19. August 2015


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz 
Translated from: Kreieren, Erschaffen, Verwirklichen – Meister El Morya

Dream: I rent a new very large apartment under the roof; 
it is somewhat remote, in a very big house, and this place is 
still a complete construction site. I begin to imagine how I 
furnish the apartment and what it has to look like in the end. 
My thoughts begin to manifest immediately and I understand 
very quickly that I can furnish the apartment by means of my 
power of thought; and indeed the apartment is completely 
finished and furnished in the shortest amount of time. Due 
to the power of my thoughts I parquet the floor with wonderful 
flooring, I paint the whole apartment, I install all the lights and 
I put furniture at certain places, etc. Thereby I only need to 
concentrate on the desired object, very quickly, yet very 
focused, and it manifests.
At the end of the dream I stand in a superbly furnished 
apartment, which I only do not quite like in two places, 
namely, instead of a chandelier in the big living room,
there is only a quite ordinary lamp, and instead of plants 
on one of the walls, like I wanted to create it, there were 
only pictures. Before I wake up I think to myself: 
“I just have to practice a little more.” (End of dream)

Beloved Ones,

This is the journey, which is now ahead of you!
Creating, manifesting and realizing.
What is possible in the dream state is now on the 
level of day-to-day consciousness an increasingly 
realistic potential.

Creator Gods attain their power and the ability of 
instantaneous creation; the creation of reality is 
now being acquired. This fact reaches now the 
next level of your entity, the conscious part in 
you, which experiences itself as a human Being.

The creation of a new environment (apartment in the 
dream; rem. JJK) of the new reality, applied to the 
great picture, pertains foremost to the new reality 
of human society on this planet. The facts and truths, 
which now come to light, are foremost based on your 
spiritual creative impulses.
The light-filled impulses of individual human Beings 
have initiated this process and this cannot be held 
back by anything or anybody.

These impulses intensify in this time quality, 
individual human Beings become aware of their 
power and apply it for the benefit of the world.
The divine power of creation is inherent in the human 
spirit. This dream shows what is possible for you as 
soon as you have attained the ability to manage your 
inner power and to apply it correctly.

Dream and Reality merge 

Trust in this power wherefrom everything develops, 
everything comes forth and everything is created, 
and know that this creative reality is available in 
every human Being. Today this strength is set free 
in the awakened ones and what so far was only 
possible in the dream state reaches the level of this 
changing world and can be experienced on the level 
of human daily life. Dream and reality merge, because 
Gods have awakened, and they rise above their past 

The physical world is created due to its fundamental 
subtle energy, meaning that every creative process 
develops from the spirit and is breathed into all realities. 

Be joyous, because it becomes increasingly easier to create
things and circumstances, which will also be of good service 
in this world. Make visible the power of your omnipresent 
spirit, the power of your omnipresent Light and the reality 
of your all-encompassing Love.

The time and energy quality for it are available today.

I am

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