9. März 2016


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

Choose the Entry Portal into the Light

Beloved Ones,

Pray to God so that He may meet you in outer appearances!
Meditate and attain God realization in self, recognize that you 
are God yourself and you will recognize God in yourself and in 
Prayer and meditation serve God recognition and they are 
equivalent and tantamount methods, in order to attain seeing 
God and to experience self-realization. God is inside and outside. 
Choose your path, and choose your entry portal into the Light. 

God reveals Himself to the prayer in the outer world 
and reveals His beauty to the meditators on their inside.


In oneness with God I carry out my service in the infinity 
of Creation. I am closer to you than your own pulse, I hear 
all prayers, which are recited out of the depth of the soul
and out of a pure heart, and I hear the call for God from 
human Beings. I am with all meditators, whose hearts are 
fulfilled with a longing for God and whose being only 
knows one goal, the union with the source of All-That-Is.

Prayer and Meditation

Prayer and meditation serve in order to be mentally, 
emotionally and spiritually prepared for the great 
upheavals on this level of creation.

God’s sword goes across all existing systems and across 
all communities and families. God’s infinite power is effective 
and changes life in this world and changes human Beings in 
their hearts.
Great goodbyes loom ahead, great upheavals are ongoing 
and great transformation processes in the inner and the 
outer of Mother Earth begin to be fulfilled in front of your eyes.

Do not wait

Until the last hour before you call for God!
Do not wait for the need before you seek refuge in prayer!
Do not wait until the last of all days before you consider a 
life turned toward the inside. Do not wait until the “great event” 
before you begin with your awareness work, because indeed:
Then it is too late, in order to start the great journey and to 
arrive in the Light. Make today, here and now, the necessary 
decisions and change your way of life – away from disbelief 
and toward belief.

Belief in God 

Is the first step in the process of reconsideration, because the 
fruits of knowledge grow on the tree of belief, as you care for 
this tree with everything that is needed for its growth: 
prayer, devotion, meditation, peace, confidence and willpower.

I am the guide of your inner energy currents, I take over the 
lead in your inner, until you yourself are oriented and have 
been entirely bound to your divine reality.
I stand by you in the process of realizing your blueprint and 
in the fulfillment of your assignments until the Light shines in 
you. And as you begin the first steps into knowledge, away 
from ignorance, I am with you. I am one with God and one 
with you. Whoever has found it, knows that I was always 
there and that in the darkest hours of a human Being 
I brought the brightest Light. 

The greater the desperation of a human Being, the 
closer God is to you and the deeper the valley that 
you have to cross the more encompassing is your 
accompaniment from the Light. 

Nobody walks in this world alone, and God has not left anyone 
on his own. Also those, who deny God and their own divinity, 
are surrounded by angels, which accompany them step by step.
And as soon as a human Being has given consent, these entities
begin to “intervene” in life and begin to carefully guide the steps
of a human Being toward the path of the Light and to direct
them in the direction of perfection.
The time, wherein each human Being can reach the binding 
to God has come. No matter which measure or tool you choose, 
today everything is possible and everything may be affected.

You will experience the closeness to God and will attain 
the binding to the Light, if you remain unswerving in your 
belief and remain constant in your orientation toward the 

Prayer and meditation are healers in this time. Thereby you
come to God and you come closer and closer to your own reality. 
Step by step until you become the prayer yourself and until you 
yourself have entered into the reality of your being. At that point 
your life becomes the prayer and it unfolds to a steady meditation.
How many roads lead back to God and into the oneness 
of All-That-Is? There are infinitely many roads, because all 
life is infinite. And yet prayer and meditation are tools of this 
time, so that your heart refines and you can orient your 
spirit toward infinity.  

Discover the salvation, which prayer brings to you
and recognize the blessing of meditation.

You may meet the coming time with a clear mind and 
a pure heart, and prayer as well as meditation is the 
tool, which grants this.

Ask the Light into your life and transform in 
God’s track of Love. God will quench your 
desire and Heaven will be in you.

I am

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