21. März 2016


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl 
Translated by Franz

Dream: I am in the Café, where I worked for several years 
as a waiter. A group of young human Beings, students, occupy 
the special room there, a room, where festivities or meetings
take place. The television blasts out and the students are not
at all aware of their wanton behavior. Again and again they 
give me smart-aleck answers and look arrogantly. I consult 
with the boss about what to do. (End of dream)

Beloved Ones,

This dream picture refers to the “elephants in the china shop” 
among you. This means that those human Beings are mentioned, 
who have so far neglected their energetic work at the base. And 
at the base means that fundamentally false behavior patterns, 
fears and belief patterns have not been corrected. It refers to 
human Beings, who maintain the veneer of a purified entity 
without being one.

The „student“ in the dream points to “higher intelligence”, 
because one can in principle expect a different behavior 
from a student.

The students in the dream are insecure and therefore 
appear arrogantly on the outside. A lack of self-consciousness 
is disguised here. A student often feels superior to the “non 
studied ones” and this even though they have not achieved 
anything so far. This dream picture emphasizes the arrogant 
and self-important appearance and it is valuable to capture 
the essence of this message.
The students in the dream represent those light entities
on the spiritual path, which self-importantly pretend insights 
without having obtained these. And those are meant, who 
thereby compensate for their deficiencies, whereby they 
recklessly suck off energy wherever they can without
being aware of it.

What does an elephant say after he has knocked over 
everything? Why is there so little room here?!
The possibility that he may be at the wrong place does 
not enter his mind. And the human Beings, addressed 
here, also behave in such an awkward manner.
Those are meant, who very much like to pass on the 
reasons for their own misbehavior to others or the next 
best. Go inside, and examine which of these things apply
to you and foremost, begin even more intensely to shine
inside. Time is getting short. 

When the world carries out the last great step 
into the new time, you must be in the position 
energetically to provide sufficient energy for 

For that you must be directly bound to God. 
This is the key, which the students on the 
spiritual path need to acquire now.

Open yourself for the truth in you.
Call me, I stand by you, I have come into 
this world because of you.
The world rises and you with it.
And the genuine observation of what is, 
is the requisite for it.


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