2. Januar 2015


written by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Mankind is awakening!

This can no longer be denied. 
At all corners and ends human Beings 
stand up against injustice and clearly 
reject the lies from politics and the media.

„Solemn Vigils and Peace Vigils”, “Monday Demonstrations”, 
„PEGIDA“, movements, which a few years ago were sill unthinkable, 
record enormous throngs. Also the alternative and investigative 
media record active intakes, while the readership of the equally 
configured mainstream media breaks away. „In the Western 
Countries the media has become the greatest power; more 
powerful than the legislative, the police or jurisdiction.“ 
Alexander Solschenizyn (1918-2008)

And in these days this “power” experiences its end, 
as well as the media itself, wherefrom the power originated.
The „Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung“ (FAZ) alone must 
eliminate about 200 positions in the next two years.
But other propaganda media („Die Welt“, „Die Zeit“, „Der Spiegel“) 
also lose readers in throngs or the viewers disappear (ARD, ZDF). 
Today waves of layoffs are daily occurrences with the established 
media and is the logical consequence of inadequate reporting and 
reporting in favor of the US establishment, which more and more 
human Beings regard as an imposition.
It is an absolutely disastrous picture, which for years the elites 
offer to us – not only in the media – instead on all levels of society.
If in politics, economy or religion, all established “pillars of society” 
are brittle and waste away in their own stench. And while the whole 
decadence of this system sees the light of the day, human Beings 
wake up, those, who are confronted with the consequences of the 

Human Beings are tired to be treated 
like slaughter animals of the system 
and they fend off against the system. 

This peaceful, yet determined protest, the rebellion of the 
citizens, reaches more and more cities in Europe and it 
seems that a great storm is ahead.
And the elites have foreseen this storm absolutely like that, 
because stable conditions are diametrically opposed to the 
goal of the New World Order. Meaning, the political (USA/NATO vs. Russia/Eurasia), the societal (concept of an enemy, fear of terror) 
and the economic tensions (chasm between poor and rich), which 
are fomented worldwide and increase daily, are consciously created 
and are desired like that, in order to create a new order out of chaos.
It is necessary: to destabilize this society by means of social tensions 
and economic collapses (financial crash, State insolvency) as long until
the “New World Order” is willingly accepted by worn down human 

That this plan succeeds becomes less likely with every day. 
Namely the word got out what kind of diabolic agenda originates 
from the Rothschild family and their vassals around the globe. 
„Knowledge makes a Human Being unsuitable as a slave.“ 
Frederick Douglass, Writer (1817-1985)

A secret plan, which no longer is secret, becomes powerless 
and must fail. And we actually experience this on all fronts of 
the geo-political stage. 

The resistance against the Anglo-Saxon 
fascism gains in strength and the end of 
the elites looms already for a long time 
and not the end of mankind.  

Yet, according to my judgment, a significant section 
of the way is still ahead of us, because now it is also 
necessary to manifest the new society. 

It is up to us to overcome the resistance and to place 
the dark elites in front of completed facts; in front of the 
fact that we no longer tolerate their lordship in this world, 
that we dismiss their power and we confront them with 
our own power!
Evil fears nothing more than the truth and the 
dark always takes flight from the Light.

The year 2015 has opened wide the gate to our 
power of manifestation. What so far seemed impossible 
now becomes possible. 

A year of continuing awakening of mankind is equally to 
be expected as well as a year of awe, because much becomes 
real what from today’s viewpoint seems unlikely.
Thereby the tempo of the change continues to increase 
and the light influx from the Central Sun to the planet 
enables us to manifest any change with so far unreached 

The potential is ready that in a day the 
whole world and human society change, 
and it still only needs to be demanded by us. 

Until we have reached that point, human Beings go through 
their individual processes of purification – with the goal: to 
see through the essence of all life, to understand it, so that 
the exit from this matrix of illusion is not only possible, but 

What concretely can be expected from 2015 on?

1.) Financial crash.
2.) Profound disclosures about the character of the Orion-Elites.
3.) Visible replacement of the dark elites.
4.) Short time of chaos.
5.) Revelations from Heaven and from Inner Earth.
Book on this subject: Telos-Welcome to Agartha (digital publication) – JJK: 

From my perspective it remains to be seen, if the year 2015 
already brings the final events, meaning, to overcome this matrix 
and ascension or continued existence in this sluggish world, 
because as much as I also wish for it, I also believe that we 
must still get to work on this level beyond the coming year, 
and according to our assignments we will also do it.

One thing is certain: Human Beings awaken and we become 
more and more. The “Truth-Virus”, as Prof. Dr. Michael Vogt 
expresses it admirably in the published contribution at the end, 
has captured many human Beings. This has the consequence that 
more and more human Beings face the lies of the ruling elites with 
rejection and anger. The path to replace these irresponsible carriers 
of responsibility has been entered into a long time ago. 
Today no way leads past it, because whoever does 
not recognize one’s end, history will offer 
it for him. 

This time the arsonists will not escape and pretend to be 
the fire brigade. This time those human Beings, who have 
brought so much suffering to mankind and still do, will be 
held responsible; lies face the truth and darkness the Light.

The new can only begin as the old has been completely worked 
off. To forgive can only the one, who knows whom he owed his 
suffering and any purification is only complete once as the most 
stubborn dirt has been removed and horse and horseman have 
been named. 

And we as self-conscious human Beings, we as awakened 
Creator Gods in this new world have to take care so that 
the truth, may it still be so frightening, comes into the Light 
and that the responsible ones have to give witness to their 

This is ongoing without a doubt, the question is only, 
does this occur peacefully or must “pressure” be applied. 
And also here, as much as I wish for a peaceful transition
into the new time, it will obviously require a certain effort 
of strength and will require some “pressure”, until this world 
has been purified and liberated from the diabolic forces, which 
for my taste have held mankind in their chokehold for much too 

It is a fact: The game of the dark elites is over!
It is insignificant, if the affected ones also know this, 
it is insignificant, if until the end of time this almost 
perfect illusion of this matrix can be maintained.
The day, when this delicate house of cards of the 
great deceptions collapses, comes ever closer.

All of us, each one, who is willing to look into the 
eyes of the truth, make a contribution so that this
occurs sooner and not later. 

Human Beings can exercise power over 
human Beings only then, when it is due 
to them! Suppressors can only exist as 
long as they find victims, which let it 
happen to them. Say “no” and wake up! 
Say “stop” and wake up! 

Then the superficially powerful ones face their impotence 
and the fear mongers lose their formidable power. Then all
energy vampires and misanthropes disappear, because they 
no longer find nutrition in the new world created by us.
Awakening means to look through this system, to recognize 
how energy behaves, and today exactly this capacity is 
attained by more and more human Beings.

Final Confrontation 
On the geo-political stage the final confrontation has begun 
between Russia, respectively with the “Axis Super Continent” 
Eurasia, and the Anglo-Saxon world conspirators, visibly 
personified in the Nobel Peace Prize drone Barack Hussein 
Obama, alias Barry Soetoro.
(Sueddeutsche-online reports on 5/17/2010: 
“In Jakarta the boy Barry Soetoro goes to primary school
– supposedly as a Muslim. 40 years later he is a candidate 
for the office of US-President under the present name of 
Barack Obama.) 

Whoever wants to understand what is hidden as the basis 
of all US wars of destruction, should turn to Zbigniew Brzezinsky, 
Protegé of David Rockefeller, who in 2008 was Foreign Policy advisor 
to the democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. In the 
September-October issue of Foreign Affairs, the magazine of the 
New York Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), this leading 
geo-politician writes in 1997: 

Eurasia is home to most of the world's politically assertive 
and dynamic states. All the historical pretenders to global 
power originated in Eurasia. The world's most populous aspirants 
to regional hegemony, China and India, are in Eurasia, as are all 
the potential political or economic challengers to American primacy. 
After the United States, the next six largest economies and military 
spenders are there, as are all but one of the world's overt nuclear 
powers, and all but one of the covert ones. Eurasia accounts for 
75 percent of the world's population, 60 percent of its GNP, and 
75 percent of its energy resources. Collectively, Eurasia's potential 
power overshadows even America's.
Eurasia is the world's axial supercontinent. A power that 
dominated Eurasia would exercise decisive influence over
two of the world's three most economically productive regions, 
Western Europe and East Asia. A glance at the map also suggests 
that a country dominant in Eurasia would almost automatically 
control the Middle East and Africa. With Eurasia now serving as 
the decisive geopolitical chessboard, it no longer suffices to 
fashion one policy for Europe and another for Asia.

What happens with the distribution of power on the Eurasian 
landmass will be of decisive importance to America's global 
primacy and historical legacy.“ 

Logically the global leadership demands of America 
are the main evil in this world.
All geo-political tensions are based on this doctrine and 
today more and more human Beings become aware of this fact. 
The year 2014 has proven this impressively. (Maidan-Putsch, 
MH017, genocide of the Junta in Kiev against their own 
population, submission of the EU to the US, NATO as the 
aggressor, NSA, US-Torture report, sudden US rapprochement 
toward Cuba, etc.)

What is it about in 2015? 
From my perspective it is mostly about the progressive 
awakening of human Beings. Each change originates with 
us! Whoever thereby counts on politicians, has already lost. 
Whoever gives up his responsibility, whoever remains 
impotent and allows others to exercise power, has lost.

More and more human Beings recognize that they themselves 
have to do something for a new, beautiful and just, a peaceful 
and unified world and themselves have to contribute something 
to it.

Thereby each contribution is of significance as long 
as light-filled and loving intentions are connected with it. 

It is necessary to take life into your own hands.
From impotence to empowerment, to attain your 
own power, because the rats nest in Washington 
and the vipers in the City of London had a much too 
easy game with us so far. Meaning:

30 Ways to Self-Empowerment 
1.) Wake up!
2.) Stand up!
3.) Be up in arms!
4.) Defend yourself!
5.) Declare total refusal to this system!
6.) Withdraw your energy from this system: 
a.) Avoid every election! 
b.) Avoid the mass media!
7.) Pay attention to your body:
a.) Eat vegetarian or vegan (implicitly free of 
meat and fish) 
b.) Give up pre-prepared dishes. 
c.)  Drink pure water. 
d.)  Avoid Fluor (toothpastes) 
e.)  Avoid vaccinations (mercury). 
f.)  Meditate, pray, go to sacred places.
8.) Free yourselves from false belief patterns like: 
a.) “One person alone cannot change anything“ 
b.) „One cannot do anything about it“
9.) Free yourselves of any sluggishness.
10.) Activate your spiritual nature:
a.) with energy work.
b.) due to direct devotion to Angels, Archangels, 
the Ascended Masters and to God.
11.) Yourselves be the change, which you champion.
12.) Liberate yourselves from any dark energy: 
a.) Ask Archangel Michael for help. 
b.) Be ready to let go of everything.
13.) Destroy any dark energy in your environment 
by means of mandates and the Light sword: 
a.) Elementals 
b.) Dark entities on and from different levels
14.) Purify your energy field daily:
a.) Call on the gold-violet Flame of Transformation 
(Master St. Germain)
b.) Call on the blue Flame of Truth and Clarity 
(Archangel Michael)
15.) Think for yourself, feel for yourself, speak for 
yourself and act out of yourself.
16.) Refuse any outside determination!
17.) Have courage to be wrong. 
a.) Always trust your “stomach feeling” even if sometimes 
you are wrong. Exercise makes the master. Whoever gives up,
already has lost.
b.) Trust your ability to learn. Everything is 
possible, as you trust in yourself and you persistently 
continue on your path to truth.
18.) Treat yourself and your fellow human Beings lovingly, 
as they do not mistreat you with their dark intentions.
19.) Always be willing to forgive.
20.) Build a kingdom of peace in yourself, whereby 
you redeem any warlike condition from your soul.
21.) Shape the new world!
a.) Give orders, issue decrees, manifest by means of mandates.
b.) Confront the responsible ones with their lies (write to them, 
call them, say it into their face). 
c.) Say STOP!
22.) Enlighten human Beings in your 
environment without imposing on them.
23.) Recognize your assignments in this society 
and your place in this world.
24.) Recognize your true nature, your spiritual reality.
25.) Recognize the essence of this matrix; what is illusion, 
what is reality.
26.) Recognize your right for self-determination, 
to be able to leave this matrix at any time.
27.) Ask for assistance from Heaven.
28.) Bind with the Light/God/Primal Source of All-That-Is.
29.) Expect the ascension, yet do not wait for it.
30.) Serve the truth, courageously, decidedly and lovingly.

It is time that we encounter the New Year 2015 in an 
appropriate manner. Such a path has been presented here.
Everything can occur, which enriches our life and heals the 
world, and it is up to us, if this also happens. The potentials 
for a peaceful and light-filled change exist today! 

„The great ones stop to rule, if the small 
ones stop to crawl.“ Friedrich Schiller (1759-1805)

Whereby the year of upright walk, of clear 
thinking and courageous action has been proclaimed. 

We are God’s first messengers,
Who came to this Earth.
At the end of this time we are the ones,
Who say good-bye by restoring
Everything to its original order
And by giving the healed planet
Back into the hands of the Creator.“* 

Welcome to the Year 2015.

In Love

Jahn J Kassl 

*From the book: 2026-Offenbarungen Gottes 
(Germain version)- JAHN J KASSL: http://www.lichtweltverlag.com/de/angebote/buecher/2026/index.php 
(The English version: “2026 God’s Revelations, 
Manuscript for Planet Earth”, is in preparation and 
is scheduled to be published in April 2015 in Lichtweltverlag. 

I wish all of our readers much enjoyment with the following 
article from Prof. Dr. Michael Vogt, which was first published 
in the German language on November 27th, 2014 in quer-denken.tv. 

But with caution: Risk of Infection! JJK 

A new Virus Epidemic is still much 
faster and more contagious than Ebola 
– and it is “incurable”! 

written by Michael Vogt
translated by Franz

The pathogen of a so far sporadic and mostly very 
isolated existing illness seems to have mutated now. 

Originating at the same time in several countries, 
including Germany, Austria and Switzerland, it spreads 
worldwide and seemingly faster than Ebola.

The AWAKEN-Flue, which leading experts of the WHO call the 
system threatening virus, leads to a sudden clear and awake 
mind in the here and now. Initially it starts quite harmlessly 
with the exclusive consumption of purified drinking water and 
the eating of organic food. 

After that a distinct aversion of the consumption of mass 
media follows in most cases. Finally the symptoms pass 
over to an increased unity consciousness, a complete binding 
to one’s soul along with a so far unknown freedom from fear.

Finally the illness ends in unconditional love, humility and 
gratitude toward self, one’s creator and his creation.

All so far proven means like HAARP, chemtrails, soccer 
world cup, even fast track approved mass inoculations, 
false flag operations and threats of global war scenarios, 
etc. seem to be totally ineffective. The elite is totally at a 

Therefore the WHO has proclaimed a new epidemic 
alert status, especially for this virus, because it can 
fundamentally change life on this planet! 
Even the initial worldwide SMS warning of the 
WHO, sent out to over 7 billion earthlings:
"Remain in the matrix, you are safe there!” 
has fizzled out without an effect. Also for the first 
time the so far most effective broadband antibiotic, 
namely the mind-boggling pabulum (permanent 
repetition of moronic misinformation) seems to be ineffective! 
Even worse: The infected ones quickly develop an irreversible 
and complete resistance toward all outside manipulation. 
Whoever has been infected with it once, obviously can no 
longer find back to one’s old, allowed thinking patterns.

The pathogen was found very quickly, but could not be 
isolated. Experts call it Truth- or also Akash-Virus and it 
is extremely contagious. Under all circumstances avoid 
contact with independently thinking and responsibly
acting human Beings. It is suspected that the virus 
can also be transmitted due to telepathy.
The last investigations of the consequences has also 
uncovered the exact transfer path without a break:
The course of the illness usually starts with the reading 
of this deciphered text! The incubation time is a few 
milliseconds…now, did it click?

Welcome to freedom!

…. And every day we become more and more! 

Source: http://quer-denken.tv/index.php/1009-neue-virus-epidemie-noch-viel-ansteckender-und-schneller-als-ebola 

Mandate for this World: Put down the Weapons - JJK: 

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