8. April 2016


…In front of God's Thrones 

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

New beginning and return, rebirth and ascension,
Enlightenment and bliss.

Whoever meets you remains behind changed, 
because a new force emanates from you – 
a bright Light and Love.

Differentiate precisely: good is good and Light is Light.
God exists far from evil and far from hate.
Devote your further life to God, so that you may direct 
God’s blessing toward you and pull it down to all human 
Beings, which you meet.

In these days we receive the reward for our work, 
in these days we are called to God’s thrones and are 
received by God.
Each one of us experiences this in his unique manner 
and the precious drink of eternal Life is handed to us
out the hands of the kind, good and loving God. 

The Wellspring of All-That-Is, which we all are 
and through which we all are, has called the 
time of Grace and has commended our life to 
its protection. 

Joy flows, Peace is, and Love works.

Life begins. 
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