13. April 2016


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

Upheaval and decampment, beginning and end, 
death and life accompany human Beings on their 
last steps into the Light.


Deep in your Souls lies the great treasure 
of knowledge about these days.

Deep in your Souls, upheavals and decampments, 
death and life, end and beginning are expected for 
an infinitely long time. With each event, which discharges, 
joy increases deep in your Souls and on the level of daily 
perception fears yield.
You know deep in your Soul that you are cared for, 
protected and carried by God, and that on the day X 
nobody will harm you and that Heaven in its almightiness 
will be of service.

Deep in your Soul you know that you are eternal 
consciousness, whereby this world was created and 
new worlds will be created.
Deep in your Soul you know that the end of your journey 
across time and space has come and the joy of flooding 
each cell of your entity. 
Deep in your Soul you know that your family expects you 
on the other side of the veil and this longing for your home 
lets you go on untiringly until your arrival.

Deep in your Soul lives the child of Heaven and today 
it shows its countenance.
Deep in your Soul you touch yourself and due to 
your Light you are alluded to your beauty.
Deep in your Soul everything awakens to Life 
and everything becomes light-filled and loving – 
deep in you.

Beloved Ones!

Heaven opens its doors, come in.
Light breaks through everywhere; absorb it.
Mother Earth completes her last circle;
perfect yourself with her.

I am with all of you.
I am with you.

I am That I Am

Elija Prophecies 49-65 
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