30. April 2016


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

Report I: I drive with my motor scooter along Mariahilfer Straße 
(it is Austria’s most famous shopping street) as I see two parked 
luxury limousines with police escort. I stop in order to observe 
this scene. Two diplomats get into the cars with the purchases 
from shops in the immediate vicinity. Besides me other 
pedestrians watch this scene in awe as the convoy starts 
to move again. 

Report II: Immediately after this observation I continue with 
my scooter. As I stop at an intersection a few minutes later, 
because the traffic light was red, suddenly a young male adult 
comes up to me with a motorcycle helmet under his right arm 
and asks me if I could take him along for a section of the way. 
I look very surprised and signal to him that he could sit on the 
back seat. After we were driving out of the city for a few 
minutes I park the scooter, in order to make a few purchases. 
The young man says to me that he is Greek and that he feels 
quite well in Vienna. It is quite different in Greece and in America 
as well, he professes. He thanks me whole-heartedly and says at 
the end that he always moves across the city as a motorcycle 
hitchhiker. The Viennese are very friendly (not all). 
We say goodbye. (End of reports)

Beloved Ones,


This report shows in what different worlds human Beings live, 
the powers-that-be, represented by the group of diplomats, 
and simple human Beings, who manage life ingeniously. 
Here the chasm between human Beings appears clearly 
and it shows that the elite has no knowledge of the living 
conditions of “simple human Beings”, and very often do 
not even have the slightest hint of it. Until last they will 
consume at the cost of human Beings and consider their 
securities a law of nature. Away from the results, which 
their decisions have for human Beings, they live a comfortable 
and dull life.
This is the course of the world and the course of things
on this level of All-That-Is. 

The hubris of the elite reaches a high point 
at the end of each epoch. 

Act of Liberation 

The second report shows how ingenious “simple” human Beings 
are and how cleverly they organize themselves and know how 
to help themselves. Inventively they set themselves above
limitations, which the system has imposed on them, 
and thereby manage life well.
Still for some time this flexibility is of great value. 
Even though the velocity of the change still increases, 
the days until the ultimate turnaround may seem long. 
Whoever faces the challenges of these days energetically 
and creatively, will not only tame the fears about the future, 
instead also betakes the energy of the Now; this minimizes 
impatience and strengthens trust in oneself.

Whoever knows how to handle any situation, appears self-
confidently and finds a way out of unfavorable life situations,
has the best preconditions to be able to master the challenges 
of these days.

Actual State

These two reports describe the Actual State of human society 
and the unbridgeable chasm between individual human Beings 
and groups of people. The cast of the powerful and rich ones 
against the cast of slaves and poor ones, the busy one and 
the ones robbed of their rights. This phenomenon will still 
be driven to its peak and will shape the days until the 
transition to the ultimate discharges.

And while the injustices crying to Heaven appear more 
and more obviously, those human Beings, who want to 
liberate themselves from this slavery, who are conscious 
and have devoted themselves to the Light, will recognize 
new capabilities in themselves.
The still more massive revelations will activate a new 
decisiveness in you and will let you go way beyond 
your present limitations.

Whoever overcomes the conditioning of this matrix will 
truly find oneself in a new world. And so that this may 
occur the basic energy of this matrix with its excesses 
will be revealed to you. 

An unbridgeable chasm cannot be closed; 
instead it can only be dissolved. 

Meaning that evil will be separated from good. 
While human Beings go into the Light and return 
to Heaven, the cast of malicious rulers will be left 
to themselves. Ascension and descent follow the 
revelations on all levels of society – according to 
choice and the condition of the soul.

It is good to attune to this internally and also 
foremost to utilize time well until then.

Utilize Time

Utilize it, whereby due to the devotion to God’s Light you 
prepare yourself for it.
Utilize it, whereby you clarify things in your life.
Utilize it, whereby you purify and free yourself 
regularly from the infringements of this matrix.
Utilize it, whereby you remain bound to your heavenly 
Utilize it, whereby you convert your heart into a place 
of Love and your life into an example of kindness.

There is still sufficient time for every human Being in order 
to sort out his affairs. Comprehension and recognition do 
not require long recognition loops; instead often they are 
the result of a single light-filled moment. Adjusted to this 
time insights may also occur quickly.
On all levels the long waiting for whatever is over, 
now you are asked to resonate wholeheartedly with the Light. 

Even if the events conjure up dark hours for mankind, 
they will pass for those, who trust God and love human 
Beings, like bodiless shadows. 

The desire will be quenched and your longing for Light, 
peace and oneness will be fulfilled. The new earth is 
formed and the new humanity grows up. 

You no longer give energy to evil and you give
all the power to the good. At this point the victory 
of the Light has been fulfilled and no longer needs 
to be expected, because self-empowerment does 
not obey time, instead it obeys consciousness. 

We return to oneness.
We are Life and Love.


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