1. August 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

The closeness to a human Being always demands the 
attention and responsibility in order to remain entirely 
with oneself. Meaning, to sever regularly all energetic 
bonds to your beloved fellow human Beings. 


Beloved Ones,
Closeness, shelter and love keep human relationships 
alive and fulfill existence with meaning and happiness.
Is there something even more significant than to give and 
receive love? Certainly not. Yet you need to pay attention 
to what is significant as you are closely connected with fellow 
human Beings, as you choose partners, which accompany you 
for many years of your lifespan and who quite often portray 
true companions from eternity.

Sever energetic Bonds 

You are most closely interwoven with human Beings, with whom 
you were bound in many worlds, and it is of great significance to 
enter into no permanent energetic entanglements.
And entangled are those human Beings, who forget the regular 
energetic balance and thereby live from other energies or are 
occupied by other energies. 

It is significant that despite the pleasant, strengthening 
and healing closeness to fellow human Beings, you shall 
always remain yourself. 

Meaning, to keep one’s energies by oneself and not to dispose
of any energy from your friends and closest partners. 

Remain energetically free from any foreign energy 
whereby you liberate yourself daily from all bindings. 

Let this necessity become a daily ritual, whereby you call me 
at your side, so that I can sever inappropriate bindings with 
my unfailing Light sword and the golden-blue Light. 
It is necessary to establish the right allocations on a 
daily basis.

Sever sexual Bonds 

Foremost sexual bindings are affected by it.
Sexual bonds, which two lovers do not sever, 
create dependencies. Therefore sever these bonds 
after each sexual union with your beloved partner, 
whereby you arrange for it and ask me into your proximity.
This has the effect that your partnerships remain alive, 
a constant new courting of the beloved, which can never 
possess yet can spend common time for growth. 

Closeness is then fulfilling if nobody is crushed and 
if everyone remains free. The river of love manages 
without permanent dependencies and equals a never 
going dry water hole, which quenches the thirst for 
all without asking something in return for itself. 

What kind of fruits does this mindfulness bring forth?
All partnerships, friendships, relationships and also the 
closest connections remain fresh and alive, because they 
are not influenced by any foreign energy. Human Beings 
encounter each other anew on a daily basis and see in the 
other always-new facets of self. 

The closer the energies of two or more human Beings 
are interwoven, the blinder the individual becomes to 
changes in his environment. Due to the regular severance 
of daily newly developing energy bonds, a human Being 
remains in himself and encounters his closest ones each 
day new and with a genuine childish awe. 

I always stand at your side regarding this solution.
Call me and you will be free, remain free and you 
will radiate this freedom at any point during your day.

Energy Vampires in the Circle of Friends 

As a second significant point I mention that there are also 
energy vampires in your closest circle of friends and that 
it is necessary to recognize these. Because frequently a 
“friendship” to a purified human Being is the running board 
whereupon human Beings, who do not want to let go of their 
issues, step on in order to receive energy. This is an inappropriate 
behavior, which proliferates in the closest family circle and it is 
necessary to recognize it and to manage it. 

Today it is necessary to keep the energy with oneself 
without compromise and not to house any foreign 
energy in one’s Being. 

Love flows freely, does not possess and demands nothing.
Relationships, if one notices it or not, suffering from a certain 
lack of love, are characterized by energetic infringements, 
because everyone wants to receive from somewhere else 
what one still does not possess in oneself. 
It is necessary to untangle this energetic chaos. Call me!
It is time for purification on all levels. Human Beings will live 
in freedom and will be free, if one begins with daily purification
of one’s energies and continue as long until one is exclusively 
nurtured by the prime Source of All-That-Is.
Because truly free is the one, who has severed all bindings, 
and is conscious of this necessity.

I am the floodgate for this freedom and I am a loyal, 
all-knowing and omnipresent companion on the path 
back to the Light. 

One enters the heavenly home naked and God’s 
abundance is received with empty hands.
Only those, who do not feel unworthy without 
clothes either naked or with empty hands, 
are ready to dive into the ocean  of God’s Love. 

I am

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