21. April 2016


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

With God to attain everything, with God 
to coax the secret out of time, with God 
to return to the Light. 

With God.

Beloved Ones,

Wherever you may be, whatever assignments you may 
have been entrusted with and whichever challenges may 
be put on you: manage everything with God. 

You were imparted with tools of self-empowerment so 
that you may rise up to God and not so that you fall for 
the fallacy of self-pleasure in a new manner.
At the transition from human consciousness to the 
divine Self it is necessary to safely cross the abysses, 
which open up between these worlds.

These are abysses, which can be found in renewed 
egotism and are abysses, which pull many human 
Beings into the depths, human Beings, who have 
outfitted themselves with new abilities.
The path of Light demands from you great attention 
and vigilance until last, because due to you becoming 
aware all unresolved issues on all levels of your Being 
are touched and thereby something may show up, 
which seemed extinguished and redeemed a long
time ago. The greatest opponent of good is evil, 
and the greatest obstacle in the process of awakening
is ego-consciousness, which undertakes everything 
in order to continue to exist.

The ego likes to adorn itself in borrowed plumes.
With regard to the re-strengthening of the ego it 
means that the self-empowered human Being begins 
to orient his whole life according to the wishes and 
imagination created by the ego. Thereby the ego 
proceeds very cleverly, because it lets human Beings 
believe to follow the Self. 

Whoever creates out of falsely understood self-
empowerment, meaning, without the will of God, 
manifests the evanescent and his thirst, even 
though he drinks, cannot be quenched. 

It occurs

That today many light warriors of the first and last hour 
attain great abilities. Their power grows, their strength 
increases and their willpower to create energy out of 
the ether reaches a remarkable extent. The connection 
between the worlds has been established for these 
human Beings and they can fulfill what seemed impossible 
so far and let many human Beings be in awe. Great healings,
great manifestations, great deeds reach the public eye. 
It is a process, which has been affected due to the 
awakening and due to the increase of the divine 
Light on earth. 
The self-empowerment of human Beings goes 
on and the planet changes fundamentally.

And this sacred process of self-empowerment is polluted
in many light warriors due to self-pleasure. The demons 
of ego-consciousness awaken spirits, which seemed to 
be conquered and ego-attachment celebrates resurrection.
Human Beings, which are stuck in this fallacy, receive the 
important lesson, whereby their power is withdrawn and 
strength is taken away. This prompts human Beings to 
return to the path of purity, because today many light 
warriors have great responsibilities by means of their 
attained abilities for the benefit of the whole and not 
to serve themselves.

Self-confidence shall lift one’s soul and strengthen other 
human Beings and due to a healthy self-consciousness 
you can encounter the unknown free of arrogance and 
far from selfish motives. 

Whoever lifts oneself above others has already lost.
And today, whoever trusts everything to his own 
strength and forgets God’s hidden work, has entered 
the path of ego-satisfaction and not the path of the 
Higher Self. 

Often lower needs and lower motivations are served 
due to high abilities, and in this message I point all 
light warriors in that direction.

Ask yourself the following questions:
1.) Am I God’s honest servant?
2.) Does the divine Light work through me?
3.) How do I react to praise and how do 
I react to rejection?

Look at you in this mirror and you very quickly 
determine, if you are on course or if you have
deviated from the course.

Stay on Course!

Thereby it is said: It is necessary to maintain course 
in the direction of Heaven! And this occurs, whereby 
in all things you entirely entrust and devote yourself 
to God.
Without God everything is nothing. Also your new 
status as creator of your life becomes insignificant 
as self-confidence means everything to you and 
the devotion to God means little.
With these words from the Light I ask you 
to search your soul in silence.

Meditate about it in God’s presence and/or with 
the aid of the Crystal Cube of Ascension.
Then you will very quickly become aware of 
the still existing shadows and redemption is possible.

You are the self-empowered creator, whose Self is 
merged with God. And this brings forth creations, 
which serve all Life. 

As God serves you, serve God in this manner 
and as God serves human Beings, serve human 
Beings in the same manner.
This is the message: All with God and all like God.   

I am with you.

Trust your strength and God, who works through you.
You are an instrument of God on all levels of your Being.
Perfect yourself in this knowledge and refine yourself 
to the exalted Master of your Self – who you are.

Then you have everything; then you are everything.

I am That I Am

Elija Prophecies 49-65 
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