11. August 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz


Exit, whereby you discard your self-limitations 
and the blockages, which are still not overcome! 

Beloved siblings of the one God, all of us have come from. 
It is a long time ago and yet in the eternal now.


Let us now look at the biblical exodus, the departure of the 
people of Israel from Egypt. It is an allegory, which is rarely 
more fitting for this time, because today it is exactly about the 
fact that God’s children, God’s people, each human Being, who 
decides for oneself, are a part of those, who depart from the 
imprisonment of your thoughts, emotions, sensations and 

The biblical exodus symbolizes the overcoming of 
slavery and the departure from self-imposed imprisonment.
This “departure” occurs in these days, occurs this awakening
of more and more human Beings.
The matrix is being scrutinized and one’s own role in it is 
being questioned. One’s own belief concepts are subjected 
to an in-depth inspection; opinions and assumptions are 
dissolved, and clear thinking, unbiased experience of life 
and a new orientation set in.

Until today God’s people experienced itself imprisoned in this 
matrix and each human Being did not see a way out from this 
reality. This time is over. The whole dynamic of the ascension 
process unfolds now and more and more human Beings begin 
to free themselves and they understand that they have been 
prisoners, imprisoned in their self-created thinking and belief 
system. It is self-created, whereby this “reality” was accepted 
as God-given. There was no way out due to this acceptance. 
Today the consciousness of individual divine beings increases, 
and life as well as things are questioned. The slaves rebel and 
foremost individual human Beings revolt against their own 
comfort and ignorance. With some of them this is obvious 
to recognize, yet others took the first steps in that direction, 
whereby they no longer blindly accept things and question reality. 
This has the result that more and more human Beings stand up 
for the new reality, that they begin to change their own life, 
which automatically changes the coexistence of human Beings. 

Becoming aware is the greatest enemy of this matrix 
and of those, who want to keep it alive by brute force.  

Over the long run this system cannot put up anything against 
this process of becoming aware. And while this process continues, 
it is necessary for individual human Beings to face day-to-day 
challenges appropriately and to look through the illusions.

And also here the allegory of the “exodus” gives insight. 
Many, as it is written, turned away from the true God, 
as Moses seemed not to return from the mountain Sinai. 
A golden calf was erected and revered as goddess, as it 
is written in the book. How times equal. Because today 
many light warriors begin to doubt and they can no longer 
expect their perfection. Many lose their patience and turn 
to their old life, the old habits in thinking and feeling.
They begin to turn away from the path of the Light,
to turn away from the “true God” and worship mortal 
Gods of the old matrix.
Success, measurable concepts and concepts limited to 
space-time gain the upper hand. “Where is the ascension?” 
they say and the golden calf is resurrected.

Now it is necessary to face this presently rampant opinion 
among light entities. Which means to turn away from looking 
at the mountain, wherefrom the prophet shall return, and to 
devote oneself entirely to the inner. Expectations may but 
must not fulfill. And to expect the ascension of a whole world, 
without thereby having done the entry into one’s inside, into 
the sacred place in each human soul, is foolish and is like the 
merchant, who offers poor merchandise, and is surprised that 
he is shunned. 

I point to the fact, as many of the Ascended Masters and 
the Archangels have done before me, that the ascension 
to Heaven occurs due to the entry into your divine Self. 
There is no other ascension. 

Because those, who expect the ascension in the outer and thereby 
ignore the awareness processes in them, will miss the day, when 
the Lord comes and will not recognize the Lord.
The danger to revere a golden calf still exists and some, who 
have turned their whole attention to the outer, find themselves 
in an awkward situation, because the planetary change seems 
to be waiting. Therefore:  

Awaken and apply all force to give your soul nourishment and 
to strengthen you. Apply all force to continue to consistently 
pursue your awareness processes. The exit from this matrix 
occurs due to awareness work and not due to passive 
expectation of the breakdown of this world! 

Be aware, as God’s people allegorically exited from Egypt, 
in order to come home to God, mankind of today also liberates 
itself from slavery. And thereby it is necessary to have enough 
patience, endurance and understanding, so that the course of 
the process can be correctly evaluated and can be correctly 

Correct evaluations and correct interpretations have nothing to
do with a vague presumption, instead the events and their course, 
even before they arrive, spring forth from a mature soul, which can 
allocate these. 

The spectacle in this world comes to an end! 
This is a fact, and it is your task to end this 
spectacle in your inner. 

Those, who have overcome the matrix in self, overcome it. 
Whoever has freed himself from the prison of one’s own 
conditioning, attains his freedom long before a whole world 
is liberated.

The key to the end of your slavery is inside. 
It is time for you to recognize this. 

Set off and follow your Light, 
It shines for you in Eternity. 

In deep Love for my Siblings of this Earth


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