15. August 2015


Message from the Light Reading on July 31st, 2015 in Vienna 

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

A.) Unconditional devotion to God.
B.) Unconditional trust in God.
C.) Unconditional love in unity with God.

I am Moses! I am amongst you and our siblings 
of the Light, who have ascended to God – 
the Ascended Masters, in Eternity, surround me.

Today, on the day, when great healings occur, you 
will be acquainted with the unconditional devotion 
to God. What does this always recurring request 
contain, this in many varieties repeating message?

To be unconditional means to be free of expectations, 
free of opinions, free of ideas of how something should be 
or has to become. To give oneself means to totally devote 
oneself to a process, to be whole and to go toward the whole.
To devote oneself unconditionally toward God means to turn 
over one’s entire being to God and to be in peace with every 
result, with every turn in one’s life, because consciousness 
knows that everything is good the way it is.

Can you fulfill these requests without inner resistance?
Can you also trust God unconditionally?
It is a trust, which has been acquired in many lifetimes of 
separation from God. After all earthly concepts have been 
lived and a human Being recognizes that true satiation is 
attained differently, that genuine fulfillment is manifested 
differently and may be found somewhere else, reversion 
sets in and a human Being turns back.

Today some human Beings find themselves at this point of 
the journey and their number grows. Thereby God and the 
relationship to God gain new significance.
The binding to God is reestablished and more and more
human Beings experience unity in God’s Love today.
This is the direct way toward the zero hour, the awakening 
of human Beings. 

To return to the unity in God’s Love is the basic 
prerequisite before one may start to change the 
world or to liberate it. 


Unity of God’s Love 

Today many say they possess love toward “their God”. 
Yet this love to “their” God only brings forth injustice, fosters 
fanaticism and creates wars. The love to God therefore is clearly 
not sufficient in order to bring peace to mankind. As soon as one 
understands that love also always includes unity, this situation 
changes. Love to God without including the oneness of all life is 
then incomplete and is a mistake. And today this “mistake” is
being recognized; gradually this perception of Love changes, 
this image of God changes.
More and more human Beings experience today what it means 
to be in Love and in oneness with God, and the limited allocations 
This occurs based on suffering events, which occur at this time 
due to a false relation to God and portray the exact opposite to 
the reality described here. Extremely religious upheavals and 
aberrations appear in this end time and thereby it is possible 
for you to recognize, which mistake continues here in the history 
of mankind and it is possible for you to entirely consciously decide
for the opposite. Due to pictures of separation, which cannot be 
suppressed, you can entirely consciously decide for Love in God’s 

The most significant characteristic of this time is that 
darkness and evil blatantly manifest.
It no longer appears covertly, or it no longer hides 
behind a hidden symbolism, instead it becomes obvious.
This occurs so that you can entirely decisively and 
consciously speak out against it and decide for the Light. 

Recognize thereby the value of this time and the 
fundamental energies of the events. 

The duality has come, whereby the good stems evil, 
whereby the good light-filled human Beings decisively 
confront evil and dark human Beings.


Is overcome whereby one ceases from it. Love and hate are 
two repulsing opposites and whoever decides for Love has 
repulsed hate, has rejected it and has removed it from his 
energy field. Thereby one does not deal with inner 
“transformation”; instead it is a clear decision not to allow hate.
An entity, who no longer carries hate in oneself, can only protect 
oneself from the hate of second or third ones, whereby one rebuffs 
it decisively and as it is called for, to fight with all means for the 
purity of one’s soul. Where there is nothing, nothing must be 
changed or be transformed. Therefore recognize the right 
allocations in this regard.


behaves differently and includes two complementary parts 
of the whole. Male and female are two opposing parts of a 
whole human Being, which are equal in value, and whoever 
has balanced these parts in self, lives in peace and is peace 
and is Love – enlightenment occurs.

Above and below, breathing in and breathing out, all are two
sides, two poles of the whole, which cannot exist without each 
other and which a human Being cannot exist without; or if they 
are not balanced, a human Being lives in unrest; is incomplete.
And it is part of the actual transformation that the different 
poles in a human Being will be balanced.

Therefore the dual world is to be viewed under different 
viewpoints than the polar reality. Meaning, these must be 
recognized as such and must be distinguished from the polar 
world, in order to leave the dual world based on a clear and 
unmistakable decision after that. 

It is necessary to get hold of the dual world with 
consciousness and a fight, while the polar world 
is to be encountered with consciousness. 

Once this is internalized and understood, much has been 
accomplished and much has happened. Today great energy 
fields of fear build up as well as great energy fields of Love 
out of God’s oneness.
On a daily basis one needs to decide between these fields 
and to make one’s decisions. For that it is necessary to look 
at the facts and events of this time. To look at it, without 
being engaged by the upheaval or to let oneself be devoured 
by it. 

It is impossible to become aware whereby 
one part of life is blinded out. 

The phenomena to deny the dark conditions of this 
matrix, is still widely distributed among the light warriors.

The great Challenge 

Is, to look at it, to recognize it exactly and to make the decision 
to set an end to the dark situations in your life and in your 
environment. Today this is the great challenge of all light 
warriors. The great challenge is, again and again to leave the 
meditation cushion and to apply attained insights in daily life.
To letting the acquired courage become visible and to ignite 
the Light at the summit due to the acquired trust in God.
All human Beings shine, because the degree of inner knowledge 
requires this; more and more human Beings are enabled to do this.
There, where you are, you are challenged and this is where your 
place of work is. 

God wants you to be there, where you are, 
if it were otherwise, you would be somewhere else. 

And there, where you are, it is necessary to make your daily 
contribution and to appropriately encounter your daily challenges. 

Never long for a greater or a great task, as long as you 
do not master many daily challenges as a matter of course. 

All begins in you. Everything. This is the point, which needs to 
be pointed to today, because more and more human Beings 
become tired of this world, because they believe erroneously 
that neither the worlds change or the inner enlightenment will 

The ABC of eternal life begins on this earth, whereby human 
Beings encounter the challenges of one’s life in unconditional 
trust in God.

It is also an important step, so that the new earth becomes 
visible, to face the excesses of the old world and to recognize 
one’s unique place and one’s one of a kind assignment in this 
game. A human life is then filled with meaning and such a human 
Being performs his actions with full devotion.

It is our Light, which prevails over darkness and for it we 
must illuminate darkness, with truthfulness, decisiveness, 
and courage and with God of Love from the unity of All-That-Is.

With this God, the All-That-Is reality on our side, all Gods created 
by human Beings become meaningless and Love can flow to all 
human Beings. Before the exit from this matrix occurs, the 
given’s of this matrix must be clearly recognized. 

You must know where the wind comes from, 
in order to be prepared for the storm. 

Therefore I ask you at the conclusion of this message 
to do two things for it:
1.) Consolidate and deepen your bonds with God!
2.) Sharpen your sight for the events of this time!

Say STOP! 

Call the facts by name and say STOP!
Recognize the interconnections and say STOP!
And begin with it in your daily life.
The clearer your personal relationships are, 
the easier your life becomes and Heaven can 
turn even greater assignments over to you. 

Do not ask: „What is my assignment?“ Instead ask: 
„What do I have to do now, in this instance?“
Then life unveils itself to you just on its own.
Attain new consciousness, take in Heaven’s 
energy and Light and know:   

At this time you have entered the earth, in order to 
lead yourself and the world out of the imprisonment 
into the „promised land“, into the paradise of the 
unity of all Life, into the Light and into God’s Love.

Love is the way and oneness fulfills it. 

I am amongst you.
I am the eternal Brother of Mankind.


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