26. April 2016


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

Mistakes, misunderstandings and false assumptions 
develop as long, until a human Being is ready to look 
the truth into the face. Which truth? One’s own truth
and the reality, which surrounds him. 


Human Beings have entered the path in order to attain clarity 
and to become light, to be Love and radiate bliss. And I say to 
you: all, who remain loyal to this path with full devotion and 
also in the case of massive setbacks do not let themselves be 
diverted, will reach the goal.
The time has come, wherein any healing and any miracle are 
possible. Absolutely everything is today possible to whom, 
who trusts God and is ready to withdraw from his ego-
consciousness or to dissolve it.
Today the self-contemplation, the self-exploration 
and the self-reflection gain a preeminent significance.

Path toward Self-Reflection 

Self-contemplation, in order to recognize what is.
Self-exploration, in order to declare, what has been 
recognized, as desired or undesired.
Self-reflection , in order to open the inner senses 
and on this path to let the impossible become possible. 

While it is loud in the world of outer appearances, the chaos 
seems to break out and the columns, which carried the world 
so far, tumble, it gets silent in the human soul and a so far 
unknown inner order begins to take possession of more and 
more human Beings. Like with a great warrior, who goes into 
battle, an inner devotion and an orientation toward what is
ahead starts.

What is ahead? 

The miracle of change in the middle of the greatest 
chaos, in the middle of a seemingly secure downfall.  

And more and more human Beings prepare themselves for that, 
whereby they turn away from the view of the outer world and 
turn toward the inner world. Gradually things get in order in 
the human hearts; clarity and confidence begin to spread. 

In the middle of the greatest upheavals the new human 
consciousness develops and the louder and more warlike 
it gets outside, the more silent and more peaceful human 
Beings become in their hearts. 

In these days this process develops tremendous power and 
sets free energies, which are desperately needed for the 
“pole reversal” of the world. Anchors of Light are set and 
human souls align toward God and God’s Love.



My task in this planetary process of awakening is to 
function as unmistakable Light, in order to prepare 
you optimally for what is ahead.
Therefore I invite you to call me into your presence, 
so that I can liberate you from deceptions, overlaps 
and belief patterns.

The Peaceful Warrior

Images of this matrix still spread fear and fright, and it is 
now necessary to strip off these images and to replace them 
with images of peace, oneness and Love. At this point we 
begin with our work. 

Light warriors wake up, rise up, and show yourself 
to human Beings, because the world expects your deeds! 

For those, who centrally help to create the upheavals and 
shape them, it is necessary to attain a high degree of inner 
maturity, which means: to be in peace, to remain in peace, 
and to live in peace.

Only the peaceful warrior can open the floodgates for 
the new human society.
Only the light warrior, who has created the kingdom 
of peace inside, and has entered it, is predestined to 
return unharmed from the upcoming battles.
Therefore it is necessary to sharpen the power of distinction 
again, because living in inner peace does not mean to negate 
the fight in the outer. Therefore it is necessary to see what is 
and to recognize one’s place in this great game.
And therefore it is decisive to free one’s being from impurities 
and deceptions, until the perception becomes undimmed and clear.

The way is then free for miracles! For those miracles, which 
supported you in this battle. For miracles, which must occur, 
because God not only accompanies you everywhere instead 
also protects and guards you. God guards you and I prepare 
you for this truth and for the miracles, which come with it.

From Ego- to Self-Consciousness

Thereby the detachment from ego-consciousness 
is the central issue. 

The ego-consciousness must lose its power so that 
your self-consciousness can appear. Because it is your 
ego-personality, which not only blocks your spiritual 
maturation, instead it hinders any attempt to overcome 
one’s own and still unrecognized boundaries. 

And so it is necessary today to confront the pronounced 
phenomena among light warriors in this space-time that 
they cannot or do not want to recognize the still existing 
blockages. Not being able, because no appropriate means 
are applied and not wanting, because they sit on the 
erroneous assumption that they have completed the 
transformation process.

I urge all human Beings to work regularly with the 
divine White Light. Call on it and it will perform its work.
I urge all light warriors, who assume that they have 
completed their transformation process, to confront 
themselves with the question of bliss.

Are you blessed in all areas and at all time of your life?
Then it applies to you that you have successfully 
completed the transformation process.
Therefore for you there is nothing more to do, 
except to decide for yourself what to do based 
on your divine authority.
And in this manner God’s Grace is opened to all human 
Beings, who are in this labyrinth of self- or foreign-created 
illusions - it is a way to the direct mediation of knowledge 
and awareness; caused due to dramatic experiences, due
to light-filled experiences and due to all-changing 
adjustments in your daily life.

Whoever cannot perceive God’s whisper, the trombones 
of Heaven will awaken him, and whoever so far has been 
unreceptive to God’s tenderness will get up from his 
uncomfortable camp on account of this wake-up call 
and will continue his journey into infinity.


In summary this means: The method of spiritual schooling 
changes for many human Beings in this time.
This has the consequence that many Light entities and 
light warriors of the first and last hour will be touched 
by the Light of God’s Grace on the next lower level.
Life changes for those, who have come to earth with 
high assignments. The assignments are recognized, 
accepted and fulfilled; any half-hearted doings end 
at this point.
It is time that the light warriors of the first and last hour 
again turn toward their still open issues without denying 
the outer world.
Yet you do not see well with your eyes, instead with 
a heart freed of all overlaps.

Only those completely purified inside and whose being 
vibrates unconditionally in Love, are capable of going 
ahead of human Beings as a Light.
Only those, who accept the fight, which has been 
forced on them, with inner peace, will prevail. 

The triumph over darkness is given to those, who 
have already triumphed over their own darkness. 

And the next steps go in that direction. You shall guide your 
light sword level-headed and clearly, courageously and 
foremost free of any hate, and in a world, which simultaneously 
goes down and resurrects, be the Light and the sword at the 
same time. It is said: The purifications for the light warriors 
have begun on the next lower and higher levels, with the goal 
to give the transformation of the worlds the power of stability, 
a stability, which is reached as soon as you have lost the ego 
and have gained the self. 

Whoever would like to go ahead of mankind and serve 
Mother Earth, has transferred the scepter of his power 
to his self and not to his ego. 

You are now being schooled to that effect, you, who are 
ready for it and have given us the permission to assist 
you in this step of consciousness.
This earth arises and leaves everything of lower vibration 
behind and the human Beings, who rise up with her, do it 
likewise. For that even the subtlest attempts of the ego to 
keep you in this matrix must be looked through and must 
be dissolved.
New levels of awareness can now be entered, because 
the conditions for that have been given today.
a.) You are ready.
b.) God’s Grace works.

We, the Ascended Masters and me, 
who I am Master EL MORYA, stand at your side.
We relieve you of your burdens and we hold you
as you dare to fall. We are with you at any time 
and into eternity. 

The mystery of ascension fulfills in you and 
together with Mother Earth you return safe 
and sound and perfected into Heaven. 

The time has come wherein any healing and every 
miracle is possible.

In infinite Love

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