 
and doubts seize to exist. 

For a long time it seemed as if man is incapable to rid himself 
from the these self induced and implanted conditionings. However
today the veil gets more and more transparent with every day and 
so life on earth – as well as the individual – gets more and more 
transparent. Everything becomes apparent in clarity – both inside 
and outside.

Why is the fact to watch the world totally freed from any 
illusion in these days of such great importance?  

Who is unable to look at fundamental truths in themselves 
and at obvious facts in the world, is  blind for the real 
essence of life. 

Only by the truth man can get closer to enlightenment and 
only facts can help the human society to progress. Hence it 
is important to apply the concepts of “facts” and “truth” in 
a correct way. 
Facts and truth

Facts represent events in the universe just as they have 
occurred in fact at a certain level. It is about knowing the 
cause and the course of events of an operation without
adding any imagination or wishful thinking – simply the facts. 
The truth is God. Which means that there can never be many 
truths because God is an immutable truth. This shift in 
consciousness is now possible for more and more people - 
the divine light acts and the transition from the many truths 
to a immutable truth in God can be accomplished by the 
people today. 

Furthermore, the path to the truth can only be achieved 
through the recognition of facts. If you start to face the 
facts in your life and in your surroundings openly and 
unafraid  you are on the right path. 

Whoever trains himself to look intently at everything, 
without transforming it according to his inner images or 
adapt it to his wishes, he is on the right path. But who is 
twisting facts just so they lose either the horror or their 
beauty is being lead astray. 

Whoever closes his eyes to earthly or cosmic facts, 
to him God and the spiritual truth of all being cannot 
be revealed. 

In planetary context, this means to perceive the facts and 
events in a unobstructed manner. Once a person reinterprets 
the facts because he cannot bear them, any reaction to these
facts becomes incorrect, inaccurate or just plain wrong. 
Thus, the chain of misunderstandings and misbehavior 
is activated. 

At the beginning of each healing process there stands 
a thruthful inventory. Once this is achieved the healing 
may proceed in a good way. 

This can be presented appropriately by the example of the 
current movement of people in Europe. Whoever faces the 
fact that we are actually witnessing a reshape of Europe 
including massively painful effects may either agree or 
disagree. Whoever beliefs that this flow of migration is 
limited in time and number, as there have been many in 
the history of mankind, or who approaches the issue with 
preconceived opinions must come to wrong conclusions. 
Only those recognizing the truth are able to decide rightfully 
for him or for the community if he is in such a responsibility. 

A correct decision is always preceded by right correlations 
which are achieved by a clear mind and a active power 
of distinction. 

Thus, it is most important with all topic of this time to watch 
closely – inside as outside – to the light and the darkness: 
perceive everything, recognize your duties and to accept the 
responsibility or to decline such responsibility. That is the way 
of the power and the path of freedom. Then you have made 
the transition from the illusion to reality. At this point we come 
full circle and he joins within you. Only those who are truly 
dealing with themselves, is open for facts happening around
him and they shall reject any whitewashing. 

 Seeing what is and seeing what comes up. Such is the path 
to mastery this the path I will guide you on in this second step 
of this present healing. Thus the power of your love may fall 
on fertile ground and that ye treading no detours. 

Facts leading you to the truth.
I, (tell here your name)

Many people fear to face their own true shadow and 
therefore the appointment with their own inner light 
shall not happen. The shadow precedes the light. 
Only the one recognizing his own shadow early may 
expect to meet with the light. Whoever can internalize 
this truth shall harvest a fulfilled life. 

How can manipulations by a second or third party influence 
the perception of facts? Here, it is all about the constant 
connection to the Higher Self. If you're not sure whether 
you have to do with a fact or a lie, then simply connect to 
the Higher Self. You will always get an answer - always. 
Sometimes it takes a little time and practice but eventually 
you will always receive advice and identify bluffs.

Triumph of truth

Today you are very challenged by this topic because the 
current discharges are full of surprises. Often it seems only 
human not really wanting to look towards to this or that. 
This human trait is now overcome by more and more people. 

Based on the apparent facts truth has already 
begun its triumphal march on this earth. 

More and more people are able to overcome fear and anxiety 
and more people reveal in their lives the handwriting of God. 
You are ready to apply the conferred power to you and you 
are willing to express your own divine nature. More and more 
people keep up their connection to the high vibrational level 
of light and therefor may not be reached by the lower energy 
fields. Invisibility occurs due to the higher natural frequency 
and this mystery is experienced in these days by more and 
more people.

The divine nature of man emerges and can be experienced 
by the individual. The visible miracles in everyday life and 
the inner transformation are the sure signs that new power 
within you emerges that wonderful things happen to you. 
Your divine nature awakens! This nature itself is never satisfied 
with lies. Long before your mind suspects something the divine 
nature scents every half-truth or a lie. Therefore trust your Higher 
Self. Your Higher Self represents your divine nature and is always 
connected to the source of all being. Trust in this relentlessly 
flowing inner source of knowledge. 

In this way you approach the absolute, the absolute truth – 
the single truth that is ALL THAT IS GOD.

Please keep in mind: The truth not only sets you free but it 
also renders you powerful! The concept of truth is always 
connected to the concept of power. In order to act consciously 
in the power bestowed on you by God – that means in a loving 
manner – you first of all have to enter into the service to God. 
Only the one who is ready to serve will handle responsibly with 
the power bestowed on him. From such a man no harm will 
come but only blessings come. 

Humility before God

Humility and power are inextricably linked. 
Wherever there is a lack of humility power will 
become an end in itself and the servant declares 
himself to be the Lord.
The one aware of his power as loving creature 

is serving his Lord and knows its own responsibility. 

Everyone is led to this stage of knowledge. 
Gradually the gates open and until this initiation into the 
"power of light" can be given many eras shall 
pass by and many experiences shall be lived.

Power abuses being deleted!

Be aware of the significance of today's meeting because 
with the "scepter of love" bestowed upon you, deep-seated 
and extremely effective issues of power abuse have been 
deleted and your are soaring up become servants of God. 
Power abuse is always the result of the lost unity with God. 

Power can only be applied in deeds of lights by the one reffering 
to God and who acts through the everlasting light that is inherent 
to all life. Today you have come closer to the divine truth by looking 
closely to the earthly facts. Today in the initiation you were raised 
to a next higher level of consciousness.

Rule of the people begins

Gently and step by step further warriors of light of the first and 
last hours are being prepared to their utilization of their power. 
The healings shall be completed, love grows, hate forfeits and 
will no longer shatter any soul. 

Seeing what is, is an inherent part of self-empowerment 
for he who flees from the facts, is afraid of the power 
that is bestowed upon him by his own seeing through 
lies and by recognizing of the own truth. Facts shall 
lead you to the truth. Truth leads you to freedom and 
power. This is the way. 

Step onto this firm ground of your reality. 
It is the world that you create yourself by thought, 
word, and deed in every moment. 
The time has come to be truly powerful by the vibrations 
of love, by thoughts of love and acts of love.
Who wants to follow you shall follow you. Who wants to fight 
you shall fight you. No one is to be dissuaded from what he 
intends to do. 

Do not be fooled by praise and do not be discouraged 
by failure! Walk your way with God. Carry the light of 
God in your hearts and remains receptive to the love 
of the Creator. This is the way. Pursue this path and 
make it your own. 

By the power of your consciousness you have been handed 
over the "scepter of love" and received the transmission of 
the "power of light". Apply it for the benefit of all life.
For the era of the rule of the people on earth has come. 

In infinite love

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