5. März 2016


Battle Plan from the Light

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz


Beloved Ones from the One God!

The great upheavals continue and God directs his
message ever more urgently to you: Awaken, before 
it is too late, rise, before the last opportunities pass, 
continue on the path of the Light, before a new fog, 
dense and impenetrable, covers this earth.


The opportunities for turning back expire unused, the 
possibilities for ascension are disregarded and life continues 
as if there is neither good nor evil, instead only the wish of 
human Beings for the satisfaction of short-lived pleasures. 
This mankind goes toward the abyss in a finite world and 
Gods are revered, which are unworthy of worship. The 
mortal is revered while the immortal eternal One God 
is denied and has been moved to the realm of phantasy.

Beloved Ones! 

The time for turning back is now; tomorrow it is too late for it! 

Turning back means,

To leave the old paths, to question old behavior patterns, 
to give up habits, to recognize mistakes and to walk unconditionally 
on the path of realization until enlightenment occurs. Turning back 
means to walk toward the light-filled reality with full dedication of 
the heart and with full physical, mental and emotional strength, 
and to radically turn away from the world of darkness. Thereby it 
is necessary to overcome lethargy, because today lethargy is the 
poison, which blurs the trace of the Light and slowly extinguishes 
life in human Beings. 

Due to laziness and indolence any good intention and the 
delicate plant of realization is destroyed and suffocated 
before it has grown up. 

The light warriors can only win the last battle in this world as 
they stand up and rise up. As you are armed with the attributes 
of the subtle world and armed with courage and the appropriate 
tools, which stand ready in this world, you can take up and carry 
out the imposed battle. This “battle plan from the Light” shall 
give you new courage and remove old inner images, which 
block you as soon as one talks about “battle” or of “victory”.

It is time to face anew violence and nonviolence and 
to look through them as two sides of the coin.
How was the “Gordon Knot” solved? Due to the sword. 
How are energetic structures, which disintegrate your 
strength and bring you great damage, solved? Due to 
the light sword. And many of you human Beings shy 
away from it, to guide it and use it.
„Nonviolence“ often is another form of violence.

Recognize the different forms of violence and recognize 
where you yourself appear violently.
Not to condemn yourself, instead to examine your actions 
according to the means.
What is justified, necessary and decisive?
Today human Beings have lost the power of distinction 
in this regard. I remind you that on the visible level there
are situations, in which only unconventional methods can 
loosen the Gordon knot, and I remind you that on the 
subtle level only the light sword can divert disaster from you.

The blood of human Beings is frozen and equals tepid water!
Therefore many of you have lost strength to courageously 
face battle and to take up the last of all battles. You are 
called light warriors, because you are light warriors! 
With all attributes and means given for it.

Remember what that means, because the rug shall not 
be slowly pulled from under evil’s feet, instead quickly 
brought to end. 

Consider: As long as duality exists, violence also exists. 
And consider: Hate and love belong to two different vibration 
fields and do not display two equal sides of a coin. Meaning: 
Hate can at best be transformed or must be destroyed. 
You have the choice. And please choose – now.

I am amongst you!
Whoever sows violence will harvest violence….
And you, who have brought forth the healthy seed 
of Love, are today confronted with violence, which 
faces you everywhere? Meaning, you have a task, 
which has led you to this time and it is necessary 
to fulfill this task with all means, which are available 
to you, with courage, with wisdom, with strength, 
with determination and with an “act of violence” as 
evil seeks your vicinity with violence or as hate structures
cling to your light-filled Being and do not want to step aside.

This mankind needs light warriors, who do honor to their 
name, human Beings, who fulfill their divine assignments 
in the darkest time, whereby they illuminate darkness as 
a bright Light. 

Whoever reacts to violence with determination and 
remains in the vibration of love, solves a problem 
and does not draw new karma to oneself!   

Repel evil, the dark and the lower from you and prepare
yourself for the transfer to the new world: whereby you 
fulfill your assignments in this world until the last of all days.
Keep your home pure, so that the Lord may come in! Deny 
every low-vibrating force entry to your entity and in your 
life stay away from all darkness. 

Yet if evil pushes into your life, act decisively – 
do not hesitate for one moment to destroy what 
wants to destroy you. 

Act in this spirit, until earth has ascended and human 
Beings have ascended into the Light. 

„When the highest entity appears on the 
stage of life, then ships put to sea…“ 
in order to dive into the ocean of God’s Love.

I am amongst you


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