18. Oktober 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

This World is transformed and human Beings 
are in the focal point of this process! This 
world changes; and mankind changes with it. 


Who was I and who am I?

Beloved Children of the Light!

I saw Lemuria go down, I saw Atlantis go up in flames and
today I am also in this world, which changes its countenance 
from the ground up. Yet this world will not go down or sink into 
the ocean! No, today we face another new task and new challenges, 
which we superbly cope with: The task to support the loving Mother 
Earth in her transformation and thereby return into the Light of 
the 5th dimension ourselves.

In contrast to Lemuria and Atlantis, this world will remain to exist, 
even though it will no longer be recognized after the transformation.
Even though the great scenario of a nuclear threat builds up in front
of us, this earth will remain and due to a string of unbelievable 
measures will be liberated from dross.

Time is arrested 

Temporarily time will be arrested. In these days the last 
opportunities for turning back are offered to mankind. 
And this moment is as close as the miracles, which are 
close to being manifested. 
Who will be able to deny the visible? Nobody.
Space-time dissolves and all human Beings will experience 
it for a short time. And in these close days light warriors of 
the first and last hours will give a hold and orientation to 
human Beings.

As I preceded human Beings then, you will precede mankind, 
so that as many as possible can enter the “promised land”, 
the new “sacred earth”. As I did then, today you will be a Light 
to the ones seeking God and many, very many will follow you 
and will take up the path of eternal life.

My lifetime at that time seemed infinite, because Moses left 
this world after 900 years of living. Again and again I was 
able to renew my cells and to return them to its original 
condition. When it was offered, I visited the “temple of 
rejuvenation” in inner earth, in order to return to the 
surface of the earth after the performed treatment in 
the Light of the crystals.

In the example of my departure to mount Sinai, a visit to
inner earth is well described. I saw God, I knew the infinity 
of life and the abundance of the One, who is all, the One, 
who unites all in Him: Life, Kindness and Love.

The invented “punishing God” 

There never was and never is at any time the “punishing God”!
What existed, were space-time entities, which set mankind into 
awe and also confused it. Yet this is another fact, which shall not 
be explored any further. Today my task is to provide you with 
true pictures of the living God and to breathe new energy into 
you for the journey back to the Source.

The “punishing God” is an invention of the dark powers, 
which since the downfall of Atlantis determined the game 
in this world. Pictures were also imposed on you and you 
gradually lost your free will, and based on it light-filled 
decisions could no longer be made. Recognize where 
anxieties spread out, which owe them to these imaginations, 
anxieties, which you barely notice, because they act subtly 
and destroy your trust in God.

Go into meditation, work with the gifts from Atlantis*  
(see link at the end of this message, rem. JJK) and you 
will still experience Heaven in this world and you will be 
one with God. At that time I remained among human 
Beings for a long time, because the “surviving ones” and 
the surviving of the surviving ones had to recover from 
the downfall of two cultures. As our beloved brother 
St. Germain walked in this world for hundreds of years 
after myself and works again today, so was I amongst 
human Beings for hundreds of years.

Thereby I had the task to prepare the path for Jesus the Christ; 
the path, which finally was fulfilled by John the Baptist, a long 
time after me, whereby the birth of the Christ found its exit.

We are truly a great family. And like Master St. Germain, I am 
also again amongst you today. We are neither subject to timely 
limitations nor special boundaries. And what we accomplish today 
here in this world, we accomplished already in some worlds, 
which have uplifted and have ascended to God.

Nothing has managed to ever separate us and nothing will 
separate us in the future. We truly overcome any upheaval, 
any painful turn and all sorrow, which manifests on several 
levels of space-time. And so we stand in the middle of this
timeline, which guides us to a new level of All-That-Is, 
virtually catapults us there, because the Light influx to 
this world holds, increases and grows.

Today I act on earth as an Ascended Master of the White 
Brotherhood! I am amongst you. Today I guide you again 
out of the labyrinth of time, whereby I educate you to 
become self-empowered human Beings. And this occurs 
in a very simple manner. I remind you of your home and 
I strengthen the bond between you and your heavenly 
siblings, between you and me. 

Once your memory returns, then everything is done 
and everything has been accomplished! 

Therein are the greatest potential for healing and the 
determining changes in your life or in the perception of 
your life. 

It is simple to experience the closeness to God, 
as your remembrance returns, and the longing 
for God captures the human heart. 

Closeness to God and realization of God automatically lift 
any human Being from the dark matrix; and this is exactly 
what counts today. Also on a spiritual level it is valid: 
“Help for Self-help”, because whoever begins to remember, 
will be captured by the longing for home. Heaven helps you, 
so that you can remember, whereupon the longing develops
in you and the unquenchable desire for God.
This amounts to an existential spiritual desire, which ends 
in God’s arms and cannot be quenched by anything other 
than due to this merger.

Transformation Work 

Please recognize one more thing at the conclusion of this message: 
Transformation means to go unto the path of remembrance. 

And transformation in the year 2015 of this space-time means 
foremost joy! Whoever trusts the flow of life and devotes oneself 
to the divine Light, will experience this joy. Today whoever opens 
to the Light, without wanting to force anything, but with an open 
heart, which is ready for any realization, will be absorbed by 
God’s Light until the oneness with God is complete.

This is a process, which occurs on its own. What needs to 
be contributed of oneself is the willingness for change and 
the devotion to the high energies of Heaven, of the 
Ascended Masters and of the Archangels.

Yet God is your only Master and also myself Moses, serve as
a trailblazer of the Light, a Light source, which leads you back 
to God. Walk along on your light-path; do not let yourself be 
led astray by false tracks. Call the Light and God; let us 
Ascended Masters come into your life. We are God’s 
helpers and we are at your service. Do not weaken; 
do not relent to look at yourself in God’s Light. 
Accept your fears and look at the still unredeemed pain.
Look at your shadows and release them into the Light. 

To perform transformation work means:
To look at imperfection, in order to attain perfection. 

Open your eyes; open your heart, so that the anxieties 
may yield and so that shadows may lose their gravity, 
because they are accepted and recognized.

Recognition, acceptance, letting go – These are the 
efficient means of any healing and the most direct 
way back to you. Then the remembrance of the 
origin returns and the desire for God awakens.

Follow Mother Earth and all, who ascended into the 
Light before you and have gone ahead of you, on 
their path of transformation. There is no more 
rewarding goal than the refinement of a human 
soul, whereby the distance to God is overcome 
and the knowledge about one’s own origin is attained.

I went ahead of you into the world of the Light 
and I am amongst you.


*Gifts from Atlantis:
Christ Consciousness 9, Pendant Gold/Silver: 

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