22. Januar 2016


Conversation with Sananda

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

JJK: Today I have published the essay Refugees not welcome!
and I have to surmise that I could have written still more fiercely 
and more angrily. In formulating the text I must always hold back
very much, because what I discover in my research is equally 
unbelievable and unbearable. Looking at human horror and be 
unaffected by it? This is a high art.

Sometimes it is very heavy for me to carry what actually happens 
in the world and how things are brought to a head. How the doom 
takes its course and nobody seems capable enough to put a stop 
to these developments. Nobody can do it nor does anybody want 
to do it. It seems like that.
The people migrations are only an example for it and the infringements 
and violent acts, which also increase in Austria and in Vienna, do not let 
us expect anything good. Even though I know that all of this serves the transformation process and the great planetary change, sometimes I 
would like to chase all the responsible ones with a wet rag from their 
offices or to shoot them to the moon; at least ban them from earth. 
How much suffering, misery and war do politics bring forth!
In such moments it does not matter to me, if these are young or 
“inexperienced souls”, which act out dark experiences, which we 
have already finished. Nearly all of mankind is fed into the suction 
of this madness and its viciousness, and individual human Beings 
do barely know how to help themselves. I know that at the end 
the good, Light and Love will triumph and yet I still find almost 
no words for these conditions.

Every 5 seconds a child under the age of 10 dies, and this for 
decades. Besides shallow announcements from the UN nothing 
worth mentioning and no reaction from the elites. Mankind is
held in money slavery, the basic income therefore is taboo for 
the elites.
Genetically modified food, control of seeds, low quality water, 
total surveillance, weather manipulation, mind control - coming 
from the few dangerous criminals – and the disrespect of the 
animal and plant world do the rest.

This list of impositions could be expanded for a long time. 
Worldwide the US-NATO powers ignite wars and leave behind 
uranium deserts, and millions of mutilated ones, miscarriages, 
suffering ones and dead ones.
Now many of these maltreated human Beings come to us. 
Some only know violence and war; they have never seen 
anything else or have never experienced peace. And the 
censorship of the media, under the expression of Political 
Correctness, wants to forbid us to generally report about 
the actual background and the actual reasons of this people 
migration or about the context of the displacements in general. 
What we see does not exist, and what does not exist but could 
be useful to the system, will simply be invented by the lie-press.

Sometimes I just feel like shouting out loud! I have the desire 
to execrate the injustice and the ones committing it, and to 
isolate them from mankind as long until they gain new insights. 
It is best to imprison them in the underground bunkers, which
they have dug for their own security, when they let us go down.

This is what I think in moments of anger – like right now. 
Sometimes I would like to reveal and describe with drastic 
words the crimes a human Being is capable of. Sometimes
I tend less toward judging, instead more toward condemning.
The list of crooks and demagogues, the criminals in the 
governments and those, who instruct our rulers, is long. 
What these syndicates do to us, truly cries to heaven.

Therefore where is the solution to deal creatively with this 
anger? And sometimes there is plenty of anger in me, 
foremost then, when the abysses of this world stare at me?

SANANDA: Beloved Ones, with the answer I direct myself 
to all, which it pertains to, and it pertains to many human 
Beings! In these days many are confronted with worries 
and with fears, which seemed overcome a long time ago, 
because the fire, which has been ignited, seems to break 
out in the whole world.

Anger is the Tool

Of the warrior, it is a force whereby transformation 
can be affected and healings may occur. 

Pent up anger, pent up energies are always directed 
against the self, liberated energies finally free also 
the issues which are based on them. 

What does this signify?

As a human Being finds himself at the limit of being able to
cope, he can deal with it in different manners. Some activate 
a death reflex, they cannot look at what is; they negate the 
obvious. Others empower themselves with the energy of anger. 
This varies from being to being and is link to the mentality and 
the tasks of the individual. On the level of already developed 
Light messengers the following is valid for this time: A light 
warrior empowers himself with anger in order to work on the 
outside, a Light entity empowers self with meekness, in order 
to seek in silence and inside for a solution.

A light warrior, very often the male energy, will step outside, 
a Light entity, very often the female energy, will retreat inside. 
These are fundamental differences for the right allocation of 
the experience level of All-That-Is, which we reflect on here.
In the example, which Jahn describes, it is about that you 
accept and act out the anger, regardless of the above-described 
manner. Thereby it is essential that this remains channeled 
correctly. The anger must be directed to where it belongs, 
and may not impair human Beings, who have nothing to do 
with it. Direct your anger toward conditions and human Beings, 
which you find unbearable, yell this out – do not hold back.
Overcome this condition, yet whereby afterwards you center 
again in your peace-loving center, until you have arrived 
completely in your self. This is true for all human Beings.

JJK: When I am angry I have the feeling by all means 
that I am very much alive and with my self?

SANANDA: This happens, because, while anger discharges, 
the energies flow. Often it is an almost tingly feeling, therefore 
the “aliveness”. The peace-loving center can only be maintained 
while being angry, if this anger is fully consciously utilized for
something. Yet generally it is such that during this process 
the center has been left.
Thereby by all means one remains connected with one’s 
assignments and one’s inner knowledge, which creates the
impression being entirely in the center. Therefore there is 
a difference here.

JJK: Today the message from the Light has been transmitted 
to me, a message that “other standards” are applied to me.

Meaning, I shall not verbally attack human Beings, who have 
put this world into this condition, or to execrate them. Therefore 
to refrain exactly from what has been described in the beginning. 
What is the standard, which we talk about here? Shall one not 
call things and human Beings by name?

SANANDA: Without fail, to call them by name! Yet never step 
into the energy yourself, which emanates from these human 
Beings. The deeper you reach into the verbal drawer, the 
deeper you get into the vicinity of this. This shall not be. 
To create clarity from the position of Love is the way.

This can also be done together with the energy of anger, 
yet an anger, which injures nobody, instead shall serve 
as an awakening experience for every human Being.

When Love disappears

JJK: But what, when Love disappears in me? When I see 
how actually almost every day, also in my immediate vicinity – 
the impacts come closer and closer – new immigrants commit 
violent acts. When I see on a daily basis how life changes in 
Vienna and human Beings no longer dare to go to certain 
regions, they shun places and they arm themselves. A new 
energy spreads out in our midst, which makes me shudder: 
coldblooded, criminal, and brutal.

When I see, how those human Beings, which really need 
protection, will shortly no longer receive it because of this 
mass influx, shortly there will no longer be a differentiation 
between refugee and refugee, and that human Beings are 
played against each other and are hounded against each 
other, then almost any means are appropriate to me in 
order to provide help.
In short: When I see that nobody presses the stop button,
then I leave the condition of Love for a short while and 
become angry. Why can I not keep myself always in this 
condition of All-Love?

SANANDA: What appears today is indeed the result of 
many epochs. Thereby it is of this vehemence and dimension. 

The situation of flipping out of the condition of Love is 
less of a weakness; rather it is the logical conclusion of 
all the burdens, which today a human Being must 
shoulder on a daily basis. 

Now it is cleaned up on all levels and much of what seemed 
unimaginable so far appears now. Thereby very strong forces
affect human Beings, forces, which many times you are able 
to make innocuous, then again these forces care for much 
unrest in your life. Thereby it is important to bring oneself 
again back to the condition of Love after each controversy, 
after each fight. Therefore the recommendation is essential 
to work daily with the divine Light or to meditate.

Limit of the Ability to cope

Never accuse yourself, when you reach the limit of your
ability to cope and when you are in danger of losing control 
over you.

How can anyone, who is affected by so many different energies 
and situations, always remain in the center? This is impossible 
as long as a human Being is a human Being. Only once the 
consciousness is fully anchored in the divine will this change. 
And this is the key point:
As long as you require human characteristics for your work,
the higher-ranking perspective of an enlightened consciousness 
cannot be completely effective and work all the time. Here it is 
necessary to know precisely one’s own status and only be aware 
of self as pure Light and unconditional Love once the assignments 
are fulfilled and the time has come for it – when it is really time 
for it. 

Whoever prematurely proclaims himself being above all
the lowlands of this world due to non-admitted vulnerability, 
falls as much for the illusion as the one, who believes to be 
eternally imprisoned in this dark matrix. 

Live with everything that makes you a human Being, live with 
all feelings and emotions. Love is human and a lack of Love is 
also human. Do not deny anything, display it openly or admit 
it to yourself, always with mindfulness and without anyone 
suffering damage.

Dare to give up your reservations regarding your vulnerabilities 
and pains. And the one, who does not admit his ACTUAL-STATE, 

„Different Standards!“

Indeed, Jahn, your assignments demand of you, seen in total, 
that you remain and be at your post during any weather. Even 
if you are filled with anger it is necessary for you to prevail 
over anger. You need to consider two levels:
How can you most effectively touch the souls of human Beings 
with your work and how can you proceed with your work in this 
manner as long as possible? The published drift into expletives 
can call government bodies into action, which at this time would 
be unbearable for your work. Everything will become obvious for 
you and a new level of work and further assignments have 
already been activated.

JJK: We shall trust God! God is the best protection!
It says. But where does self-responsibility begin?

Self-Responsibility and Trust in God

SANANDA: This is a significant question, and a simple 
answer: self-responsibility, whenever it is obvious for
you and trust in God, without exception in each situation.

Self-responsibility goes hand in hand with trust in God.
Both are mutually dependent and do not exclude each other.

It is part of self-responsibility how a human Being should behave 
and which specific measures should be applied in a special situation, 
how each human Being should react to or interact with his environment. 
It is essential that you yourself do everything that is necessary and 
possible for you on the physical human level. God guides you to the 
right decisions and makes a “miracle” possible for you if it is 

As you make possible the possible, God makes the impossible 
possible. This is the cycle of a blessed life, which is oriented
toward God. 

JJK: Yesterday after Karl and I extensively talked about what 
may or may not be formulated in an essay, I went to bed asking 
my spiritual guidance to show me what it is about for myself in 
this work. I received the following dream: 
Karl and I were at the Italian-Austrian border. Thereby I carried 
my laptop computer visibly under my arm. An Italian border-guard 
would not let me journey on, because he said that I have to pay 
duty for the computer. (End of dream)

SANANDA: This dream shows that there are different norms 
for you. What is a matter of course for others, namely to cross 
the border at will, is forbidden to you. The border reveals that 
certain boundaries should not be crossed; the computer points 
to your work of writing, to your work as a publisher of time-critical 
and time-specific articles. Here it is necessary to observe and 
accept boundaries.

Your assignments in its totality lead you to new and considerable 
tasks, which you must be well prepared for and which must be 
well prepared due to your work.
And the best preparation is as you continue to formulate clearly, 
remain clear, and show unmistakably and truthfully contours, 
without thereby going back to inappropriate rhetorical devices.

How does it go on?

JJK: How does it go on with the world, human Beings 
and – with my anger?

SANANDA: The world continues to change its countenance – 
everything will be different and everything is shifting.
The tempo of transformation continues to accelerate. 
Light and shadows exchange, like day and night. 
Human Beings will make use of the great purifying 
events for new steps in awareness.

Concerning your anger, it will lift and will ease, but will 
provide the necessary transformation energy for certain 
issues. Your center, even if you gain the impression that 
you fall out of it for a short time, will never get lost.

The pathways of a human Being on this earth are full of 
magical moments and unexplainable occurrences.
Remain open for it and act according to your light-filled 
inputs in the service for all human Beings and this world.

Beloved human Being, you, who has chosen the Light! 

Behind you the Caravans gather, which would 
like to be liberated of need, would like to obtain 
abundance and wish to be led out of darkness 
into the Light. 

Walk in front.

In infinite Love

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