28. März 2016


Channeld by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

In these days human Beings and peoples are confronted 
with the results of their actions! The truth is unveiled to 
you on all levels.

Look at it, everywhere you face yourself, everywhere you 
can recognize your mirror image, everywhere appears 
what so far existed in concealment.

Recognize your responsibility and distance yourself from 
the dark history of this earth. Begin to release from your 
own dark past.
Begin with the great redemption of your being, 
because the great purification of Mother Earth is ongoing.

The great purification means:
Inside as well as outside everything is rearranged!
Inside as well as outside everything is created new!
Inside as well as outside become one!

The new consciousness makes it possible for you to think 
clearly, to foster pure sensations, and to set genuine actions. 
Everything rearranges. Mother Earth and human Beings are 
reborn in one gush, from one Source, due to one power, 
which is – GOD.

Begin to appear as light-filled entities, and forbid dark 
energies the presence in your environment.
Begin to appear as the creator of your life, and attract 
everything into your life that you need for your assignments.
Begin to convey to human Beings the nature of rebirth,
whereby you convey the triumph over your own lower 
nature due to your example.

Breathe, live, love – as God’s image in this Creation. 


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