13. April 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
tranlsated by Franz

Report: Nightmare follows nightmare, and in all of 
them the world is destroyed and human Beings find 
death. For days now these dreams increase and I 
always wake up like absolutely whacked. 
(End of report)

Beloved Ones!

Calm before the great discharges, thereby these days are 
described. What is visible, sensible and experiential on the 
dream level, reaches this reality. Everything will be carried
away by the storm, which is created over this earth, the 
fire of Heaven changes everything and in the water of Life 
everything will be purified. The more intensive these views 
on the dream level become, the closer are the final events 
in this reality. The heralds of the last days have arrived in 
this world; the signs of the end of time increase and interlace 
this matrix. For human creatures this fact means to subject 
one’s life to a finalizing examination.

Look courageously at your Life 

Conscious and awakened human Beings can penetrate 
the veil between the worlds, far removed from dying. 
Never was the closeness to Heaven grater than now; 
never were the possibilities for perfection greater than 
now. The harvest time on earth has truly begun and 
the fruits of a human life are brought in. 

Examine your life as if there were no continuation, 
as if you had completed the last of all days in this 
world, and as if you stood in front of the Creator 
now, and not in a far away day. 

Look courageously at the history of your existence!

Where have you gloriously realized your talents, 
where have you wantonly squandered them? 
It is the time for this purification, so that you 
can neither be surprised or be frightened by the 
events, because truly: In a few moments of 
Creation the world is perfected and under God’s 
firmament Life changes –  
many see eternal Life but only a few will 
recognize oneself in it. Therefore:

“Wipe the Slate clean” 

Prepare yourself for these last hours, whereby 
you “wipe the slate clean” now, which means, 
to examine your life in God’s Light from cradle 
to today. 

Recognize where you have suffered pain or 
have caused it yourself. Forgive yourself and 
these human Beings. Recognize where you have 
given your love and where you have received it. 
Say thanks to yourself and to these human Beings. 

Step by step tramp across the stations of your life. 
Shine light equally to your thoughts as well as to 
your words, which followed these and shine your 
light to your fulfilled deeds.
Spread out the fruits of your work in front of God, 
so that you may attain the last healings and today 
you may perform the still necessary corrections in 
your thinking, feeling and sensitivity. It is time to 
do this now, so that you may perfect yourself before 
this human life ends. The time for this thorough inner 
perspective, which is interlaced with truthfulness, 
has truly come; for those, who ascend into the Light, 
for those, who now overcome this time, because: 
The events are taking their course. 

In a last act of Love the world changes 
into Light and you leave it as a human 
Being – perfected and redeemed, 
liberated from time and space – 
into Eternity. 

We are the Way, the Grace and the Light.
We are Love and Life.


Wake-up Call from Eternity (pdf) – MASTER KUTHUMI: 

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