10. April 2016


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by bejay

Hope is the seed, which - if it sprouts
brings faith, confidence and trust in God.

At the end of life even the most disbelieving man 
begins to hope for an afterlife. Hope is the seed 
from which emerges the faith.

JJK: Hope dies last?

MASTER KUTHUMI: Hope is immortal because it
is the first and last anchor for the needy.
For a man deeply rooted in God hope is a thin ice, for 
the man far away from God hope becomes the safe 
shore when dramas shape life and the end is near.

At the beginning of the spiritual awakening hope blossoms 
by the roadside and as soon man walks the spiritual path 
it shall follow: faith, knowledge, confidence and realization.

It is hope that brings everything on track and keeps the 
meek on the line.
It is the hope that allows people to live and to survive 
in troubled times.
It is the hope that opens people for deeper experiences. 

At the beginning of your trip hope will give you the 
strength, at the end of your trip miracles will invigorate 

Meanwhile faith, knowledge and confidence shall 
guide you towards your realization.

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