23. April 2016


by Jahn J Kassl

Dear siblings of the Light!

Babaji is omnipresent. For me this is a high grace to 
receive his messages, thus I can experience his proximity 
closely. A closeness that you are also able to experience in 
these 3 Fire-Rituals in particular. All you need to do is to 
open yourself entirely and things, which seemed to be 
impossible, become possible now. Incurability does not 
exist! Sometimes it's just a moment of mercy that can 
change everything; and such a moment you can create 
yourself by pulling Babaji’s grace on to you and by devoting 
yourself completely to the fire of Shiva. The fire-ceremony 
described here is about handing all "self-deception", the  
"lightless legacy of Atlantis" and as well "unjust and malicious 
human deeds" over to the fire of SHIVA. These great themes 
of humanity require now redemption and should now heal
elementary wounds of our ethereal and physical being. 
This ritual is the tool for it. Repeat it whenever you find 
it appropriate.The objective is to cure layer by layer of 
your divine being and repetitions are a suitable aid for it.

Moreover, Babaji is pointing out particularly that we should 
support our transformation with fire ceremonies in general. 

"A great time requires great measures – and these 
3 fire-ceremonies induce in all areas great healings. 
Make the fire-ceremonies a present to yourself and 
start to integrate healings with fire and in the mercy 
of God in your everyday life." (Babaji)

This means: Create "your fire-ceremony" with your outstanding 
issues. Hand over to the fire, what is a burden for you, and you 
will be amazed how effective this method is and how quickly you
will experience a new feeling of life. Stay humble in your mind, 
do not expect anything, but be aware that everything is possible.

With this spirit, I hand over to you this powerful gift of healing.
I am convinced that you will receive from it a lot of strength, 
blessing and love. 

"Destroy the energy fields of self-deception!
Hand them over to the fire of Shiva.
Destroy the lightless legacy of Atlantis.
Hand it over to fire of Shiva.
Destroy unjust and malicious human deeds.
Hand them over to the fire of Shiva." (Babaji)

With Love
Jahn J Kassl


3 Fire-Rituals
Message from Babaji
Healing due to God`s Grace 

Blessed with love, filled with life, overwhelmed with 
grace, this way the human being is paving its path to heaven. 


Master of the Masters and God’s Light at all levels of 
creation – and I am one of you.
Today we will unite contradistinctions on earth, human beings 
will redeem their dark motives and humanity will be released 
from the remaining heritage of dark days in this world. 
Today, when human beings indulge themselves in grief and 
embrace death, today, where the pain on, in and around 
Mother Earth is omnipresent, today, we wipe out the debt 
of evil deeds. We wipe out the rest of the remaining feelings 
of guilt for the evil deeds that had been committed by human 

Today above becomes below and inside is turning into outside, 
the armies of love are taking over power and announce the 
victory of Light:

The triumph of human love over mean human nature. 
God in His Wisdom, God in His Kindness, God in all His 
Power cures what needs to be cured and completes 
what was incomplete – until today.

Now the time has come to raise above grief, fear and the 
dark age. The old and first Atlanteans have received the 
lesson of destruction and they emerged from it wisely. 
You know how things take their disastrous course if not 
timely intervened and counteracted. You are the ones
that matter now, and through our todays hour within 
the all-presence of God we do help the new human 
being to his Resurrection.

Each one of you should be part of the new mankind and 
should be part of the Resurrection, should take responsibility 
for this new human society and should put the light – that 
he is – at the service of entirety. 

Today egoists have no place in this world and no chance 
of survival.

Death will rescue them and they will inherit a new life 
at a later stage. Complacency and maliciousness will 
be removed from the human heart and all that kind 
of programming will be erased. 

Who is ready for that now, to whom will be given, and 
I tell you: All of you are ready for it, because there is 
no other interpretation of the fact, that you found your 
way here and that you have been led to this message.
You have traveled long distances in order to get to the 
source of all Lights. You had to wait for it many lives. 
In this course you proved patience and persistence, 
strength in faith and endurance. Therefore you can 
be given today the gift of elevation to the Light; 
out of which you will emerge transformed and newly 
born; the stone in front of the empty grave site will 
be moved away, because truly: You are other-wordly, 
you are returned to God and entered in His All-Love. 
Nobody is able to find you, wherever you are returned 
to, nobody is able to fathom the realm that is unfolding 
in your inside.

You live in the Light surrounded by people and love
is interlacing you in the middle of everyday life. 
This path of light, this path of love, does not leave 
any traces, there is no predetermined pathway and 
the seeker is on his own. By inner guidance and divine 
ordinance you will get to the right pathway and some 
of you already to destination. 

While at some stages you may believe that you are 
heading towards destruction, you are actually stepping 
up the stairs of ascent; and while being confronted with 
the demons of this times, you are receiving already the 
wings of angels, so that you are able to overcome this stage.

Since the times of Krishna there has never been formed or 
sent such a powerful and effective army of light warriors; 
and nowadays as back then applies: You are going to carry 
out the work on this world and you will return sacred to the 

But I have come to weed out violence.

In this divine spirit I convey you today strength 
and force, power and means, so that you can 
command the end of violence on this earth once 
and for all.

I came to move the stones, and the heavenly 
bodies will change their location and rivers will 
change their course.

I have come for the sake of justice and to wake 
up mankind. I have come to purify the souls of
the human beings and return to them their sublimity. 

I have come for you and because of you.
You are the reason for my presence on earth.
I point out to the angels – that had been fallen out 
from unity – the pathway back into unity. The planet 
of love is getting back the fully conscious human being 
again. Mother Earth bows to anyone who is finishing for 
his own sake and for mankind the pathway of purification. 
Serving the Creator of the new human being is creating 
new life. Here and now we continue this journey and 
knock in new pillars.

Today is the day of grace!
Be filled with zest and energy.
Be supported by your mission and be fulfilled 
by what you had come here to fullfill.
Today is the day of Light!

In this hour, in which we devote ourselves at this very 
location to the effect of the divine light, new and extremely
effective areas of healing are being opened up thoughts, 
feelings and emotions are brought into balance and there 
is a new approach opened up to your everday life.
Your everyday life shall experience a profound change 
and this happens once your today’s healings are implemented, 
completed and anchored in your hearts.

I am the life, the way and the grace.
He who believes in me, will find, because I am
there, where you suspect no one, and I expect
you there, where you believe that no one and 
nothing is there anymore. I am the beginning 
and the end: I am ALL-THAT-IS.

I am God, living omnipresent awareness at all 
levels of creation.
I am BABAJI who reveals Himself to you now.
Let us start to act now. We revive the element of 
fire and we hand over to the fire the low nature of 
human beings. This low nature occurs after the first 
birth of an ethereal angels into the physical world. 
After a human being starts its terrestrial journey, 
it is faced with the lower nature.

We hand over to the fire all the evil deeds and harmful 
influences with far-reaching negative consequences 
which had been accumulated over millennia in this 
world. Atlantis is for you – who have come here these 
days – at the individual level in good parts redeemed,
on a collective level there is still to do. This fact we have 
to take into account nowadays. Prize the day on which 
opposites unite themselves.

In a first step you have to raise yourselves beyond 
the remaining self-deceptions. You have to overcome your 
own boundaries and you have to deepen your perception 
about your divine nature – eliminate fallacies and expand 
your consciousness.Therefore be ready to redeem other 
topics that are associated with self-deceptions, be ready 
to remove doubts, fears and blockages and be ready to 
destroy uninvited energies. 
The fire of SHIVA works and it destroys in order to remove 
the Old and create the New. Through the power of the fire 
you are now liberated from self-deceptions and led to a 
new self-perception. You shall see yourself in your Light.

First Fire-Ritual

Self-deceptions are handed over to the fire. 

1. Write the word "self-deception" on a piece of paper.
2. Create for yourself a sacred space, go into silence.
3. Light a candle or move to a fireplace of your choice.
4. Hand over the transcript to the fire. 

Handing over of self-deceptions: 

I, (mention here your name),


The fire carries out its healing work, and what has now
been handed over to the blessed fire, is transformed or destroyed.
Each energetic cleaning process, each purification of the different 
levels of the human being takes place with the help of the element 
fire. To become newborn, the fire has to do its work and it has to 
leave behind a healthy soil on which something new is able to
grow for the divine human nature.
After the self-deceptions abate, with the second fire ritual 
we will hand over to the fire the lightless legacy of Atlantis. 
May it burn and be destroyed, so that you will become 
lightweight, free and gracious.
Through the power of fire, the lightless legacy of 
Atlantis is now redeemed. 
You shall see yourself in your Light. 

Second Fire Ritual

The lightless legacy of Atlantis 
is handed over to the fire. 

1. Write "lightless legacy of Atlantis" on a piece of paper.
2. Create for yourself a sacred space, go into silence.
3. Light a candle or move to a fireplace of your choice.
4. Hand over the transcript to the fire. 

Handing over of the lightless legacy of Atlantis: 

I, (mention here your name), 


What works in yourself, has an effect on everything 
else. It is time to break up all links to negative and 
traumatic experiences within yourself:
Many levels within youself require these healings.
It is necessary to cut the energetic structures that 
keep you away from doing good things, that divert 
from the right pathway and that make you being 
skeptical in your ability to love. Here and now a lot 
has happened already and will continue to happen, 
in case you devote yourself to the blessing of the fire 

In the third ceremony of these healings we devote 
ourselves to the injustice – the injustice that has been 
created in all eras of this earth by "unjust and malicious 
human deeds." Even this huge task can be met by you 

Also in this case it is about destroying the collective
power that has been released by malicious deeds of 
mankind. These still effective energies must be 
completely removed. Indeed: 

You have come to take on the lightful heritage, and 
you did not come to let yourself influencing and 
wearing out by malicious and low light energy fields.

The darkness, that surrounds you, must be illuminated 
with Light and the Light-shy beings will have to get on 
their way and will leave this earth. 

Let us start to act! Only acting can bring a change today 
and only the good human act can accelerate change and 
can strengthen people's hearts in their faith to the Light 
and to the love of God.
Through the power of the fire "injust and malicious 
human deeds" are now redeemed. You shall see 
yourself in your Light.

Third Fire Ritual

Unjust and malicious human 
deeds are handed over to the fire.  

1. Write "unjust and malicious human acts" 
on a piece of paper.
2. Create for yourself a sacred space, go into silence.
3. Light a candle or move to a fireplace of your choice.
4. Hand over the transcript to the fire. 

Handing over of unjust and malicious human deeds: 

I, (mention here your name)


We have induced these three decisive healings in the 
presence of God and in the Light of the public. Now I am 
dispatching you, so that you perform these three healings 
for yourself, possibly repeating them or carrying out with 
groups of people.By writing down these healings on a 
piece of paper and burning in the fire, healing energy 
is released through your hand and a stream of healings 
is activated.
 Mother Earth and mankind are directly connected 
with you and they will receive through these three
fire-rituals great healings.

Today and at this place you not only participated in 
this healing, you also effected it to a certain degree. 
At the moment, however, when you apply this fire-ritual, 
as presented here, more healing fields are opening up 
for yourselves and for all living creatures on earth. 

Destroy the energy fields of self-deception!
Hand over these to the fire of Shiva.
Destroy the lightless legacy of Atlantis.

Hand over this to the fire of Shiva.
Destroy unjust and malicious human deeds.
Hand over these to the fire of Shiva. 

Create for yourself a sacred space and take sufficient 
time for it. It shall not only burn, also whatever is holding
you back from divine knowledge and befogging your 
consciousness must be extinguished within you. At the 
same time the fire of life is inflamed in you and you will 
become alive; the new feeling of life starts to fill you up 
A great time requires great measures – and these 3 fire 
ceremonies induce in all areas great healings. Make yourself 
fire ceremonies as a gift and start to integrate healings with
the fire and in the Grace of God in your everyday life.

Take paper and ink,

write down whatever burdens you, make yourself 
aware of everything possible, and hand it over to 
the fire of SHIVA. If conditions remain, repeat this
sacred ritual until you are exempted from all evil 
and from things that bind you to this matrix.
Nowadays you have to pay highest attention to 
the ravage of destructive energies and by virtue 
of this authorization through the fire ritual I gave 
you an important present for your further journey home. 

The act of ravage is a sacred process, in case the 
loving omniscient Divine Intention acts behind it. 
Brutal force, enriched with hatred on the other 
hand, has the opposite energy and other effects. 

Differentiate in these days precisely, what you are 
dealing with. Because violence and destruction are 
pictured currently in this world.
Recognize the luminous and low-light side, 
differentiate and make the correct classifications. 
Recognize the power in you and recognize the forces
that want to keep you powerless. Because the days 
of decisions have come.

Transformation with high speed 

Today I announce that the further transformation 
of the earth is taking place with high speed.

Who is sleeping, will not wake up anymore, and who 
is standing on the field, will not sow anymore. From 
one moment to the next people will see the Light and 
ascend or will not be able to stand it and will be dismissed. 
Purified beings are waiting for this day, not purified beings 
fear it.

Beloved Ones,

not only the human society is transforming itself, 
the entire living body of your loving Mother Earth 
transforms itself.
 Inside the earth and on the earth's surface, in the 
surrounding galaxy and the expanding universe around 
you, everywhere there are significant conversions and 
changes on its way – and on the planet of love these 
events have the greatest impacts.

In a few seconds everything is different, and in a few 
days the new mankind is born. The thousand times 
millennial kingdom of peace is about to begin.

This period of grace is recorded in the Records of 
All Life and it will receive an adequate honour in 
the eyes of the observers:
After all, who never touched the surface of the earth 
and its tight substance with human feet, is looking at 
your achievements amazed and with a reverent heart.
But you, who has completed this journey, should head 
towards new stars. 

You are very welcome in ALL-THAT-IS, 
because who gained on earth mastery, 
is recognized not only by the Creator, 
but by the entire Creation. 

I am with you.
You are expected and in these days you will 
return to the unity.
Love shall govern and Light is everywhere,
the human being is awaking in its glory.


Phuro = Rejoice, let yourselves be inspired by the events

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