4. April 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Ones,

It is time to call the three demons of time by name:
1.) The Ego-Addiction!
2.) The Hate!
3.) The Fear!

No demon can exist by itself; they depend on each 
other like ebb and flood. They are, what they are: 
Hostage-takers of human Beings, which create harm 
in whatever disguise they present themselves.

The Ego-Addiction 
Today everything is subordinated to the ego for those 
human Beings, who are far from ascension. Without bounds 
and almighty these human Beings serve the imaginations, 
needs and wishes of the ego and in most cases – without 
noticing this themselves. The “I AM” is far and “HAVING” 
is near. The ego-addiction is the first reason for all faults
in this world.

It is the ego of a human Being that is addressed by 
the dark energies whereby the feeling of lack in a Being 
is created. So it says: “fetch this” or “get that”, “you are 
worthy of it” and already one runs after worthless things 
and situations. 

The ego-consciousness of a human Being, 
as it is not controlled by the higher consciousness, 
can terrorize the whole human Being. 

And it does that presently, as a human Being withdraws 
his attention from his Higher Self and it guides the limited 
Being of humanness. The ego experiences envy and lack, the 
Self is free of it. In these days the ego-consciousness of human 
Beings lifts to new flights of fancy, because at no time has the 
separation from the Source been experienced so intensively like 
today, and that by all human Beings. It is like that because of 
the high light flooding.

While the ascending ones used this opportunity for 
their purification and practice dedication to God, human 
Beings, who have nothing to do with the ascension, find 
their resort in the acting out of their ego.
Human Beings experience themselves as separated from 
each other, people see the population of a neighbor as an 
alien and enemy, and the dark forces intended exactly these 
conditions. Instead of appealing to the capacity for love in 
human Beings, the need for love and unity, instead they 
appeal to the greed of the ego and therefore where originally 
the unity in multitude existed, separation is created.

Become conscious of this, and stem your ego. 
This also applies foremost to those human Beings, 
who have turned toward the path of spirituality, 
but yet regard their first insights as common knowledge 
and therefore block their own progress.

The esoteric scene is filled with human children motivated 
by the ego, who dare the first steps into the light; yet shy 
away from profound insights, like a shy animal backs off 
from the unknown.

The ego holds human Beings in its grip!
Release this chain and you will be liberated.

The Hate 
As soon as the ego has taken over the power in the life of 
a human Being, hate can spread, because it finds an extremely 
fertile ground for it. Hate appears as soon as the ego experiences 
resistance, as soon as it cannot freely discharge, as soon it is 
hindered or blocked in its activities.
Then the ego feels threatened and it begins to create hate, 
in order to reach its original goal through emanation of horror.

This end-time is permeated by fields of hate energy,
which discharge now. People are built up against each 
other and human Beings make war where wars seemed 
to be extinguished from the consciousness of human 
Beings a long time ago.
And the dark energy fields stoke this hate, fields, 
which still reach this mankind. Divide and conquer is 
the principle and behind us the Flood.
Hate is the most destructive power in the Universe and 
for each human Being it is called for to overcome it sooner or later.
“Overcoming by acceptance”! Accept your own hate – this is the 
way, and this is the first step toward healing. Taking it in, 
accepting it and to release it into the Light, so that there is 
peace. Do it now so that you may step into the new time
liberated from hate. Hate that is held in one’s soul devours 
the soul, hate that passes by can on the other hand provide 
a lot of transformation energy, then, as it is recognized,
accepted and released.

Practice this, do it, because where you hate, 
peace is far away and God’s light is absent.

The Fear 
Ego-addiction and hate are kept alive by the energies of fear. 
Fear energies are the lifeblood in order to supply human Beings 
with all low vibrating conditions like hate, envy, greed, and 
ego-addiction. Fear is the foundation of any imperfection.
And so fear is spread out in this world at the end of these 
days, so that hate can be born and wars can be fought. The 
influx of cosmic light is so massive, that today any anxiety 
shows, that hate is on display and that the ego is unveiled in 
its totality. There is the opportunity to command a clear 
rejection to all three demons of this time, because who
has recognized fear, has prevailed over hate and has controlled 
the ego, has arrived in the Kingdom that there is: the 
crystalline Heaven of the Creator.  

Beloved Ones,

These three demons dominate this end-time.
Do not let yourselves be dominated by these!
Thereto it is necessary to become fully conscious of 
this fact, and that you learn to recognize how these 
energies can come to you.

Dispose of any misunderstood “ascension concepts”, 
which false prophets offer for this time of change. 

Because those who look away from the unbearable, 
cannot sustain the sight of God, because the great Light 
can only be seen as one has seen the deep darkness.
The ascension belongs to the fearless, the Heaven to 
the courageous, the Kingdom of God to the loving. 

Be whole, be whole!
I, who I am all, I am with you and in you.


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